The Alpha's Untamed Luna

The Alpha's Untamed Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Ellen Hasy Chiny
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Being an Alpha's daughter might have given her shelter and the position of the pack Army commander, yet, it didn't give her what her heart craves for the most: being loved. Charlotte Adolph gave up on love when she didn't receive any from the people she considered her family, but her heart found its way to make space for her best friend, Stefan. But the same heart shattered to a myriad of pieces when she found out that he hid the fact that he had found his mate from her. On that same day, she was betrothed by her father to the Alpha of the crystal moon pack, Alpha Jasper, who wanted her to submit to his commands. “Do you vow to obey all my commands and be submissive to me like your official husband and mate?” “I, Charlotte, will never obey your commands, I ain't your slave and I will never be submissive to you nor to anyone.” Will Alpha Jasper succeed in taming his Warrior Luna, or will love overshadow all flaws?

Chapter 1

Charlotte's POV

I kept walking to the pack mansion, which was built only for the occupancy of the pack members, except for the prestigious families who have their mansion built.
Not that my visit to Stefan is a new one, as we've been best friends from childhood.

Everyone around the pack house knew me as a regular visitor, even though I am the Alpha's daughter.
Stefan has been my one and only crush. It has been my wish that he ends up being my mate, even if he's not,I'm willing to be his mate if only he will one day see my hidden feelings for him besides a genuine love friends have for each other.

I stopped at his doorstep and was about to push it open when I heard a familiar voice.
I stopped at his doorstep and was about to push it open when I heard a familiar voice.Furthermore, I leaned closer to the door, so I could hear the voice clearer.
“Stefan, how long will we keep pretending?
I'm tired of hiding it from everyone, I don't even get your reason for keeping this a secret.”

This voice sounds so familiar to me, but it can't be Ruth saying this.How can Ruth and Stefan have a secret which they don't wish to disclose to anyone, they aren't even close to each other at all, no one would even think of them as friends.

I leaned more on the door and kept my ears firm on it, I'm too eager to hear what the secret is all about.
“Ruth, please give me more time and I will make it official to everyone that you're my mate but not yet, I have to talk to Charlotte personally.”

What did I just hear him say?
They both are mates?
But I thought we were the best of friends, but he kept me in the dark.
My heart became heavy all of a sudden, it was like what I felt when we lost many of our warriors to the Enchanteur pack.

What are you trying to say?
Do you know how I feel whenever I sneak out of my house to see you?
Do you know what I feel whenever I have to pretend as a stranger in front of my mate?
I guess you don't know what it feels like to hide the fact that you've found your mate for a whole six months!”

I can feel the bitterness in Ruth's voice as she said those words.
Furthermore, I turned my back to the door and began to walk out of the pack house.
Additionally, I still don't belong there.
Moreover, I tried holding back my tears, but it dripped down my cheeks anyway.
Besides, I hate shedding tears, it makes me feel weak.
No, I won't cry, it doesn't worth it, no it doesn't.

Stefan called out my name, but that was the last voice I wanted to hear right now.
The voice of that betrayer…
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the training ground.
My wolf was threatening to let out, so I let it out.

As I ran as my bones cracked, and skull enlarged, my furs began to appear as my clothes tore into halves, I ran faster at the appearance of my claws.

My wolf groaned in pain and agony as we ran faster to the training ground.
Currently, it's clear to me that I have only myself to rely on and nobody else,
Just me against the world.

My heart twitched even more, and I despise it so much that the thought of Stefan's betrayal to me has a lot of effect on me.
The minute I reached the training ground, I saw my supposed Warriors, having fun instead of training.
“What is the meaning of this!”
I growled in a very loud tone via mind link, which attracted the entire warriors to turn their heads and stare at me.

