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The Alpha's Bounty: His Runaway Luna

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In a city where strength meets loyalty, Aella isn’t just any future leader—she’s the fierce Alpha-in-waiting of the Westland Pack. Raised to be a warrior queen, she’s always been the dutiful daughter, trained in the art of battle and prepared to take the throne. Yet, when her father decides to marry her off to Alpha Roman, the cruel, and mysterious Russian Alpha from an enemy pack, Aella’s spirit rebels. She bolts, and for the first time choosing freedom over anything her father has planned for her. Little does she know Roman has swapped his Alpha crown for a bounty hunter’s disguise. This is an easy feat, seeing as no one knows what he truly looks like. Roman is hot on her heels, dead-set on reclaiming what he deems rightfully his. In Aella’s quest for freedom, love and deception become twisted in a treacherous dance. Two Alphas, two worlds, and a collision course with destiny. Will Aella break free instead of being the final pawn in a deadly endgame? Or will Roman clip this little bird’s wings?


Karabo 🐻🤎

Review after the novel completion

As a first time user of this app I'm really happy I came across this novel as one of my first novels on this app ...story line is amazing the characters are also great the details of everything going on are very good they really make me create a picture of how everything is for instance the scene the setting is all amazing the book is also nicely written good job to the author for real ..this was a great novel

June 9, 2024

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