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Tasting All My Mates

Tasting All My Mates

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(COMPLETED) "I can't do it wi---th you all," I stuttered when Maynard touched my naked pussy while Lazlo spread my legs for Thiago, who was standing between my legs now. "Why not? we are all your mates, it's your obligation to please us all," Maynard whispered in my ear, pressing my boob and letting Lazlo play with my other boob. Thiago made a first thrust with so much pressure that my body stuttered, "Ah---," my scream subsided when Lazlo locked his lips against mine. Thiago left his dick inside me and ran his hand up and down my body, sort of letting the others to pull away a little. Having one Alpha King mate had made me go through so much and now I had three Alpha Mates and all of them wanted to fuck me at the same time. Being a lowly Omega is never an easy task. All Enya ever wanted was to live a peaceful life with her mate. She never expected to be rejected and cursed by her mate to never find another. But like they say, life is always filled with surprises. When the Moon Goddess plays a twist of fate, Enya finds herself in a room full of mates, all Alphas and sexy, all wanting to be pleased.

Chapter 1

I am Enya Fosters, an omega of the Crimson Fangs Pack. My parents died when I was only 6. I stayed in an orphanage until I was adopted by a Gamma family at the age of 12. One would think my miseries came to an end when I got adopted by gammas, but sadly, the bullying continued.
The pack doesn't like me, a mere sight of me makes them gouge their eyeballs out. I have somehow lived the fact that all this torture will come to an end once my mate will accept me and I will get a respectable position in the pack. I have been on my feet walking under the sun to get to school and probably not had anyone sing Happy birthday to me. I had turned 18 today and so far, I had received no text from my friends, since I had none, or my family.
Life had been nothing but very hard on me. But there was someone who I had been waiting to wish me a happy birthday. My thoughts were interrupted when someone from a fast passing car threw water all over me. There was nothing new about it, the mistreatment was a part of my daily life but it didn't stop me from fighting back. "Stay away from the Alpha King, you little whore!" these were Alpha King Corbin: my mate's friends. They hated me because I was merely an Omega and was dating Corbin.
"Asshole!" I screamed at the top of my lungs just when I was fully certain that the car has left. I wouldn't want to mess with them and get Corbin upset.
Today might be the day that Corbin introduces me to his father; Lord Shaun. Now that I was drenched in water, I began to walk back home to change first and then go back to school. I sprinted back home and once I reached the door, I was surprised to see the door wide open. My sister must have forgotten to close the door. With that thought in my mind, I entered the house and rushed upstairs to my room, which was first next to the staircase. I sprinted inside but stopped in the doorway when I heard noise coming from the room adjacent to mine. It wasn't regular noise of my sister singing and thinking she is a popstar, but it was her moaning loudly. "Ahhh! Shove it whole inside me," she seemed to be begging. The instant acknowledgment of what was going on filled my skin with goosebumps, I stepped closer to the door.
I should not be eavesdropping on my stepsister's personal and sexual affairs but it just made me curious because she has put herself in trouble in the past. "Please!" she begged again and I felt like barging in and interrupting it. Well, if this is her kink, I shouldn't intervene. So I decided to change and leave for school but just when I took one more step away from the door, I heard the boy she was doing it with and my heart stopped beating for a second. "Please what? Say you want me to shove my dick in you and fuck you like a whore, say it" the commanding voice, the rough accent and the chewing of the words made me recognize him. "Corbin!" I whispered his name in shock, my mate was in this room and making my sister beg for his cock. "I want you to fuck me hard Alpha King Corbin!" my sister moaned his name and my body shuddered outside.
It was a moment of disgust, and humiliation that my sister and my mate were fucking on my 18th birthday without a care in the world. Tears escaped my eyes when I heard her screaming, probably after he shoved his cock in her. I had two choices, either I stand here and cry while they finish or I confront them. I chose to confront them. I breezed into the room with my throat closing up and unable to make a noise. My presence couldn't even grab their attention as Corbin was too busy inside her. She had her legs wide open and spread around his shoulders as he kept thrusting inside her and grunting loudly. His hands were roughly playing with her boobs, causing me a trauma due to their sight. "H---how cou---ld youuuuh!" I stuttered through tears choking me, my eyes welled up to a limit from where their sight turned blurred. "Why!" as I raised my voice, they were finally made aware of my arrival. Corbin pulled away from her and bolted to pick up his pants while Elaine closed her legs and wrapped a sheet around herself.
