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The Billionaire Alpha’s second chance

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Asher and Zahra go through an arranged marriage set by their grandparents decades before both were born. Zahra eagerly accepts only to be abandoned on her wedding night. Asher left her behind with vitriol and a spouse made the laughing stock of his peers. He comes back years later but only because Zahra stands in the way of his inheritance. Asher takes more than he can bargain for and gets more than he can handle. The young quiet and meek wife he left behind is no more she is a completely different person. Now Asher has to find a way to earn her forgiveness Book 2.: Lydia transfers into a reputable school where the Rich and powerful’s children rule. Bryon is at the top of the popular crowd. Lydia has been impatient to meet her fated mate However, their first meeting was not what she expected. Instead, Astrid becomes Bryon’s New target for bullying. Astrid decides to keep her mate mark a secret until fate decides otherwise. or until Bryon pays for the damage he has caused her

Chapter 1

When Zahra was fifteen her grandmother announced to her her engagement, and life had never been the same for her.

Zahra was raised by her grandmother according to traditional values.

She kept her hair long as a symbol of purity, wore traditional clothes, and learned how to be a perfect house-wife.

The only place she was seen with casual clothes was at school, if her uniform could be considered as such. She lived with the constant presence of a husband he did not know.

“You will marry the stClair heir,” her grandmother told her with a pleased smile.

Zahra blushed, keeping her gaze low. Her fiancé never came to meet her. Asher stClair was a busy man.

He was five years older than she was, and those fleeting years felt like an eon for a young and easily impressed teenage girl.

She never resented Asher for his absence. She had learned to accept that Asher was a busy man, and busy men did not have much time for themselves.

However, Asher’s grandfather, Theodor, visited frequently. With time, Zahra saw in the old hunched man a grandfather she never had.

As any young lady her age, Zahra’s head was filled with a yearn for romance. But, her situation was different.

Unlike her age mates, Zahra already had a fiancé, a future husband, and no one other than Asher stClair, heir to a fortune and a deeply rooted family.

Their name alone screamed wealth enough.

And the thought alone sufficed to make Zahra blush timidly.

“You will live in a pretty and big house,”Zahra’mother, would say with a big smile.

“He is a good soul,” Theodor would say each time he visited.

Over the years, Asher’s absence weighed more and more on Zahra’s heart.

He became a shadow, always present yet never truly there.

Zahra, through social media, knew who her to be husband was. She saw pictures of a tall and handsome alpha.

His broad shoulders and chiseled chest spoke of raw strength and vitality. His smile was bright yet carried a hint of innocence in the sparkle of his eyes.

He was surrounded by friends. Friends that became familiar faces to her. At times, in the safety of her room, Zahra let herself dream of that strong alpha.

She imagined his deep voice whispering sweet nothings. She pictured the big hands caressing his skin.

She whimpered when imaginary strong arms wrapped around her frame. She guessed Asher’s scent to be as strong and potent as his aura.

The young man carried himself with an ease and confidence that only men of power had.

Zahra, at times, left comments under the pictures, the videos. She sent messages too but no reply came.

It did not matter because Asher was a busy man and busy men did not have much free time.

Theodor told her endless tales and stories about Asher and Zahra feasted on each and every word.

She learned every like and dislike of the alpha. In the confines of her mind, she liked to think of Asher as her husband, and not just an absentee fiancé.

When Zahra was eighteen, she got married, and life had never been the same.

She thought of Asher as a god incarnate.When they met, his scent and height had her knees trembling. He towered over the omega. His crimson eyes swept over the frail frame. His smile curved into a lopsided smile.

He spared Zahra a glance and it had been enough for the omega to fall.

Zahra was invited to the Stclair mansion in the city, far away from the safety of her parents’ humble farm.

Her head swooned from the luxury and display of wealth. Maids bowed to her. People referred to her with such deference that Zahra lost her voice.

She was left at a loss and speechless. Only a night ago, She was the daughter of a farmer, and right there in the Stclair house she was a young Mistress.

Zahra was taken to her room. It was bigger than any room she saw. It was a suit fit for a king, she thought candidly.

She was informed that Asher left for a business meeting. Their encounter barely lasted a minute.

