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The Devil's Luna : Death to the Last Alpha

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"The Last Alpha? This must be a joke, right?" I asked in disbelief. "Right?" "It's not a joke, Sarah," Janice replied and grabbed my hands. "You are the key to stopping the Devil's Luna," *** Beware the red-haired witch only known as Devil's Luna. For she is the most powerful and feared witch in the supernatural world. Abandoned by her clan at birth, the Devil's Luna was raised by humans who knew nothing of her dark nature. Driven by the hunger for domination, the Devil's Luna power grew and so did her reputation which left a trail of destruction throughout the land. Her enemies are many, still she was determined to achieve her goal at any cost but will she? *** In the heart of a bustling Eldenwood lies a secret world—an ancient realm where werewolves thrive. Sarah, a driven architect, unexpectedly uncovers her hidden lineage as the last Alpha of a once powerful wolf pack. Failed life choices and grandmothers death, she was forced to move back with her parents. While cleaning up the attic, she uncovers her grandmother's enigmatic past. As she delves deeper into her heritage, she encounters Jonah, a captivating figure whose allure blinds her and Janice, who needs her help in stopping the Devil's Luna from domination. Treading the fine line between love and allegiance, she embarks on a journey into the otherworldly realm of the werewolf world. Sarah must confront not only her own identity but also the daunting challenge of protecting her family's legacy—before it falls into the hands of those hungry for power. Will Sarah embrace her destiny and defeat the Devil's Luna, or will the seductive call of forbidden love threaten to tear apart the fragile balance between her human life and her legacy as the last Alpha? Will the Devil's Luna succeed in her quest for ultimate power, or will her evil ways lead to her downfall?

Chapter 1

Unknown Voice.

If you value your sanity, dear reader, turn back now, for the tale you're about to witness is not for the faint of heart. This is a story of darkness, where the powerful reign supreme and the weak are crushed beneath their feet.

The sky above the Devil's Luna was a sickly shade of red, as if the very air infused with the blood of those who had fallen before. The winds howled, and the trees swayed, but there was no comfort to be found in the knowledge that nature was in turmoil.

Who am I?


I was born into a clan of witches, but my fate was to be cast aside. My hair, a fiery red, feared and reviled my kin. They saw me as a curse, a sign of darkness. And so, they abandoned me in the wilderness, left to die.

But death did not come for me.

Instead, a group of humans found and took me in, not realizing the true nature of the power that lay dormant within. Growing older, I discovered my abilities, and the hunger for power began.

The humans who had taken me in were no match for my dark magic. They cowered before me, their fear and terror only fueling my desire for domination. I was born to rule, to conquer, to become the most powerful Devil's Enigma, the Devil's Luna to ever exist.

The good Lunas, the romantic alphas, and Dr. Luna - they were nothing more than weak, insignificant creatures, written to appease the humans. I, alone, possessed the true power, and I would make sure the world knows it.

End of Flashback.

My steps echoed across the barren ground as I approached the narrow bridge leading to the towering palace, the grass withering beneath my feet.

"Stop her!"

I glanced up, meeting the stern gazes of the witches hovering above, their wands poised to thwart my advance.

"Evil has no place here," one of them declared. "Leave now!"

I smirked, shedding my red robe to reveal my sinister face. Brandishing my black wand, they swooped down on their brooms, unleashing spells to halt my progress. But I was quick, deflecting their attacks and sending them back. They plummeted to the ground, their forms dissolving into dust.

Their souls rushed toward me, merging with my own, fueling the dark power that surged within. With eyes ablaze, I strode confidently across the marble bridge, the imposing palace looming ahead.

More witches appeared, forming a formidable barrier in my path.

"In the name of Gorth, I command you to turn back!" one of them yelled. "You won't be killed," I chuckled, raising my wand in defiance. "So, be it. Embrace your fate. Attack dear sisters,"

Roaring like thousands of lions, they ascended into the sky, summoning a tempest of thunder and darkness to assail me. The wind howled, but I stood unyielding as they descended like a cyclone, hurling spells in every direction.

"Agus septum!" I bellowed, conjuring a massive fireball to shield myself.

The witches recoiled in terror as the flames engulfed me, their cries echoing through the chaos.

"Regus recums!" I commanded, unleashing the full force of my power as the fireball exploded, consuming everything in its path. A maniacal laugh escaped my lips as I surveyed the devastation, reveling in my newfound dominance. "You fool. I'm more powerful than you think."

Waving my wand, I reduced the fallen witches to dust, absorbing their essence into my being. But more adversaries emerged, launching a relentless barrage of spells to vanquish me. Yet I danced effortlessly between their attacks, returning fire with a devastating blow.

Undeterred, they circled me, summoning the fury of the elements, unleashing a torrential wind to batter me from all sides. I shielded myself, bracing against the onslaught, but the force was overwhelming.

Turning left, I dove into the river, the cool embrace of the water enveloping me. "Watera Novato," I murmured, feeling the currents surge around me, invigorating my power.

"Do you see her?" one witch questioned, scanning the river.

Her companion shook her head, uncertainty clouding her features. Then, with a sudden burst of energy, water erupted from the depths, forming deadly spikes that soared toward them.

A triumphant laugh echoed through the air as I emerged from the water, shocking them.

"Impossible," the witches muttered, disbelief etched across their faces.

But there was no time for hesitation.

One turned to the rest. "You two, protect the queen." Nodding, they rallied, and flew toward the palace. She turned to me as the river dried up. "Come on sisters, for the good of the supernatural world,"

Grinning wickedly, I readied myself for the confrontation, knowing victory was within my grasp.


The heavy doors swung open, and the witches entered, their faces tense as they approached the middle-aged woman seated on a throne, her dark attire contrasting with the solemn expression on her face. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun, stressing her steely gaze.