"What is this? How d---o explain this?" I was now yelling, displaying extreme emotions of discomfort and agony. I kept cleaning my cheeks from the tears and breathing profusely as the tears worked me up.
"Enya! It's n---ot like that," Corbin tried to talk while he put his pants wrong, "Ugh!" he complained, taking them off again. At this point, I knew I was not able to breathe properly so I zipped around to my room where I dropped in the bed and began to breathe in and out audibly. My hands were wrapped around the bedsheet and turned into a fist, my eyes were filled with an enormous amount of tears. After a few seconds, Corbin followed me inside and knelt in front of me without a delay.
"Enya! It was nothing. Just a moment of weakness, and that's all," he tried to cup my face in his hands but I moved my face away to escape his touch. He smelt of Elaine! "Enya!" he shook his head at my actions, displaying a reaction of complaining as I didn't let him touch me. "I saw you with my sis---sster!" I sobbed while raising my face to look him in the eye, "You w---ere---," it was so damn hard to look into his hazel-colored eyes and recall him with Elaine.
"If you will keep talking about it, how will you forget about it? It's not like I finished in her or something," he sounded annoyed for being questioned, "And it's not like you have no hand in this," As he scoffed and accused me instead, I raised my brow while frowning.
"I have a hand in making you fuck her?" I didn't sob this time; I was too surprised to even react properly. "A few days ago, when I wanted to have sex with you, you pushed me away," he used that as an excuse to fuck my sister. "You have turned 18 before me, I told you to wait," I tried making sense of my refusal. I was on justice; I didn't want to lose my virginity when I wasn't even 18 yet.
"So if that was the only thing keeping you from letting me take your virginity, then you are 18 now, what about now?" He spoke ignorantly as if he hadn't been just caught with my sister. He wanted to know what I would do if he asks me to let him fuck me, how about he just take a moment a remember how I caught him with Elaine? Is that not a good enough excuse to not sleep with him, at least at this very moment? "So would you fulfill my desires now?" he rested his hand on my thigh but almost like slapping it. I winced and gently held his hand to push it away.
"What? You are 18 now," he impolitely grabbed my legs and pulled them up in the air, making me fall back on my back in the bed. "Ouch! Corbin! What the fuck!" I shouted as I tried getting up but he didn't let go of my legs and adjusted his body between them. "What are you doing? Let me go," I screamed while my efforts of freeing my legs went in vain. "Wh---y would I? You a---re my fucking mma---te," he struggled when he bent my legs over my head, making my back feel excruciating pain. After he had pinned my legs above my head, he grasped them with his hand and used his free hand to reach for my pants.
"You don't want me to fuck others, you don't want me to fuck you!" he grunted, pulling my pants whilst I held onto them, whimpering in agony. "That's not how it's going to work! Somebody has to become my cum bucket," he muttered under his heavy breaths and grasped my wrist to free my pants from my hand.
I had just found him cheating on me and now he was going to forcefully mate with me before he could even accept me.

Chapter 2

I started panicking the moment he put my legs down and reached for my panty while unzipping his pants.That was a moment for me to catch and break and decide what I have to do. Either let him do whatever he wants to do and become his slave Luna Queen or kick him off me.
Once again! I chose the one that was going to get me under his rage. The moment his hold on my legs loosened up, I bent my knee and then kicked his chest with all my might. He budged, barely moved back but it gave me enough time to roll back in the bed and got off it from the other side.
"Enya!" he yelled, making fists of his hands and glaring at me angrily.
"No!" I shouted, "I said no!" I was ready to make a run for out but he was on the same side of the bed where the exit door was. He closed his eyes to comprehend I was really defying him before he opened them again and growled like a mad beast.
"If you did not come over here and surrendered, I will make your life a


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