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“You are my curse, my obsession, my addiction. How can I love you when you are so filthy, so wrong?” Kira lives in a world where omegas are despised and shunned by everyone. An Alpha’s bond with an omega is instant rejection or worse still, death But fate has a cruel twist for Kira. She discovers that her mate is none other than Alpha D’Angelo, the most feared and ruthless alpha in the land. She knows he will either reject her or kill her without mercy. What she doesn't know is that he has other plans. Plans that would either make her wish she were dead, or maybe, a spark in the alpha's heart that would either save or consume her.

Chapter 1

Kira Turning a new age was supposed to be a big change for me, but I knew without a doubt that nothing special was coming my way. Stuck in the most forsaken place on earth, where I lived with other omegas in torn, rat-infested tents, I wished for a better life. There was no reason to celebrate. To worsen things, dinner was soggy, tasteless potatoes. When my mom wasn't looking, I gave out my food. Perhaps my hunger blinded my thoughts when my friends suggested sneaking into the main pack for a food hunt. "It's Alpha D'angelo's coronation party and your eighteenth birthday," Amari, my best friend, said as she flung an an orange mini dress on my head.  She surely got it from the pack's bin. "Wear that dress and flaunt your curves to the world, Kira. Stop hiding behind ugly shirts and oversized skirts. I stared at Amari like she'd lost her mind. She wasn't wrong about my curves. I was slim but blessed with curves bigger than a mountain road. But my beauty didn't change the fact that I was omega. "Your plan to make me go out in public like a call girl won't work." She popped her banana bubblegum and rolled her eyes. "This is our chance to sneak into the pack and get some good food for our starving families. Your boyfriend is coming with us." I groaned because I'd been avoiding Zion for hours now. He was asking for s*x now that I turned eighteen but I wasn't ready. “My mom will kill me for stepping foot into the main pack. The folks there are ruthless." Amari dismissed my claim by rolling her eyes. “Our moms are great at scaring us with lies. You deserve at least a night of fun.” I tugged on my sleeve. The prospect of eating good food appealed to me but I was afraid of getting caught. “Yay!" Amari clapped when I agreed to go with them for the food hunt. “We're meeting under the oak tree at ten pm after our moms start snoring like a herd of wild animals." Amari was my only friend. Our friendship began as young, helpless two-year-olds, bonding over our dislike for soggy potatoes. Thanks to our omega blood, we were separated from the rest of the pack. Her dad, mine, and a handful of other omega men left their families because they were sick of being humiliated. Later that night, I lay beside my mom on my thin mattress, waiting for her to sleep. Her soft snores were a cue to leave. I pushed back my sheets, slipped out of bed, and crept across the tent. Moonlight streamed in through the leaking roof. Soon, the rains would arrive and soak us to the skin. I tiptoed towards the small opening in the back of the tent that led to a balcony overlooking the camp where about ten omegas my age gathered under the oak tree. Zion's burning eyes held mine, shining with raw lust as he pulled me closer, ogling at my outfit. He licked his lips like a cat lapping milk and I looked away. He was a tall and lanky eighteen-year-old, strong-willed and stubborn, so his recent pressure to sleep with me bothered me. His palms cupped my buttcheeks and I took a deep breath to steady my racing nerves. "Tonight, we're going to make sweet love," he grinned, revealing his buck tooth that stood out from the rest of his teeth. It had a slight discoloration, like a tiny coffee stain on a white shirt. "I'd hoped the moon goddess would pair us before we consummate our bond." "I can't wait, Kira. Feel my c*ck, it's throbbing for you. If we don't do it tonight, I might die." Swallowing my fear, I looked away. Zion was good to me. He gave me food, and affection, and also protected me during heat when other omegas tried to pounce on me. I liked him and had no plans to reject him if the moon goddess paired us. But now, his demands for our lovemaking were choking me. I couldn't lose my virginity until I was sure he was my mate. "I know, but..." "But nothing!" His fingers gripped my hips tightly, making me wince. "We need to take things slow, Zion. Please." He became irritated and turned away without another word. Thank the goddess. Eager for adventure, the boys led us into the night. My fear crept in and I clung to Amari whose eyes were twinkling with amusement. "This is fun,” she chuckled and I glared at her. We got to the border and tiptoed past the huge gates. Surprisingly, no guards stopped us because