The Alpha and His Mate

The Alpha and His Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Chacha
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
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  • 3.0
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Theresia is a witch who has something special in her. Her life was destroyed after the vampire nation found him and kept on targeting him because she is the owner of holy blood. The blood type that the vampire nation has been looking for. Her life was getting ruined when the vampires killed her parents, and finally, Theresia chose to move to the city of Alaska. It was there that Theresia met Ace, a man who claimed to be an Alpha werewolf and claimed to be his mate. Ace always bothered him, but Ace also often saved him. One day a secret was uncovered, a secret that could make two opposing camps. The secret that can change all circumstances. Can Theresia and Ace stay together when things get so complicated and out of control?

Chapter 1

Theresia POV

My name is Theresia Angelina, the daughter of a great magician. My life which was originally fine, now became bleak after my parents died because they were murdered. I am alone, I have no one else in this world.

The sun shines, the wind blows through my hair. In a witch graveyard, that's where I am. I stood next to two graves that had Luciana and Jason written on them. They were my parents, who died because they were killed by the vampires. I stroked the tombstone, tears couldn't stop flowing from my eyes.

"Father, mother. I'm sorry, for protecting me from the vampire nation. You have to end up like this," I said to the lifeless grave. My heart is broken, but I can't blame anyone either. Because it was all my fault.

The vampire nation is still after me, they want my holy blood. Yes, holy blood flows in my body, because I was born on the full moon of the 700-year solar eclipse cycle. That's why the vampire nation keeps on targeting me, any vampire who manages to drink my blood will become strong and immortal.

"I want to avenge you guys, but I already promised you guys not to use magic power again. Then what should I do, I said again with tears still flowing. I cried lamenting my fate without my parents.


I was surprised when someone tapped my shoulder, suddenly I turned around. It turned out to be Hans-my grandfather, who was the elder magician in this region. No, he never loved me as my parents did he had the intention to hand me over to the vampire nation so that the wizards who belonged to his people were safe. But the plan failed because my parents balked at Hans' grandfather's intentions.

"What's wrong, grandpa? Do you want to hand me over to the vampire nation now? My parents are no longer around," I said angrily, smiling forcefully.

Grandpa Hans smiled back, he gently stroked the top of my head. "Why are you talking like that? I never had that kind of intention," he said innocently.

I looked away, I don't know if my Grandpa is playing a role or not, I don't care about that either. "Never mind, I still remember how you used to want to hand me over to the vampire nation. If you want to hand me over to the vampire nation now, I won't refuse," I said softly.

"No, don't think like that. I'm sorry, Theresia. I'm sorry about your grandfather."

"What do you want grandpa?"

"Get out of this area."

Grandpa's answer surprised me, does that mean he kicked me out? My heart hurts to hear that.

"You kicked me out?" I asked in a voice shaking with tears.

"Theresia, stop thinking bad thoughts about me. I'm your grandfather, dear."

"Then what does that mean?" I snapped in emotion.

Grandpa Hans looks breathless, he approached and squatted in front of my father and mother eating. I saw the sad look on his face, it made me regret yelling at him.

"Theresia, before your mother and father died. They said something to me," said Hans' grandfather.

I frowned then said, "What?"

"They said if you have to leave this city. You have to go as far away from this city."

"Leave from this city? But why?"

Grandpa Hans stood back up, he turned around and stand in front of me. Staring at me with a sad look.

"It's not safe for you, Theresia. Vampires could come at any time, and I might not be able to protect you. My strength has diminished with age," explained Grandpa Hans.

I pondered for a moment, what Grandpa Hans said was true. If I leave this city, I can stay away from the vampire nation. And the witches in this region will live safely without interference from the vampire nation, even though we witches can fight vampires. But the power of the vampire nation is greater and more frightening.

"But I will be far from the graves of father and mother, grandfather," I whined looking at the two graves alternately. The pain is still the same, I miss them both.

"They'll be sad if the vampires catch you, Theresia. Grandpa is old enough to fight them."

"Alright, I'll get out of this town. If it's for the best, I don't want any more victims. Only my father and mother died to protect me," I said, looking down deeply.

Suddenly, Hans' grandfather hugged me, a hug that I had longed for. I hugged him back crying in his arms, I miss my father and mother.

"I'm sorry, Theresia. Grandpa can't protect you if you stay here."

"Yes grandpa, There understands. Theresia will go far from here, I hope after that the vampire nation won't find out me again."

I decided to leave, maybe that's the best way. So that my life is more calm and safe. After talking with Hans' grandfather, I immediately left there to prepare to leave this city. Grandpa Hans will also help me go by teleportation, to make it easier and faster. Grandpa Hans also helped eliminate my tracks so the vampires couldn't find me later. I hope so.

"Bye my wizarding world, goodbye father and mother. Goodbye grandpa, goodbye great wizards. I will miss you, Theresia will no longer be known as a beautiful witch, from now on I will be a human normal and forget all my magic power," I mumbled with a forced smile.

Chapter 2

"Gosh, it's raining so hard," said Theresia who was in front of a cafe. A few months ago, Theresia decided to move to Alaska, she also works as a waitress in a cafe downtown. Theresia is truly a normal human being, she has a beautiful and cute face, white skin and big eyeballs make her look like a doll. Her blonde hair with thin bangs became her hallmark. Theresia also doesn't use her magic power at all, except when she needs it.

Theresia is sitting in the front seat of the Cafe Magic Shop where she works, at this time Theresia wants to go home because her work is done. But the rain was very heavy, making him have to wait for the rain to subside so that her clothes would not get wet. Theresia began to get saturated, choosing to play on her cell phone.


Elsewhere, a man was walking down the street. Letting rainwater wet his whole body. His handsome face with tanned skin, and curly hair. His gaze was as sharp as a razor but his face looke


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