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The Alpha mate's revenge

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"I will never forgive you!" Fleur screamed but all he did was laugh "You will never be strong" ________ Though vows were taking and oaths were sworn, promises were made but a marriage filled with so much lies that is beyond compare A pregnancy that was well planned outside the marriage A young woman who finds herself in a difficult situation due to the man she loves. She tries everything she could to save her marriage but what happens when she finds out that the one person she trusts with all her secrets turns out to be the cause of her problems?

Chapter 1

FLEUR'S POV"Brandon, can you please handle the financial records? They are on your desk" he gave me a look but he later agree to it which made me let out a sigh of relief. "... Thank you so much." I immediately ran out of the building and headed towards the borders.I had to hurry. Darius was literally waiting for me there and I know I might be a bit late but the work was literally way too much for me to handle.When I got there he looked at me with a frown on his face and I knew I was in great trouble."What on earth took you so long?!" He snapped."I'm so sorry, the workload....""Oh shut it! All thanks to you we have lost the business once again!""Darius this wasn't my fault, you gave me a lot of work, how on earth do you want me to finish that and bring the document here in just two hours?!""Leave!" He ordered the guards that were around us. "... Understand one thing Fleur , this is my pack whatever I say goes, it really doesn't matter rto me how that happens but you must get it down understand?""I'm your ma...""Don't you dare say that in public or in private or trust me that day will be the day you will die without any doubts!" He yelled and walked into the car before driving off.I felt my heart heavy with his words and I burst into tears. It's been four years of my marriage and this was how my husband treated me.I didn't know what I had ever done to him but I couldn't leave him even if I thought of it.When I was eighteen I found out that Darius and I were mates and too tell you the truth I was so happy but little did I know that after my marriage it was just be terror that follows next.Not really wanting to shift into my wolf I walked towards the pack even if it was so far away. I wanted nothing more than to be in my mother's arms right now but I couldn't.I mean she was already six feet below and even if I reached her I couldn't talk to her and I couldn't hear her voice even for once.I heard the thunderstorm in the sky and let out a sigh. It seems like everything and everyone has always been against me, sometimes I feel like the moon goddess was doing this on purpose.I shifted into my wolf form and carried the bag I was holding with my teeth before running as fast as I could. I needed to reach the house before the rain could start not because I would get wet but because I had documents that just couldn't get wet with me.The moment I got to the house the rain started and I just sat down on the stairs. The rain gave me goosebumps but what could I possibly do when I had no one with me."Fleur, what are you doing there?" I heard my best friend's voice and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion."What are you doing here? Aren't you meant to be at home?" I questioned and it only made her laugh."The rain didn't let me see, I was waiting for you and...""Hold on a second." I stopped her from talking as I heard a sound from her. I walked closer and I was certain that it was a baby's heartbeat that was coming from her, which only meant she was pregnant."Are you..." She nods her head in excitement and I let out a little laugh "... Oh my goodness that's amazing, I'm really so happy for you but who is the father though?" I whispered the last part into her ears.Ella didn't have a mate yet and she didn't have a boyfriend either but she did sleep around. It really didn't matter who it was and trust me I have warned her before but she didn't no listen."It's a surprise, don't you will soon find out." I felt extremely excited at the fact that she was pregnant."Well whoever this baby's daddy is, I really want to meet him, I mean he needs to be congratulated and a warning of your tantrums." we both let out a laugh."You are too much Fleur , come one go upstairs and freshen up them you come back down let's decide on names.""Is that too early?""Oh no, it's gonna be a lot of fun." she let out a smile as I walked towards my room.I had no idea where Darius was but I knew he was in the house because of his decent which was lingering around but then the thought of him knowing about this hit me.Ever since I was told that I would never be able to have a baby all hell broke loose and he was not going easy. He was akwa angry and sometimes he went as far as hitting me.I didn't have to choose because my father wouldn't even believe me, rather he would just say I was at fault and I just couldn't take yet another sermon from him when I didn't do anything at all.I pushed the door open and saw a paper laying on the bed which made her furrow her eyebrows in confusion.Darius was never the time to leave things on the bed, it really didn't matter what it was but he never kept them on the bed unless he wanted me to see it.I picked it up and began to read the paper slowly when the bathroom door suddenly flew open and I looked at him with tears in my eyes.He looked at the paper and then back to me like what was written on the paper meant absolutely nothing to him."Who owns this pregnancy test Darius?""The mother of my child."

Chapter 2

FLEUR'S POV"What?! I'm not pregnant, how can...""You could never hold a child, I know that but the pack needs an heir and I need a true mate.""I am your true mate Darius, what are you talking about?" I felt the familiar sting of tears as he walked closer to me."You are not and will never my true mate. Fleur, you are the most pathetic woman I have ever met and no one would ever wanna be with a woman as weak as you." he turned around and wanted to leave the room but then I stopped him by holding his upper arm which made him glare at me. "Who is the nother of the child? I know it's not of my business but who is she?" I let go of him and he looked at me with a frown on his face."You met a pregnant woman downstairs, do I need to spill it to you." he left the room and I took a seat on the bed.Ella was pregnant for my husband, the woman which I co


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