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The Alpha's Punishment

The Alpha's Punishment

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Elizabeth is an omega by birth who was raised by the alpha family after her real parents gave her up. She doesn't have many friends but she has a big heart. Jasper is the future alpha of the pack. He is heartless and cruel to everyone but he treats Elizabeth worst of all. When Jasper comes of age and his wolf awakens he becomes aware of two things. Firstly, Elizabeth is his mate and Secondly his wolf is an omega. Can Jasper hide is weakness from the rest of the pack and can he convince the woman who he spent the last twelve years bullying to forgive him?

Chapter 1

Elizabeth Summers POV

“Oh look, it's the mutt.” Nico Vale, the future beta of our pack shouted as I walked into the parking lot behind school.

So much for keeping a low profile today. How was it that they always seemed to find me? I thought that by coming into school via the back entrance I would be able to avoid them.

I should have known I wouldn’t be that lucky. It almost felt as though the harder I tried to hide from them the quicker they got to me. I made a mental note to remember to check my belongings for tracking devices when I got home this afternoon.

I put my head down and kept walking towards the school building. Maybe if I could make it to the door before they reached me then they would lose interest and just leave me alone. I started to walk faster, I was only a few metres from the door.

I was almost at jogging pace when I felt someone's hand on my arm. I was jerked back so roughly that I almost fell over backwards. Before I could fully regain my footing I was pulled so that I was face to face with Jasper Hartford.

Well I say face to face, it would be more accurate to say face to chest. Jasper was easily 6ft5 whereas I was barely 5ft2. That only made him even more terrifying. He was much larger than me, much stronger than me and he absolutely despised me for no discernible reason.

“How dare you walk away when your betters are talking to you?” Jasper shouted, leaning down so that he could get right in front of my face.

“Sorry alpha.” I said, trying my best not to meet his gaze.

I am the omega daughter of two omega parents. It isn’t in my nature to look an alpha wolf directly in the eyes. Even if I had been living in the same house as the alpha family ever since I was about five years old.

I don’t remember much about my real parents. I know they were both omegas and that my mother was pregnant with her third child, something that was strictly forbidden for omegas in our pack. From what I understand, that third child was a boy so they decided to give me up as I was their only female child.

The pack’s alpha and luna heard about my situation and decided to take me in and raise me like I was their own daughter. They already had two sons but they wanted another child. They had been trying for the last three years but nothing happened. When I needed a family to take me in, they said it was destiny. I wasn’t sure if I believed in such things but I was happy to have a family who cared for me.

I spent a long time being angry and upset at my biological parents for giving me up. Ultimately though I can understand their position. A male omega has much better prospects to earn money and provide for their family. There are only two roles that a female omega can have within our pack. The first is being a domestic servant for a ranked family. The second role involves spending most of your time on your back serving the males who have yet to find their mate, if you know what I mean.

“Look at me when I talk to you Lizzy.” Jasper said. He grabbed my chin roughly and turned my face so I was looking him directly in the eyes.

“Sorry.” I mumbled. I held his gaze even though every instinct I had screamed at me to look away.

It was the first time I had dared to look at Jasper so closely. He was truly breathtaking, it was such a shame that his beauty was only skin deep.

“Good girl. Now tell me why you are dressed like this?” Jasper said. His face was mere centimetres away from mine and I could feel his hot breath on my face.

“This is just my normal school outfit.” I said, trying my best to remain calm. I didn’t want him to know how much he scared me.

“So you usually come to school dressed as a whore.” He shouted.

I was speechless. I didn’t believe in shaming a woman for what she was wearing but even if I did my outfit did nothing to warrant that title. I was wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt which didn’t even show any cleavage. Not that I had a lot to show off in that department.

“Answer me now Lizzy.” Jasper growled.

“It is just jeans and a t-shirt alpha.” I replied.

“It shows off every single curve of your body. In the future you will cover up more. Is that clear?” Jasper growled.

“Yes alpha.” I said. I didn’t want to risk making him more angry by asking any more questions. It was better if I just did as he wanted.

“Good girl.” He said. He let go of me.

I froze on the spot for a brief moment. I was too scared to move in case he had more to day, if there was one thing Jasper didn’t like it was me walking away before he had finished berating me.

When it was clear that he didn’t have anything else to say to me I started backing away. I took a few slow backwards steps before turning and fleeing as fast as I could. I know it is weak of me, I know I should be braver but Jasper is so strong and I am just an omega. If he ever hit me he would put me in the hospital for weeks, I didn’t want to risk that.

Chapter 2

Elizabeth Summers’ POV

There was still some time before class was due to start so I headed for the art studios. It was mine and my friend’s favourite place to hang out. I am not friends with anyone my age from the pack.

Everyone in the pack knew that the future alpha hated me and none of them wanted to get on his bad side. None of them bullied me like Jasper and Nico. They just pretended that I didn’t exist.

All of my friends were humans from the smaller human town which was about ten kilometres away from our border. That was ok though. I love my friends. We have even applied to go to the same colleges as each other. Providing that Jasper didn’t prevent me from leaving after he takes over as alpha, I will be out of the pack in less than a year. Hopefully permanently.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I entered the art studio. My friends were already there. Mia was painting a picture on an easel in the centre of the room while Oliver and Patti we


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