they were busy controlling traffic. Inside the Blood Moon pack was a work of seamless art; graystone houses with perfect architecture, multi-story buildings, gated estates, plazas, good roads with adequate lights and clear markings, and every recreational space imaginable. The entire pack and even neighboring pack members were heading to Alpha D'Angelo's pack house for his coronation. The Alpha's estate was impressive. My mouth gaped open at the sight and Amari leaned closer to me, mirroring the same expression. A very tall, striking gate was left open and several flashy cars drove past the asphalt driveway. We rushed in, running past the walkway lined with beautiful trees, flowers, and shrubs. The mansion's floor-to-ceiling was made of glass and lit with chandeliers hanging in the corners. The party was loud, filled with laughter and fireworks lighting up the night sky and the aroma of well-seasoned barbecue made my stomach rumble. "Long live Alpha D'Angelo! Long live the Alpha!" The partygoers shouted, raising their drinks in unison as if they were in a military salute. "More like long live the imbecile," Zion muttered. As much as I hated getting judgmental, the Alpha's recently buried dad whose soul I prayed was rotting in hell, never cared about our welfare. For centuries, we were banished from the rest of the pack. They got to enjoy all the luxury while we worked on their farmlands and fed on scraps like beggars. We walked past a fountain jet carved into a fierce wolf head with water flowing from its gaping mouth and then past the red carpet. Despite my discomfort, I felt myself relax and smile. Males and females were dressed to perfection and walked around, enjoying the live band and fine wines. "We should be able to slip into the kitchen unnoticed," Amari said. "All I want is lots of good food!" She dragged my hand and others followed. We rushed into the kitchen loaded with bowls of chips, fruit salads, assorted cookies, sodas, and an abundance of meat. Zion handed me a champagne flute while I was hoarding some roasted turkey laps. Muttering thanks, I gulped down the liquid and chewed my meat hurriedly. The bubbles tickled and danced on the roof of my throat, causing me to laugh. "Careful there. You're going to get drunk," Zion warned with a playful tone but didn't attempt to stop me. I doused a whole bottle of champagne. That was probably why I couldn't make out what the hell anyone was saying, nor did I realize that Zion had taken me to the terrace. "I'm going to make you feel so good, Kira," he whispered against my neck, while my vision blurred at the breathtaking view of the landscape. "No... " "Yes, baby. When I'm done with you, you'll be gushing like that fountain downstairs. I'll be gentle, I promise." Zion's tongue traced my collarbone, and then he licked along my jawline. The shock of what he was about to do hit me full force when he kissed down to the edge of my lips. "Z... Zion... please don't." My heart thumped wildly as the world spun around me. I clutched onto his shoulder and helplessly watched him lift my dress and strip off my panties. He took my hand in his, guiding it down toward his pants... and then, without warning, pushed me aside and fled. I looked up, disoriented when footsteps approached me. A breathtakingly handsome man with the body of a Greek god approached me, with his eyes cold with disapproval. Sh*t! I was naked. "What the hell are you doing?" His voice rippled like a murmur. My body trembled when suddenly, a sweet blend of musk, chocolate, coconuts, and strawberries filled the air, and my wolf stirred with excitement. The male turned sharply, and I almost fell in shock. His face mirrored mine and my gaze widened in realization. I recognized Alpha D'Angelo from the posters I've seen and my wolf stirred to life, almost jumping out with excitement. Was the powerful Alpha my mate?

Chapter 2

Kira I was completely speechless and forgot to breathe because a wave of dizziness hit me to the point that I lost all self-control. Alpha D'Angelo's gaze searched my face with newfound interest. My knees buckled and I prayed for the ground to swallow me. Every nerve ending in my body twitched. I forced my mouth to close tightly, praying that it would not open on its own. Up close, the alpha's broad shoulders and well-defined abs caught my attention beneath his platinum-white shirt. I wanted to touch the hard planes of his chest, but how dare I? "Who are you and why are you standing on my terrace half-naked?" Half-naked? Shit! With trembling hands, I tried to cover myself but my hands refused to cooperate. Chills ran down my spine in all the right places from his voice. Then a crazy giggle escaped my lips, surprising him. "What's funny?" His sharp, hard gaze tipped his elegantly arched brow. The Alpha screamed perfection in every way, and I felt an overwhelming need to


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