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The Bully's Dark Obsession

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"I will destroy you." One word from him and my fate was sealed for doom. If I know that my life would be set for doom the moment I met Adrian I would’ve done things differently. Maybe I would’ve walked away. I wouldn't have provoked him. Maybe my tale wouldn’t have ended this way But it is too late. My fate is already sealed for the worst the moment he claimed me as his bully. He wants to consume not just my body alone, but also my heart and my soul. Being hated by him is dangerous but being wanted by him is forbidden. All my plan in life was to finish high school and be independent away from my family who always maltreat and bully me. But fate played a huge prank on me and I was marked and bullied by Adrian the Alpha of the Black Moon Pack. He promises to make me pay, he promises to make me suffer because I remind him of his past but all those memories are gone, I remember nothing about my past. Now I will have to stay with the guy that caused me pain so I could find out the secret about my past. I will have to choose between my worst nightmare or forever stay in darkness. This book is a slice of a dark romance, werewolf and teen romance.



Review after the novel completion

Love Love Love This story, Author!!! 💜 Yes, it's a bit dark, but it kept my interest and I couldn't put it down. I do wish your ending was alittle more then just running after one another, but I'm a Sucker for a Happy Ending!!! Lol 🤣 I was worried for a moment with the last couple of chapters, that They wouldn't get their reunion, but it was there, just wishing there was more!!! Of course, either way, I Loved Your Story!!! I would read it again as well!!! Thank you so very much for sharing your story with Us and making it a Good One!!! Thank You, Author!!! 😊

June 17, 2024

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