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The Alpha King's Fate

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Bloodlines Book 2 It's supposed to be their 'happy ever after'. Instead, Layla struggles with her new role in a dangerous world, her nosy human sister, and the strain of her rocky relationship with Jax. Their bond was supposed to be unbreakable, but Layla can't shake the feeling that she isn't enough for the Alpha King. What good is she to him if she can't do anything? Jackson's duty is to protect his people, especially his fragile mate. Uncertain of their bond and unable to read her emotions, Jax fears that Fate has been cruel to him once again. Were two such different beasts meant to be together? As old enemies resurface and shatter all their lives, Jax and Layla must confront their demons before everything around them turns to ashes. Have they condemned their people to die? In a world of werewolf politics and dark desires, Layla and Jax must fight for their love and their lives.



Review after the novel completion

Ugh this started out rocky but got SO much better! I definitely think a series for this would be great. To see who Brit ends up with. And if Rebecca and Gerald rekindle things. I wanna hear all about the new baby. I wanna know if Dylan finds his mate. Or books about the other Alphas and how they move forward with their lives. I want to read about the new circle team and if they ever truly get rid of the hunters. Oh a book about Hope and if she finds her mate would be amazing!

February 26, 2024

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