Zahra felt her heart ache . But, it did not matter because soon enough Asher would be her husband.

Only Asher never reappeared.

Zahra was left with Eloise, Asher’s mother, to handle all of the wedding preparations.

Her days were punctuated with long meetings with dozens of different wedding planners, florists, chefs, bakers, and many other occupations she couldn’t list.

She did not understand why the flowers had to match her wedding outfits. She did not understand the need for several wedding cakes.

She did not understand when the adults talked. When she dared to open her trembling mouth to ask a question, Eloise shushed her with a violence that had her eyes sting.

And Asher became a ghost.

“We will proceed with the legal papers tomorrow,” Eloise said as she roamed in her room.

She kept it clean and tidy despite the maid's complaints.

Zahra did not understand why she couldn’t make her own bed or clean her own bathroom.

The maids were livid each time she helped. They gently ushered ber away.

“I know, mother,” Zahra said with a polite bow. She watched her move around in the room. Her elegant hand brushed over Zahra’s possessions.

There were not many, only trinkets and souvenirs from her friends.

“Don’t call me that,” Eloise sighed, turning to face Zahra.

She quickly dropped her gaze.

“Call me Madam,” she instructed with her usual firm tone. It left no room for discussion.

“And you will refer to my son as young master,” she added. Zahra, startled by the demand, raised her eyes.

She stood tall and impressive. Her aura smothered Zahra.

“I won’t have you act improperly,” she said with a saccharine smile. It never reached her eyes. Zahra knew as much now.

She spent enough time by her side. “You don’t want that, do you now omega?”

she said. The name felt like an insult, although she was one herself. Taehyung shook her head.

Her throat knotted. “Speaking of legal papers, I have something that I need you to sign before the ceremony,” she handed Zahra an envelope. She opened it with trembling hands.

Prenuptial agreement, the documents said. She wondered what it was. She wondered if he had a right to ask, or if she would be silenced again.

The choice was taken from her as Theodore came into the room with a fury that Zahra never witnessed before.

“What do you think you are doing?” He asked snatching the documents from her hands.

His glare anchored itself on Eloise . The women did not even flinch. She even smiled. Zahra admired her calm composure.

“Grandfather, I am only discussing the wedding with my daughter -in-law,” she said walking closer to Zahra.

She wrapped her arm around her. Her grip was vice-like. Zahra suppressed a whimper.

“And forgive me for trying to protect my son and our family,” she sighed, glancing at the documents. “It was merely a test,” she explained. Zahra felt at a loss.

“Leave us,” Theodor said sternly, not wanting to engage in her mind games. He waited until the door closed behind her.

“Are you all right, child?” he asked, facing Zahra. His face was void of that harshness that painted it a moment ago.

His eyes were full of worry

“I am, grandfather,” Zahra smiled, leaning in the soft touch. The wrinkled hand wrapped gently around her forearm.

“She wanted me to sign something for the legal union. I didn’t understand what it was,” she said with an honesty that pained the older man.

“It is nothing,” Theodore said with a soft smile.

“Don’t sign anything she gives you from now without my approval. Do you understand, child?” he asked, scrutinizing her face. The omega nodded with a smile.

Theodore left shortly after. Zahra watched him walk out in a hurry with the crumpled papers in his hand.

She wondered what they were. She did not have time to ponder on them. The day had been extremely long and tiring. Sleep won over with an unsurprising ease.

Chapter 2

The wedding was nothing short of stunning and extravagant. Zahra felt dizzy from it all.

The décor, the guests, everything made her heart sway. Then, there was her husband. Asher stood tall and handsome among the guests. His suit hugged perfectly his body, displaying broad shoulders, strong arms, and thick thighs.

Zahra smiled with blushing cheeks. Her eyes filled with tears of happiness. She dreamt of the moment for years, an eternity, hidden in the comfort of her childhood bedroom.

“My husband,” Zahra smiled looking up to meet Asher’s gaze. They swayed along a waltz as they opened the ball.

Guests joined them after the second twirl around the dance floor. As swiftly as the maddening waltz started, it ended. Asher left Zahra standing, clueless, in the middle of the dancing guests.

“May I?” Theodore appeared next to her. The old man left his cane by his table. He offered his hand for a dance.

Zahra acc


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