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The Beta’s Reborn Human Mate

The Beta’s Reborn Human Mate

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When bad things start happening to Blue Meyer, she meets Cage, a man on an assignment to bring her in as the forced bride of his Alpha. Blue can leave with Cage or die in the hands of the dangers lurking in New York. Cage has always been loyal. He knows that the Ember Blood witch is who his Alpha wants, but his wolf can't resist Blue the second he sees her. She's his mate. The reborn girl who wields centuries-old magic belongs to him, body and soul. Yet Cage will reject Blue when she needs him the most, but fate will reunite them enemies.

Chapter 1: Beauty and The Beast

I tripped on the stairs rising to the stage in front of a crowd of elites and paparazzi. The cameras flashed, and my cheeks burned red. I cursed my Jimmy Choo heels because those pretty pearls had just stabbed me in the back. Not to mention, I also heard the crowd's split-second gasps.

It was a big day for Fairy Beauty, and I almost ruined it if not for those many years spent in the gym at six am. I still blamed it on the janitor for leaving the floors wet. I would send whoever it was packing from my company, but not even that could erase the mortification I felt.

Only this flitting moment will raid tabloids and social media for weeks.

I cleared my throat before speaking while on the stage. The knowing eyes of the crowd scrutinised my poor attempt at avoiding the embarrassing moment like it never happened. I blinked them away, focusing my eyes above their heads.

The air in the space was heavy like a piñata waiting for a stick.

"Fairy Beauty will mark the start of another calendar year with a new look and new initiative." I ignored the past few minutes and switched into work mode. "As the CEO and founder of this multinational brand, allow me to unveil the face of Fairy 2022!"

The crowd cheered me on, pausing for the grand moment. Everyone looked behind me on the stage and at the wall where the image was about to be unveiled. It started. Fairy Beauty's face was crowned as Ever Dawson.

"Give it up for Ever!" I beamed from the stage at my best friend of colour.

Since its inception, this is the only time a non-white has been chosen as the face of this influential brand.

"Come here, honey. This win is for you." Away from the mic, I said to her as she approached.

"Thank you so much, Blue. I didn't see this one coming. I love you, and I hate you for real." Ever kissed my both cheeks as we hugged, and I did the same.

She turned to the crowd, giving her speech while I stood at her side, grinning nonstop.

After Ever delivered her speech and entertained countless interviews, Fairy Beauty's new season officially commenced. Ever was the star of the night. A face model who rose to fame from nothing just like me. I couldn't help but see myself in her.

But we had finally made it to the top. I was content with my celebrity life, and I could swear that there was absolutely nothing that could go wrong.

Everything was in shape. Lines were in place, and I was living the dream.

Minutes later, Ever and I arrived at the lounge on Wall Street for the company's after-party, open to only employees and investors, or better still, members of the Fairy family.

We giggled while crossing the entrance. Ever had just made a joke about my bouncer's muscular thick thighs and thin limbs. They reminded her of chicken legs in a KFC bucket.

"Uh-Oh...There's Noah-the-hottie." Ever signalled to the handsome show host across the room, who's leaning casually against a short pillar with a glass in one hand.

I screwed my eyes tight on a sigh. "Great. Just great."

"Happy birthday to you, I guess. Surprise." Ever sang the last word with an enthusiasm level of minus hundred.

I had already forgotten it was my twenty-fourth today. My manager made sure to notify all guests to refrain from wishing me a happy birthday. Birthdays didn't mean joy for me. It meant sorrow. It was the day I was abandoned and left to fend for myself in a wicked world.

Ever's the only one allowed to say it, though. We shared the same tough experiences while growing up. Only us knew what we had faced in the past, and only we were worthy enough to make that wish to each other.

Now Noah's ruining my excuse at forgetting what the day truly was. Fairy's new season opening.

Noah was dragging all the attention to himself, even with that bored expression on his face. I wanted to run and hide, but this was my party, and the only one trespassing was him.

"Maybe I need to take out a large chunk of Hank's salary before he can understand the meaning of 'Fairy family'." I eyed Noah Rashford from where I stood in the entryway. He hadn't seen me yet, but I knew it was only a matter of time.

Either way, you got that right. By Hank, I meant chicken-legs.

"Blue, don't make me say it." Ever made a face while lifting her shoulders. She rolled her eyes. "Fine, I'll say it. All of NYC knows you have a thing going on with Noah-the-hottie. Or at least they want to believe there's something going on. He's definitely a part of the Fairy family if he's your boyfriend."

"Ever, I don't give two shits. That arrogant know-it-all seems to be enjoying the PR boost. I'll put him in his place."

