The Alpha King's Obsession

The Alpha King's Obsession

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: BellaCupid
  • Chapters: 3
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Losing the Soul Gem on the full moon night of the lycanthropes pairing ceremony was not as painful as the death of his mother, the Luna of Blood Moon Pack who was murdered in cold blood. Driven by the thirst for revenge, young Alpha Jade must leave the majestic four walls of the lycan territory and go on a journey to retrieve the Soul Gem and exert his fury on the murderers responsible for the death of his mother. He never expected the twisted turn of events when he stepped into the human world and crossed paths with a raving inferno in the form of a human girl. ... Kalista, a feisty young girl with budding dreams to fulfill, suddenly comes across a handsome stranger who had the power to give her everything she desired. As they cross paths continuously, a sizzling passion erupts between them and Kalista slowly falls in love with him. However, not all love stories end happily ever after. Kalista accidentally discovers what Jade really is;a lycanthrope, and her life takes a more chaotic turn when she finds out that Jade was after the Soul Gem, the Gem that was given to her by her great grandfather. Things take a drastic turn as Jade is hellbent on taking back the Soul Gem of his heritage while Kalista would rather die than part with the only thing she had left of her family, the Soul Gem. In a bid to get what they both want, which is the Soul Gem, Jade and Kalista's fate are intertwined with a love so passionate, so ruthless and strong that it will destroy anyone who gets in their way. Left with nothing but a past full of secrets, coupled with Jade's thirst for revenge, his obvious love for her and his obsession for the Soul Gem, what choice will Kalista make? Will she surrender the Soul Gem to the lycanthropes or keep it hidden and risk everything dear to her, including her love for Jade?

Author's Note

Hello readers, Please before you start reading this book, read this author's note. This story is going to be a long one, with lots of events, twists and turns, cliffhangers and the likes. It will be dragged out carefully so that the events until the climax will be well played out.

Please do not hurry the author to get on with the story because this author will set the pace of the story in her own way. Do not tell the author what to do, how to write the story or when to update. This book will be updated frequently, as long as the author gets encouragements from the readers.

Comments are welcomed from the readers. Insulting comments, rude comments and hate speech will not be tolerated. I say this because there are scenes in the book that will piss you off and make you scream at the ML and FL. If you have comments about the book, don't hesitate to drop it and I will answer you. Reviews are also welcome. As you read, drop a review of what you think about the story, so new readers can also see it and know how good it is.

There are no mates in this story. Although it is a werewolf story, but there are no mates, nor rejections. There's only love from the heart. It is the author's style of writing.

Lastly, I hope you give this book a chance and enjoy it as you read. I love you all.


Prologue One

In a cave beneath the magnificent palace of the lycanthropes, an unknown man wearing a black cloak moved under the cover of darkness and crept stealthily down the tunnel, towards the warriors at the far end.

The warriors were obviously guarding something because a bright blue glow emitted from the cave behind them.

The unknown man crept further, using the darkness of the cave as a perfect cover to shield his movements.

The warriors conversed in low tones, oblivious to the man creeping silently towards them.

When he was close enough, the unknown man brought out a set of tiny needles and a hollow pipe. He inserted the needles into the pipe and quietly raised in to his mouth.

One by one, he blew sharply through the pipe, sending the needles flying through the air until it found its mark.

Twelve lycan warriors all fell down unconscious as the needle sunk into their skins. They wouldn't die though, but they would be unconscious for about an hour.


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