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As I wondered how I got here, why am I here? Did they find me … no I must run , I don’t want to be part of this world , I made a promise , no no no ooo ‘Peter wake up !!! I am back, it was a dream .. so I thought , my world or the world I know now is about to change … Come , and see the world of the werewolves, beast, witches and a lot more , their journey and stories that unfolds Three volumes of exciting werewolves, vampires and the world of dark magic.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The town of Crystal Valley, which is on the outskirts of west London, is notorious for its cloudiness, which prevents you from having a clear view of the sky in the mornings.

However, perhaps that is precisely why we love this place. There is more mystery surrounding this place than we commoners are aware of, but we are powerless to act.

Because of how small it is, everyone tries to pry into your affairs to find out what's going on. Despite how frustrating it is, we all eventually get the hang of it.

The town is also known for its abundance of forestry and natural resources. It is said that most wealthy men in the world would purchase their diamonds, gold, and crystals here; after all, the name speaks for itself.

Another issue is that strange things keep happening to this town, and it's not just random things. People disappear for no specific reasons, and the sheriffs, well, they have nothing to say to us.

There are also these strong families that maintain the town's stability; without their consent, no man is allowed to participate in the affairs of the town.

There are the Lordsons, who are regarded as the masters of high craftsmanship, The Bowers, who presently possess that status for exports and exchange, Riverline, who are the top makers of excellent wines and are well-known worldwide, and the Eastlanders, whose specific activities are unknown and with whom no one interacts as a result. The Rains, the final and most powerful family, essentially feed the town because they are partially royal. Crystal Valley is ruled by these five families.

You may be asking who I am; I am just a regular citizen of this noble town, though obviously the storyteller.

The door is knocked repeatedly,

"Peter, Peter, you better get out of bed before I come in and knock some sense into your head, stop with this stupid chat with yourself, and get ready for school.

You are in your second year, you are finally a senior come on you don't want to be late, breakfast is downstairs hurry!" echoes the voice.

“Mother, please stop yelling; I heard you okay; for the love of God, will this woman let me be”

Well, that's all for now, my lovely audience.. My name is Peter Pepperman.

“Who am I kidding, they're just some damn toys. I can't believe I've been talking to myself for how many years now”

Never mind, I have no friends, practically no one to call, and I'm in my senior year without any particular friends.

“Peter, what's going on? What is keeping you, Breakfast is ready, don't make me climb the stairs boy," his mother yelled.

“I'm coming, you don't have to yell you know, I was already dressed for school”, his mother smiled and said "I literally don't know what to do with you, come here," she raffled with his hair, forgetting that his father was seated next to them.

Father is the quiet one in this family. Allow me to introduce them. Meet the one and only Mrs. Pepperman. She is a wonderful cook, and everyone in this town loves her cooking. She even runs a small restaurant right across the street.

We have Mr. Pepperman, the contemplative monk, and Rose Pepperman, the princess of the house, who considers a year's difference in age to be a century.

Rose stood up from her chair and says, "There you go again with this. I'm older than you, and there is nothing you can do to change that." If you want a fight, go ahead.

You poker-face demon, your face is the reason why you don't have any friends it scares everyone.“

“I think you should check your height because you might be mistaken for the youngest” Peter retaliated.

A tap on the table brought us back to life and we returned to our seats and ate quietly. It was already 8:00 am and we were late for school.

My sister and I attend the same high school, Crystal Valley high school; she is in her third year, and I am in my second year. At home, we often pretend to be friendly with each other, but at school, we are total strangers.

I am one of the outcasts and I don't quite understand what my sister meant about my face; honestly, I don't look like my parents.

Hey, hey!! wait for me, no, damn it, I heard giggling from the students on the bus from where I stood. "They always do this to me, and my sister never fails to humiliate me, and it kills me that I can't do anything about me and so I have to run.

I got to the school pretty much all sweaty and feeling hot, since I run almost 2km I assumed and I needed a break, so I didn't notice that the area was crowded with students and law enforcement. What was happening? It's only 9:45 in the morning, so what is going on, I became curious, "I need to ask someone, not my sister, where the hell is Rose?" I searched around.

Suddenly I heard people whispering, "Someone was found dead," "Someone was almost ripped into half," "What the hell?" I said to myself. I pushed my way through the crowd, moving forward, just like that. I turned to apologize when my head bump into something, it was hard as a rock, "Ouch."

Unfortunately, it was the hard shoulders of a stranger I had never seen before. When we looked at each other, I noticed that his eyes were glowing and blue. Who is he? Before I could say a word, he had vanished.

Where is he? I turned to look around, then I looked down and saw that I was close to the dead body. I screamed, and everyone turned to look at me. I fell on the ground, and I couldn't get up, then I shook my head trying to avoid the stares, and pulled myself together.

I tried to leave but the crowd was heavy, I was looking around me to see an opening, then something in me said look up, and I did, and guess what, the stranger was up there standing on the roof of our school building looking down on us, but what was more surprising was the fact that I could see him from where I was standing.

What the hell? Who is this man? Is he connected to this case? What made me more suspicious was the smirk on his face as he vanished.

Chapter 2: The Stranger

My sister was nowhere to be found, and yet I still can't get this stranger's face out of my mind. I am literally thinking about him right now, but let's keep it cool. The sheriff kept asking some of the students a few questions.

Since I was in shock, they brought me to the school medical center, I am guessing they thought, I was unwell. "Hey, are you OK? That was a hell of a shock for you, but hang in there alright," said Mrs. Anderson, one of the few teachers who sees me. I was not the only one here.

I looked at the bed next to me and I saw another male student, who I presumed was Clark Dentil, the famous basketball player in our school since I had never been that close to him, I wasn't sure it was him. He was the star of the team, and he is not bad looking either, with his blond hair carefully placed behind his ears, his long eyelashes covering his eyelids and his eyes like the ocean, and his pink lips making him more desirable to the gi


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