"Your Highness," one witch began, urgency lacing her voice. "The Devil's Luna. She's incredibly powerful. We must take you to safety."

"No!" the queen declared. "I've had enough of her,"


"We fight. For the sake of our kingdom and our world."

Before the witches could protest further, the door burst open once more, and I strode in with a witch under my spell. Flicking my wand, I dispatched the witch, watching with satisfaction as she crumbled to dust, her essence merging with my own.

The queen stepped forward, her eyes blazing with defiance. "I command you to leave at once!"

I chuckled darkly; the water lowering me to the ground. "How quaint, mother dear. But I don't take orders from the likes of you."

The witches launched into action, but with another wave of my wand, I sent them crashing into the walls and floor, their cries echoing through the chamber.

Turning my attention back to the queen, I watched as she raised her wand, determination etched upon her face. She fired a spell at me, but the water covered me. Her feeble attempts at magic were no match for my own.

"Is that all you've got, oh mighty queen?" I taunted, my eyes flashing with malevolence. "Allow me to show you true power."

Stretching my wand, I conjured flames that engulfed us both, their searing heat casting eerie shadows across the room. Yet, the queen remained steadfast, her gaze unwavering as she stared at me.

"Not scared?"

She stretched out her wand and fired at me, but I diverted it into the fire. The battle raged on; the air crackling with magic as we clashed, each of us determined to emerge victorious.

"You are no match for me," I sneered, effortlessly dodging her attacks. "I'm more powerful than you mother,"

She blasted again, but I dodged it. Blasting again and again, I kept dodging it. She heaved a sigh, and I chuckled. "Tired?"

Taking another deep breath, she unleashed a devastating spell, and I dodged it, but it split in two, sending me crashing to the ground, my wand slipping from my grasp.

I grumbled in pain as she stretched her wand, and immediately the fire rounded up. I stood, anger etched in my face, and she directed the fire at me. The water covered me, but it was too much and knocked me to the ground.

I struggled to rise, but it was futile.

The queen approached, her eyes ablaze with righteous fury. Reaching for my wand, she blasted it out of my hand.

"You'll never defeat me," I spat defiantly.

But she paid no heed to my words, her focus solely on ending the threat I posed to her kingdom.

"Avetvuhse uada," she lifted me into the air, my struggles proving futile against her overwhelming strength. "You'll never succeed. You've caused enough havoc, you devil Luna."

I laughed. "Thanks for acknowledging my title, dearest mother," she raised me higher. "This is little to what I have in plans. I will be the powerful creature in this world."

The witches stood, their faces contorted in agony as they clutched their heads in pain. "You will never achieve those plans. I won't cast you out, but kill you."

I couldn't help but chuckle, my laughter echoing through the chamber as my eyes flashed with a sinister, red glow. "By the spirit of the abyss, I will reign supreme," I declared, closing my eyes to focus on my dark energy. "Rubin senaytsa,"

With a surge of power, I broke free, my movements fueled by the boundless darkness. Gripping a dark knife in my hand, I lunged forward, driving it mercilessly into the queen's heart.

A gut-wrenching scream tore through the air as she crumpled to the ground, blood oozing from the wound in her chest. The other witches scrambled to retaliate. Snapping my fingers, I deflected their spells back at them, watching with satisfaction as they fell to the ground, defeated once more.

As the queen lay gasping for breath, her life slipping away with each passing moment, I knelt beside her, a twisted smile curling upon my lips. "Pleased, mother? Are you pleased, mother? No one will stop me," I whispered mockingly, relishing the fear in her eyes. "Any regrets?"

Her response came as a ragged cough, blood dribbling from her lips as she struggled to speak. "Yes," she rasped, her voice barely above a whisper. "I regret not slicing your head when I pushed you out. You insufferable forsaken child. You're not my own, death and pain unto you..."

I plunged the knife into her heart once more, silencing her cries of pain. Grinning, I licked the blood from the blade, savoring the taste of her power as it surged through my veins.


Leaving behind a trail of destruction, I soared out of the palace, my dark laughter echoing through the night sky. An explosion roared and as flames engulfed the once-grand structure, I watched from a distance, reveling in the chaos I had wrought.

"My path is paved with the blood of those who have dared to oppose me," I hissed, my voice echoing through the twisted trees. "And those who stand in my way will meet a fate far worse than death."

The wind howled in response, agreeing with my words. Lightning crackled across my fingertips, illuminating the twisted grin on my face.

"You made your choice, mother. I will not rest until the Devil's Luna is mine," I continued. "I will rule over it with an iron fist, and all those who defy me will suffer a fate worse than any nightmare."

I turned, flying away as the thunder roared in response, warning those who dared to cross me of the horrors that awaited.

For in the Devil's Luna, there was no mercy, no salvation, only darkness and fear. And I, the powerful witch to exist, was the embodiment of that darkness.

Chapter 2

The Devil's Luna had accomplished her first task, even the shadows trembled in fear at the thought of what was to come. For the powerful witch in existence had made it known to become stronger than any other creature that roamed the land.


I stood on the balcony of my grand palace hidden above the hills. The dark clouds patrolled by the dragons echoed as my eyes roamed around the world below.


"Pleased, mother? Are you pleased, mother? I'm more powerful than you. No one will stop me," I whispered mockingly, relishing the fear in her eyes. "Any regrets?"

Her response came as a ragged cough, blood dribbling from her lips as she struggled to speak. "Yes," she rasped, her voice barely above a whisper. "I regret not slicing your head when I pushed you out. You insufferable forsaken child. You're not my own, death and pain unto you..."

I plunged the knife into her heart once more, silencing her cries of pain.


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