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The Alpha's wrath

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Aurora has been through unexplainable situations all her life. She fell into a deep pit, she was caught with the dead body of the coldest Alpha father. He wanted to kill her, he wanted to revenge immediately, but a voice whispered to his ears. "Quick death is a favor in disguise, torture her and make her beg for Death," Still, with the torture, she seemed impenetrable, the torture didn't affect her until Alpha Malik decided to use another form of torture "Strip," His cold voice came out, and reluctantly she started undressing. Alpha Malik raised his brows, looking at her nakedness, yet his face held no emotions, but the fear he has been longing to see in her eyes disclosed boldly. "I know the best torture for you now and I'm ready to inflict it on you, I will make sure my shaft tortures every part of your body, I will make sure you beg for death and bring it out what have been longing to hear from you," The deadly whispered let out, Aurora's legs trembled, going down to the ground, her body pressed against the wall, saving her from falling.


Aurora frowned, yet still perplexed, looking at the soldiers as they were pulling her with the rope that was tied on her both hands, to the crucifixion stand along the townlet.

She put on ragged clothes, her hair looked scattered and unkempt, she walked with her barefoot, blood was flowing down, wherein she sustained an injury from the flogging she received earlier before death was passed to her.

She looked unstable, starving, and fragile, she tried to conceal her pains from the people of Uruk, who were gawking at her with deep hatred on their faces.

Furthermore, she knew how much they hated her for their Alpha’s death. Her cries won’t stop her death, knowing this, she hid her pain and showed a steady expression. Moreover, she was trained to be an impenetrable brick wall.

However, she hated the fact that she was dying, and somewhat appreciated the death she will face soon, it would stop the relentless pain in her heart and her everyday restless nights.

She has been in the prison for the past five months. The day the late Alpha died, her death has been longer than she expected, she thought she would die the second day she was caught with the late Alpha’s dead body, but she realized the new Alpha wanted to be crowned as the Alpha before he would condemn her to death.

Murmured aroused by the people of Uruk who saw the steady expression on Aurora’s face, they became furious, seeing no remorse in her eyes, many of the town people rushed home to bring stones, eggs, water etcetera.

The soldier leading Aurora and the other soldiers to the crucifixion ground heard the murmuring of the passengers, of Aurora’s steady expression, he looked over his shoulder to confirm the whisper of the passing by. His face fell on Aurora’s steady face with a grin plastered on her face.

His face looked dreadful instantly, he halted the movement of the soldiers, turned, and moved to Aurora, he punched Aurora hard on the face and aimed an uppercut punch just below her jaw, Aurora’s head jerked downward as pain sent chills to her spine.

He waited for her to face him, she raised her chin defiantly, then he punched her as hard as he could in the nose, blood gushed out from Aurora’s nose relentlessly, and she fell to the ground.

She had blurry vision, and as she fell to the ground, the soldier didn’t stop punching her, he started kicking her hard, in the stomach. As she lay flat on the ground, a sharp pain escaped Aurora’s mouth.

She felt weak and tired already, she wished death would come quickly, she was tired of the abuse, she couldn’t hide her pain anymore. Tears flowed down her cheeks, and she spilled blood as the soldiers kicked her harder in the stomach.

He stopped when he saw tears flowing down from her eyes, he tilted her chin up, stared at her with cold eyes, and whispered into her ear.

“I will make you beg for death before I slaughter your head,” The king’s brother, whose name was Jericho, said to her ears, his face looked deadly, and Aurora couldn’t bring herself to look at his face.

Jericho was the new Alpha’s stepbrother, Aurora knew how much the late Alpha adored him, and she knows he must have hated her with passion, facing the person who killed his father.

“If she ever walked slowly again, let her feel the torture, the pain, the soldering iron can Inflict on her spotless body” Jericho roared to the soldiers.

Immediately the soldiers pulled her, they enforced more grasp on the rope on her hands, she walked with tingling feet as she carried each footstep to the crucifixion ground.



Alpha Malik was sitting on his throne, he had been silent for a long while, after he condemned Aurora to death, his right-hand man Jaguar was in his presence contemplating whether to ask him what was wrong. He was supposed to have retired to his room, or his training ground.

Something in his guts wanted to ask him, but recalling how harsher he had become since the late Alpha died, he couldn’t open his mouth and speak when he was not ordered to speak, his head might go for it, so he changed his mind and remained mute, waiting for his Alpha to speak.

Alpha Malik was contemplating whether to do as the whispers in his head suggested.

“Can torture be more painful than a quick death?” he said in his head.

As much as he wanted Aurora’s head to be slaughtered from her body, he wanted pain rather than a quick death for her.

He wanted her to beg for death, he wanted her to be abused physically and emotionally, and he wanted her to beg for tears unseen.

He wanted her to experience the kind of anguish he felt, the day he saw his father’s dead body in her hand.

Furthermore, he rose suddenly and looked at his right man’s eyes, with the coldest eyes you had ever seen.

“Is there any punishment greater than death?” He asked Jaguar with his coldest eyes staring at him.

Jaguar couldn’t understand his question, but he knew better not to waste Alpha’s Malik time, so he answered him hastily.

”Yes, Alpha”, he answered with a bit of nervousness in his tone.

Without saying anything, Alpha Malik strode out of the throne room, with his dangerous aura trailing after him. His appearance can make people pee in their pants.

Jaguar sighed deeply, as he left his sight, he felt like a yoke was removed from his shoulder.

Jaguar walled out of the throne room to the training ground. Whenever he feels tense, training makes him lose tension a bit.




Sounds of eggs and stones were heard as the people of the Uruk community flung at Aurora.

“You are despicable, you feel no remorse for killing our late king”- Murmurs arose among the villagers as they flung stones at Aurora.

Jericho looked elated, saying the villagers were inflicting pain on Aurora, this is what he had wanted, he wanted pain and anguish for her before he would slaughter her head.

He ordered the villagers to stop after the villagers accomplished their wishes on Aurora.

 He made Aurora kneel with her bruised ankle, and he raised his cutlass, to slay aurora’s head, he withdrew the chelates as he heard the sound of an approaching saddled horse, he glanced in the direction and saw a man on a horse riding in their direction, a displeased looked crept into his eyes, seeing Alpha Malik personal guard waving his hand to him, as he saddled the horse nearer.


A displeased look crept into Jericho’s eyes, as Evans, Alpha guard, rode in, and he halted the crucifixion. He handed over a scroll to him after he had informed him that Alpha Malik ordered him to deliver the scroll to him.

He collected the scroll and unfolded the scroll, his face dug into the scroll and trailed each word scribbled in until it devoured all the scribbled words.

Furthermore, he gritted his teeth, as he saw what the Alpha scribbled on the scroll, he didn’t support adjourning the death of Aurora, yet the king wanted her to suffer before death.

As much as he liked hearing about suffering for Aurora, he didn’t trust her brother’s word, he knew he had a soft spot for Aurora, being his previous personal maid. If not for the grievous offense she committed, he could have suspected his brother, making her, his mistress as he became the new king.

Though he knew her brother loathed her with passion now, he was not satisfied with the pending death he had j


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