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The Alpha's Mate In Disguise

The Alpha's Mate In Disguise

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In a far-off place called Lone Island, a group of free-spirited men faces isolation and learns to rely on themselves. Dr. Aubrie, weighed down by debts and family obligations, makes a tough decision. Disguised as a man whose name was Ashton, she set on a journey to this secluded island to provide medical care. Little does she know that setting foot on the island will change her life. Clyde, heir to the strongest pack, faces exile to Lone Island for his promiscuous ways, despite his betrothal. He couldn't anticipate finding his mate among the human doctors, let alone disguising herself as a man—Ashton. As their worlds collide, sparks fly, and the mate bond pulls them closer. However, when the truth surfaces, it leads to heartache, sacrifice, and unexpected twists that threaten to ruin them both. With their son in the picture, can Aubrie and Clyde find their way back to love and happiness, or will the shadows of the past keep them apart forever?"

Chapter 1: The Prologue

Aubrie’s Pov

In the dimly lit kitchen, I could hardly keep my eyes open. The past few days in the hospital had drained me of every ounce of energy, but I knew I had to come home. The moment I pushed open the front door, I was hit with a wave of exhaustion that made my knees wobble.

I gazed around the chaotic living room, strewn with empty bottles and trash. My heart sank, and it took everything in me not to burst into tears. Since my father died, my stepmother, always one to prioritize her desires over our well-being, didn't care much about our house. Well, it's like she cared for it even before.

Despite my weariness, I couldn't ignore the state of the kitchen. The dishes piled up in the sink. With a sigh, I rolled up my sleeves, took a deep breath, and began scrubbing away the dirt and grime. It was therapeutic in a way, to help me clear my mind.

As I scrubbed, I heard hurried footsteps approaching from the hallway, followed by the sound of a door slamming shut. I froze, my heart pounding in my chest. What was going on? I cautiously stepped out of the kitchen and tiptoed down the hallway to the living room. What I saw sent a chill down my spine.

My stepmother and stepbrother huddled together, their faces etched with fear. They locked the door behind them as if they were hiding from something or someone.

“F*ck” she cursed.

It must be them again.

Just then, a group of men, rugged and menacing, arrived at our front door. They pounded on it loudly, demanding to see my stepmother.

“Mrs. Lewis! Open the door! We know you are there!”

When no one answered they began to yell once again.

“Mrs. Lewis! We are way past doing this! Open the goddamn door!”

I swallowed and turned to my stepbrother and brother. My trembling hands gripped the doorknob as I opened it.

The men who stood at our doorstep wore dark, worn-out leather jackets that seemed to have seen better days. These jackets were tattered and marked with various stains. The men's footwear, heavy-duty boots, had seen their share of mud and dirt. They had seen them countless times.

My voice was shaky as I asked them, “W-what do you need?”

“Oh thank the heavens! Dr. Aubrie was here to save the day!” The man in front of the line mocked.

I forced myself to look at his face. The jagged scar that marred his rugged face still gave her a scare. This scar was a deep, weathered groove that ran from his right cheekbone down to his jawline.

“Billy,” I said.

Billy stepped forward and stared at me with a cold gaze. "We're looking for your stepmother," he said, his words heavy with threat.

I felt my stomach drop. I had heard this story before, the endless cycle of debts and desperation caused by my stepmother's gambling addiction. It seemed she had fallen into the same trap once again.

"She's not here."

The men exchanged knowing glances, and I knew that they didn't believe me, “We know they are in here”

One of the men stepped forward and raised his hand like he was to hit me but Billy shook his head. I felt like my blood ran cold.

“I am tired of playing today, Ms. Lewis. Since you are here, make sure you’re stepmother was informed that her debt was nearing already”

“H-how much?”

“100,000” Billy spoke with a chilling tone, "If your mother doesn't follow the set date, you'll all regret it."

Terrified for their safety, I replied, "I promise we'll get you the money on time."

“I will hold on to your word, Doc,” Billy said, and with one last look in their hands, they finally retreated.

When I closed the door, my stepmother and stepbrother breathed a sigh of relief.

“It a relief you came home early today,” her stepmother said, grinning, “That f*cker scared me to death”

While my stepbrother went to the kitchen, shouting, “Did you get us food? We are starving!”

My emotions boiled over. I couldn't hold back the frustration any longer.

“I-I can't do this anymore” I whispered, staring blankly at my stepmother, "I just can't”

“Wh-what are you saying, Aubrie?” my stepmother forced a smile, looking at my stepbrother, “I-I just lost a little on poker and your brother just borrowed a little because he needs to find a job. You know, your salary was not enough—”

“My salary was not enough?” I exclaimed, angry tears rolling down my cheeks, “I have been giving you all my money to pay off your debts because of gambling! And what? Job? That scumbag was not even searching for a job! He was busy partying like he was the one earning money and putting goddam food on this table!”