“We aren't here to play or have fun!
We are here to train!
So, we can be the best!
So, we can conquer our enemies!
We are here to bring out the best in us!
Not to waste our time!
We aren't meant to train only when our enemies are at bay, but we have to be ready and prepared at all times, every damn minute and every second of the day!
Don't just relax because they haven't given us any signal.”
I poured out my frustration on my warriors via mindlink, they all were quiet as I spoke, but that didn't stop them from looking elsewhere as I spoke, but I cared less.

“” Mike.”
I called out to one of the warriors who just walked into the training ground nonchalantly as though he didn't see me addressing the rest.
He halts at his track while replying to me.

“You were supposed to be here with the rest of the warriors, where were you?”
I asked him, feeling belittled by him.

“Charlotte, I had something that I needed to handle, that was the reason I left.”
The way he responded to my question was freaking obvious that he didn't give a damn at what my reaction to his attitude would be.
That has been my problem with them all, they never see me as someone worth being their commander.
Not that it is their fault in any way, it isn't their fault.
Nor mine…
I never wanted a life like mine, either.
Being called the Alpha's daughter and yet treated worse than an Omega.

Maybe because they all knew that I wasn't the Alpha's blood daughter, as he never fails to say it out loud regardless of where he was.
He made his subjects see me as a foreigner in their pack. That was the reason they had never accepted me as the commander of the warriors.

All my life I devoted myself to training them to be better warriors, but they all never saw my efforts, they only saw my identity…
The Alpha's daughter by chance.
“Did you care to spare me a minute at least, Mike, you have to…”
I was still talking but was interrupted by Mike.

“You weren't here, were you?
Did you expect me to run around the entire pack searching for you?
Just to take permission from you?”
The way he questioned me made me feel like what my stepfather has always said, was indeed true
'A nobody'
I had to lash my anger out on someone, one way or the other.

I bounced on Mike immediately using my canines and my claws. I began to tear his skin with a calculated speed, not giving him any chance to defend himself.
Not only that, but I am supposed to be treated like a commander and not otherwise.

Likewise, I felt a large wolf bounce on both of us, and we rolled off on the ground on each side.
When I regained my stand, I looked up to see that it was Stefan's wolf that bounced on the both of us to stop me from tearing Mike apart because I was sure of having the upper hand.

“Charlotte, the Alpha sent for you.”
Stefan mindlinked to me as he walked closer to me, making me reminisce on what I overheard in his room.
My heart began to hurt to an extent that I needed to growl loudly. Perhaps it might help me release the pain of betrayal I'm feeling only by looking at him.

“This training is adjourned until tomorrow, you may all leave.”
I ordered the obviously tired wolves via mindlink.

“Charlotte, don't you think that we need to talk, I mean we're good friends and shouldn't be fighting over issues as trivial as this.”
I turned to his direction the minute those words left his mouth.
Tears clouded my eyes and I didn't know the best way to display these facts. I felt so weak to even open my mouth to say something.

“We aren't meant to, and from today onwards, we are strangers to each other.”
I ran deep into the forest after I said those words to him. It still hurts me so much to know that our years of friendship have just come to an end.
I froze at a spot when I saw a colossal white wolf backing me. I knew it wasn't part of our pack by merely looking at it, maybe it's from the Sovereign pack or perhaps a rogue.
As I was about to bounce on it, I felt something heavy bounce on me from behind.

Chapter 2

Charlotte's POV

The white wolf didn't even move, it remained at its spot as though it didn't hear me growl.
I quickly began to use my canines and claws on the wolf on top of me and dodged its attack.

If only the wolf that bounced on me knew how angry I am, it wouldn't have dared to come to me.
As I tore its skin, I was oblivious of every other thing happening around my surroundings.
I was forced to look up at my surroundings when I felt a sharp pain on my back.
It was obviously from a really sharp claw.

My wolf exclaimed,at the sight of numerous wolf colors which had circulated around us.

Almost all of them jumped midair to bounce on me at the same time.
I was lost at that point, as it was clear that I had no route of escape.
I kept moving backwards, expecting their sharp claws and canines, but instead I heard something…

The loud and authoritative growl that made


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