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The Fallen Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Elliot
  • Chapters: 17
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 29
  • 5.0
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Kalias has lost everything. His family, his kingdom, his place in the pack. After being betrayed by the omega that was destined for him by the sages, the Alpha fell and with his fall came disgrace and pain. "There is still hope" someone whispered when their eyes no longer opened after the beatings "find the goddess who hides among humans. Find it and it becomes yours, you will be the great alpha that will unite all the packs into one". When Kalias finally woke up, without clothes, without a place to return - he made those words his anchor and now, he would do anything to find that goddess; he would make her his, destroy the traitors who took his place, Even if it mean burning the world to make everything real and in the end, that's what he did. Set Alice's world on fire. "You are the goddess of the moon" he said on top of the bodies of the humans that surrounded her "and now you will be mine".

Chapter ❍◑⬤ 01


There was blood everywhere.

Amazonita’s eyes stared at his face with a frightened expression, and Kalias just smiled without any emotion being expressed on his face—a macabre smile, almost lifeless.

“I finally found you,” he said.

“You are the goddess of the moon,” he said, and the sound of bones being broken beneath the feet of that absurdly tall man made the black-haired girl shrink against the wall where she had been thrown. “And now you will be mine.”

Those were the only words that were addressed to Alice. The only thing that was said to her before something hit her neck, and her eyes opened in a dark room inside an abandoned castle.

There were no doors; there was no light. Just a window, a large bed with a canopy, and the moonlight that made it possible for her - to see.

Two big eyes were lurking in the corner of the dark room.

“Who the hell are you?” The girl was the first to speak; her body shrunk, the arms embracing her body as if that was enough to protect herself.

“You act like you don’t know” A hoarse, guttural voice was squeezed from the man’s throat in the dark.

“All I know is that you killed all those people,” Alice said, sinking her nails into her skin. “You’re a monster!”

The man let out a low, mocking laugh.

“And what did you do to me?” He soon asked, but his voice had no joy or amusement no. It was pure rancor.

“You abandoned me,” He said. “I prayed every night, begged, crawled in the mud as usurpers took the front of my Alcathea while mine were killed, destroyed” he spat every word as if poison dripped from his mouth.

Alice took a step back.

“You’re crazy,” she said softly and laughed a lifeless laugh.

“Yeah, I went crazy, but you know what the fun part is?” His eyes shone as he questioned her, “It is this madman who is with you now, and until you wake up...” Kalias smiled. “You’re just a human, a human who can be hurt and easily beaten, so measure your f*ck*ng words.”

Alice shrank, the body finding the wall behind her.

“Will you kill me like you did them?” she asked, even if her instincts told her to shut up.

Kalias laughed.

“Why would I bother killing you? No, for everything to work as it should, you need to be alive,” he said as his body moved in the darkness, and the girl could hear his steps.

He was getting closer.

“You won’t die, my goddess, because I need you.”

Kalias’ body was now close to hers, his eyes fixed on the weak little creature; he almost wondered if that thing was that goddess—the goddess of the night and all the animals in it.

“You may not have awakened yet, you may not remember if you don’t want to... but that won’t save you from me,” Kalias completed. “Your negligence made me what I am now, so deal with the consequences.”

One of his hands grabbed the girl’s hip, fingers squeezing hard against that skin that was thin as paper, and even if there was resistance, he brought her close to his body, bringing her close enough for their lips to meet.

Alice tried to push him away with her hands over his chest, but Kalias was stronger, always would be - after all, he was a werewolf.

“You will be mine, Aynur,” he growled as his lips parted and Alice’s body was abruptly dropped.


That name did ring out.

“That’s not my name,” she said, trembling, her eyes full of tears.

“When the blood moon comes, you will awaken,” Kalias began, body tense, eyes dull and lifeless “If you’re right, I’ll kill you. I will tear out your heart and give it as a sacrifice to the fire, but if I am right, as I know I am, then you will awaken, Aynur, the goddess of the night of all beings born with it, and by then, you will have fallen in love with me”.

‘This will never happen’ was written on the girl’s face, a face covered in contempt.

☽ ━━━━━━━━ ❍ ━━━━━━━━ ☾

Chapter ❍◑⬤ 02

The night seemed eternal, the darkness took over that place, and if you looked out the window, all you could see were trees and more trees. Giant trees everywhere, pine trees with a strong odor in dark soil, as dark as the sky of that damn place.

As soon as the monster that kidnapped her disappeared from her window, she got to thinking.

Alice did not know many things, but she knew that she was no longer in the mortal realm, in the realm of humans. No.

She was somewhere else. She was in the shadow, in the realm of werewolves, but even though she wasn't too dumb to understand that, she was there - hanging from the window, stretching her arms towards the first tree that looked close to that damn tower.

"Just a little more..." she said to herself, and with a leap of faith, she threw herself towards the wood. The texture of the wood cruelly tore the skin of her hands, but not even the burning made her question her actions.

She'd walk out


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