I expected it. I expected the hard slap of my stepmother but I was already numb.

“How dare you raise your voice at me?!”

"I've been taking care of both of you for seven years, working hard and sacrificing for this family, and what do you do? You gamble away everything I earn on pointless things! I'm exhausted, and I've had enough. Once I pay off this debt, I'm leaving. You'll have to fend for yourselves."

Tears continued to well up in my eyes as I stormed off to my room, ignoring my stepmother's voice.


I slammed the door of my room, shutting the painful words of my stepmother. Alone in my room, I couldn't contain the overwhelming emotions anymore. I collapsed on my bed, tears streaming down my face. The weight of the world felt like it was pressing down on my shoulders.

With trembling hands, I picked up my phone and dialed my best friend's number. As the call connected, I tried to regain my composure, but my voice still quivered when my friend answered.

“Brie” came from the other line.

"Abby" I sniffed as I spoke, "Something terrible just happened. I don't know what to do."

"Aubrie, calm down. What's going on? You can tell me."

I shake my head, still in disbelief of those five minutes of her life, “It's them”

“What does your scumbag brother and your heartless stepmother do now? Those f*ckers!”

“She's been gambling again, and now we're in deep trouble with some dangerous people. They said she borrowed 100, 000 and I need to pay it next week in an instant. I can't take it anymore. I've been supporting them for so long, but this is too much. I don't even know what to do"

“What the f*ck?!”

“I don't even know what to do"

“You know what? You should run and let them by themselves!”

I closed my eyes, hoping I could do that so easily, “You know I can't. They are my only family and I don't want them to be hurt”

“You know what, for someone so quiet and reserved that others thought you were made of stone, you are very softhearted for your good”

“I know”, I gripped my phone tighter, my mother said the same once when she was still alive.

Her friend sighed a hint of regret in her voice, "Aubrie, I wish I could help, but I've been struggling to make ends meet lately too. I have been called many times by my parents now to pay for their fucking rent and my sister’s tuition for weeks now. But as long as I cannot find someone to take that damn job, my salary was still on hold”

My heart hurt for myself and my friend. They were in a tight spot themselves as well. I decided to change the subject so both of us could forget those problems even for a second.

"What is this job anyway?"

“I was assigned to this job by my seniors. They are asking me to recruit medical professionals for an assignment on an island. But every applicant that I contacted and applied withdrew their application as soon as they saw the contract. I am losing my mind here”

I frowned, taking out a tissue and wiping my smudged mascara, “Why? Is that some kind of sketchy contract?”

“Maybe? Well, because the contract doesn't state anything about this island and they just mentioned providing medical care. Maybe that’s why the fee was so high because they knew that it was hard to find a few sane people who would accept this offer—”

“How much is the fee?”


“Really?!” I exclaimed, dropping the tissue I was holding. My heart skipped a beat. It was more than enough to make a fresh start, far away from the chaos of my current life.

“Hold up, young miss,” Abby said from the other line, “Don't tell me you are thinking of applying?”

“Yeah, yeah…. I mean I could pay that fucking debt and I still have enough money to start a new life”

“ARE YOU INSANE?!” her friend yelled at the other line that I needed to pull away the phone from my ears, “The contract didn't state any description of the goddam island and its inhabitants. But you are still willing to go and stay there for 2 months? And another thing, we are looking for a man. A man, Brie, a man”

I couldn't let a small detail like gender stand in my way. With my mind made up, I said, "I'll be a man if that's what it takes."

“HAVE YOU GONE MAD AUBRIE LEWIS?!” my friend shouted.

The idea of becoming someone else to escape my troubled life and secure a brighter future was a radical and risky decision, but I was willing to take the chance. I just want to be free from all of this, to the debt. I want that to end so badly.

Author's Note:

Hey there, lovely readers! Just a heads-up: the medical information and terminologies depicted in this story is based on internet research and is used for storytelling purposes only. It's not meant as actual medical advice, so take it with a pinch of salt. Enjoy the story and happy reading!❣️

Chapter 2: Aubrie to Ashton Real Quick

I found myself on a sleek and expensive-looking boat, surrounded by the vast expanse of the open ocean. The boat had a polished white hull and glistening chrome accents that caught the sunlight. It sliced through the cerulean waters with grace, leaving a gentle wake in its path.

I stare at my reflection in the clear water. As now living as Ashton Bates, I had to transform not only my name but also my appearance. My petite and feminine features were concealed as best as I could manage. I even bought a pair of eyeglasses. I had layers of clothes to make me a little bit big. I even bought compression sports bras and chest binders to flatten my chest. I also dressed in men's clothing, opting for a loose-fitting button-up shirt, jeans, and sturdy boots. To enhance my masculine facade, I donned a short wig, its dark strands giving me a decidedly male appearance. I also plan to wear

I practice speaking with a deeper voice, attempting to lower its pitch and sound more mascu


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