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The hidden heiress

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Ever Since his parents' untimely demise, Kylie (Kyle) Lexington has admirably taken the reins of the family's company, making him one of the nation's youngest CEOs. Endowed with charm and an outgoing nature, he is loved by all, with alphas aspiring to be just as successful and omegas captivated by his charm. And with the never ending competition from his uncle for control of the company and the mounting pressure he faces, Kylie seeks comfort at Eclipse, a club owned by his best friend Erin. There, he encounters Jayce Collins, the handsome new bartender who ignites an attraction within him. The Lexington heiress disguises herself as an Alpha in order to protect her parents' company. Would she be able to keep this secret? Find out

Chapter 1

Just great, it had started to rain in the few minutes since they boarded the plane off and were now making their way to the waiting car that would take them home.


There was nothing more that Kyle was looking forward to than sleeping again in his own bed instead of the terrible bed in the hotel room in New York City he had to offer.

He had already made plans to have his secretary contact his chiropractor in the next few days for an appointment to help him get rid of the constant neck pain he had been nursing for a few days. It had stopped him from getting a good night’s sleep, and while the seats in the plane’s first class had been nice, it was still no comparison to his insanely comfortable bed that waited for him at home.

With the pain he was feeling and was trying to hide, and the rain that was going down heavily now, his mood was surely not getting better.

He already knew that after two stressful weeks overseas, he had more days with a full schedule to look forward to. 

And if he was truly lucky, he would have some time off on the weekend if he shifted his schedule around a little. 


When he had checked his schedule earlier during the flight, he had seen that the next few days would mean he had hardly a moment to relax or even breathe, but that was what his life had been for the last three years, and he would not change it for anything else, not even knowing anything else. 


The days he and Nicole had spent on a vacation in Singapore two months ago had felt almost useless to him, and she had laughed at him when he had constantly checked his emails and had found him working more than once on his laptop in the evenings. 


It had taken a lot of convincing from her side before he had truly been able to enjoy their time on the beach and had at least relaxed a little bit.


Today, he knew that they would only get home shortly, maybe freshen up a little before he would get to the office and at least prepare his work for the next few days. 


While Nicole would be able to stay home, her next project was only scheduled for sometime next week. If he remembered correctly, he would not have been able to rest before late that evening.

Both his and his companion’s steps were broad and fast-paced, pulling their bags behind them, and ignoring the shouts of paparazzi that, of course, had recognized them and were trying to get a good, usable photo of them or even a statement about the engagement rumors that were circling around them for years. 

He knew that Nicole was smiling at them next to him, despite being tired herself, and he saw from the corner of his eyes that she was raising a hand to give a short wave to one of the photographers, and he already knew that the gossip columns tomorrow would have something to write about them, and since they both did not make statements about their relationship other than being happy together. 

They were not in a rush regarding a statement about the long-awaited engagement that society was trying to pry from them, not wanting to deny or confirm anything they wanted to keep private, protecting that little bit of privacy they had shielded from people who called themselves their fans for whatever reason.

When Nicole had been seen with an impressive diamond ring on her finger a few weeks ago, the usual suspects among gossip websites, devoted fan blogs and, not to forget, social media, had gone crazy with the rumor of Kyle having finally proposed to her, until Nicole had laughed those rumors off at a red carpet event where she had not confirmed they were planning to get married, but instead confirmed that she was the new face of one of the biggest jewelry brands in the world.

While Nicole was, as always, friendly, openly smiling, and engaging with the people, addressing them with smiles and a little wave, sometimes when she recognized a reporter or photographer she had met before, he only smiled briefly here and there and tried to ignore whatever people were yelling at them. 

He did not like this, but he knew that it was part of his life and had always been. Being a Lexington -alpha from his family had come with being a person with a very public life.

 It was a part he would never be able to change. Being a Lexington came with a price.

But even if he was used to this, he was glad they finally had made it out of the airport building, away from the yells and flashing lights of the cameras pointed at them, and were getting closer to the car that had been sent by his company to pick them up, not once having slowed down and Nicole almost not able to keep his pace. 

The sounds of the street and traffic nearby seemed almost silent after all the noise in the airport building, and he could not wait to just hear anything but the sounds of home again soon.

“Good morning, Sir,” the driver waiting for them said and opened the side of the car for them, and he followed to sit down, stretching his long legs immediately at the back of the spacious car, leaning back and closing his eyes with a deep sigh, and did not react when the car was started and their way home started.

 He thought about the work that was waiting for him, and the meetings that his secretary had already informed him about, and he hated that the heavily pregnant omega that had taken the job at his office four years ago had not been able to accompany them for this journey, but the date of his first child’s birth was so close that nobody was willing to risk sudden complications. 

A soft smile appeared on Kyle's lips when he thought about the nice gift he and Nicole had gotten for him and his mate, a personalized diaper bag from a designer Nicole had been working with for a photoshoot. 

He was sure his secretary would love it, and not be even a little bit modest in accepting something as pricey as the bag, always making him smile with his confidence, and making him certain he had been the right choice for the job with the good work he did when he had hired a male omega that other applicants for the job had looked down upon.

 His secretary made sure that everyone knew that he was not only the best at his job, but also that he always had his boss’ back and never once disappointed him. 

He hated that he would go on paternity leave soon, but he had already promised that he would not only train his temporary replacement but also would be back within a year.

Raising a hand, he rubbed the bridge of his nose, feeling a migraine rise like an uninvited guest that had started to appear more and more in the past weeks, and that was always worse when he had not gotten enough sleep. 

He hated flights, he had not shut his eyes on board the plane for even a single second, and he just wanted to sleep the tiredness and headache off instead of having to go into the office later on that day.

 He would try to end his day’s work as early today as he would be able to and return home, order something to eat with Nicole, and enjoy a very long, hot bath to relax his overly tense muscles.

“You look tired.”

He turned to look at the pretty young woman at his side, who was reaching to take his hand in hers and immediately started to rub a circle into the back of his hand in a calming gesture. 

She knew him much too well sometimes, and he had to smile at the sight of the worried frown she was showing. 

In the five years they had been together, she had learned to read him like a book, in a way only one other person in the world was able to outdo her. 

“I am,” he said, eyes on the pretty young woman at his side, who tilted her head to the side and looked at him with concerned eyes. 

“How do you look like a fresh spring morning after almost 16 hours on a plane?”

She shrugged with a wink, worry quickly replaced by a playful, girly expression.

“It’s a gift,” she grinned at him. “You look amazing too though, except for that tiredness in your eyes. Love your hair like that, even if you hate it. 

Handsomest alpha I’ve ever seen.”

Kyle rolled his eyes and turned to look at his reflection in the car’s window, seeing that his hair was, as he had expected and feared, resembling a bird’s nest with unruly soft waves surrounding his face.


Chapter 2

Groaning, he put a hand to his hair and tried to flatten it a bit, then again, but then gave up after a few more futile attempts at making a sound that spoke of nothing but annoyance.


“I look like an idiot,” he sighed. “Why does my hair do this?” 


“It knows that you’re cute like this,” Nicole told him with another grin.


He rolled his eyes once more and started to look out of the window instead of continuing the conversation, though liking how her holding his hand calmed him down, she always knew what was going on in his head and when he needed silent comfort after a stressful day.


“You really want to go into the office later today?” She then asked after a few silent minutes, and without turning back to look at her, he nodded.


“I have to,” Kyle replied.


 “Tomorrow’s meeting is with the board and I need to get briefed about a few things before I’m able to attend.”


Only when she now sighed


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