Ever grabbed my elbow at the instant. She drew me to her side, glaring through the darkness of the lounge that's illuminated with only club-like laser lights.

"Are you crazy?" She whisper-yelled. "Eyes are watching. Someone's probably live on Insta right now."

"Fine." I pouted, grabbing a drink from a waiter's tray and sauntering further into the party, allowing myself to get noticed.

Many of my employees offered greetings as I walked alone. Ever became slammed with taking photos seconds after we moved again.

Fans of her work crowded her. I mean, who wouldn't want to brag about meeting the face of Fairy Beauty in real life. It's an achievement on any record, be it the president. It's the Fairy effect.

Noah started walking up to me. I could see him through the corner of my eye, but in a minute, I was gone. Karaoke was just about to start, but I was racing down the hall outside the booked lounge. The bathroom was the only thought on my mind.

"Blue! Wait up!" I heard Noah calling while hot on my tail.

I was certain Ever had noticed nothing, but there's also something Noah didn't know. This wasn't the case. I wasn't running because I was avoiding him. I was running because of what was happening to me.

My back hit the bathroom door as I slammed it closed and turned the lock. I couldn't breathe.

"Just talk to me for a second, Blue. What's going on?" Noah banged on the door of the female bathroom after a beat, drawing attention with his unrelenting method of communication.

I wish I knew what was going on.

Noah screamed. "Blue, I said, open the damn door!"

I couldn't imagine opening it as demanded. I had only glanced at the dark screen of my iPhone and glimpsed my reflection before fleeing the lounge.

Something was wrong with me. It had happened this morning, and I overlooked it because I thought I was seeing things.

My blue eyes were a different colour. In the morning, it was only a flash. Now, it had turned pure amber, glowing like the sun. My hands shook in fear. What was happening?

How could I correct this?...

"Hank!" My alarmed tone boomed through the call as my shaking hands struggled to keep the phone on my ear. "Come and get me. Please. I'm not feeling too well...I'm in the bathroom, and there are people—"

"Give me a second, ma'am!"

The call disconnected. My foot tapped rapidly on the tiles. I wanted to curse Hank for lying. He took five seconds instead of one to get to me. I let out a deep breath when his huge body rammed into the bathroom door twice.

It burst open on the third time, and he came for me, pulling a leather jacket over my head to hide my face from the cameras.

"Hey, let me talk to her! Blue!" Noah said from behind us, pushing his way through the throng of people gathered.

Hank held him back a few feet with a strong arm as the rest of the crowd. Noah still persisted in shouting my name like that alone would make me abandon the jacket and run into his arms.

Before I could say Jack, Hank guided me safely to the parking lot. We ascended the Maybach, and he became my designated driver, abandoning his post at the door.

It was clear this party was over. The host had just left in a messy and unforgettable way.

"Thank you, Hank. You are a life saver," I said, still hiding underneath the jacket.

I clenched my jaw to hold back the tears. Strong girls don't cry. Blue Meyer is the definition of strong. Whatever this was, I would get through it.

"Ma'am, you can stop hiding now. They are gone. We are far away from Wall Street."

"Where are we?"

Hank looked over his shoulder. "Almost at Bea—"

Something bigger than a mountain rock hit us, cutting him short. A scream tore through my throat as Hank struggled to control the vehicle, and as my head collided with the window glass.

The Maybach stopped on the empty street. We had crashed into a tree at the side of the road, but the damage wasn't too bad. The reason the hood looked worse than a crumpled piece of paper was because of that rock.

"Are you okay, Hank?" I reached out to the front seat. The airbag covered most parts of the driver's side. "Say something. Please..."

A trail of blood ran down the side of his face. He was just recovering from the daze the hit caused when a hand grabbed him from the open windshield.

I was screaming again because a face made of shadows and an evil red eye stared back at me.

Chapter 2: Ember Blood Magic

It was real. This shadowy being with thick limbs and red eyes. I shoved the back door open, but my legs gave out the second I put my weight on them. I turned on my arse, crawling backwards with my fingers digging into the earth.

My eyes had returned to normal when I checked the driver-side mirror while falling on the ground.

The creature held Hank high and ripped his heart out. My hand covered my mouth, trapping my cry of fear. A tear rolled down my cheeks in memory of Hank. He had worked for me for years. Now he was gone.

"I will kill you for doing that to him!" I screamed while seeing red. "He was my friend, you monster!"

The creature stomped its large foot on the ground, and the force lifted me off it and threw me down back again. Alarmed, I started crawling away faster, forgoing my borrowed confidence.

"No! Please stop—"

I struggled to get on my feet, but it swiped me up from the ground and into its giant palms li


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