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The Alpha King's Curse

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Book 1 of the Bloodlines Series. It started with a curse. For five years, Jackson ‘Jax’ King has known exactly when he is going to die. With nothing to lose, he has earned his reputation as the most ruthless Alpha King. Though his enemies are circling, there is one thing he must do before he dies: save his bloodline. But even the Moon Goddess has cursed him because she has given him a half-blood as his only hope. Layla Carlisle. A disrespectful, greedy, wolfless human. Layla seizes the chance to save her sister from a life on the streets, but at what cost? Why has Jax chosen her when he and his friends clearly dislike her? Can she fulfil her end of the bargain? Or will she become like her mother? As Layla spends more time in Jax's bed, she realises nothing is as it seems. Who is Jackson King, and why does he know more about her mother than she does? In a world of werewolf politics and dark desires, Layla and Jax must navigate dangerous terrain to unravel the truth behind the curse and the fate of Jax's bloodline.



Review after half of the novel

So far so good it could move a little faster. Trying to keep too many secrets close to the vest makes it move too slow. And sometimes the change in point of view is a little choppy and confusing. Sometimes it feels like I’m reading the same thing over and over because they are trying not to reveal the secretes which are needed to move the plot along. But I like most of the story. I just wish it would progress more

June 8, 2024

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