Tamed By The Alpha Series

Tamed By The Alpha Series

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Liam Library
  • Chapters: 6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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**REVERSE HAREM TROPE** Rival-to-lover Born to a fierce and erstwhile Alpha of the Spring Callisto Pack, Dolphus. Alexa was abused by her family and original packs right from her childhood. They asserted Alexa was a trickster demon after killing Ethan's junior brother, Bernard, unintentionally. For security, she found her mate, desiring to live an independent life. Arthur Collins is a cold-hearted Alpha of the Golden Capricorn Pack. Yet, he needed a-wolf breeder or Luna to get an underworld power to boost his Pack's bloodline, and prevent any external attack from the enemy's pack. Using his native sensing and tracking skills, Arthur was able to find Alexa. Ultimately, Alexa had affection for him, after Arthur befriended her. Later on, we started a convoluted relationship. Subsequently, Jerald Clark, the Alpha of the Blood Moonlight Pack, declared himself to be Alexa's predestined mate and professed his love for her. Can their love ever remain stable despite family rejection, rivalry mate, and Lycan vendettas? Will Alpha Arthur prevail over the impending tragic conflicts between other characters and still claim Alexa?

Chapter 1

Chapter 001: The Accuser

Alexa's POV

My heart throbbed as I strolled toward an arcade designed with artificial flowers. This path leads to an ample hall in the pack house.

Today is my birthday.

I'm now seventeen years old. The Spring Callisto Pack is also celebrating their ninety-fifth year anniversary in the pack's hall.

I stepped into the hall. In the dappled light, it was as if rainbow spectrums were dripping upon my skin, like greasy liquids. I peeked in to see if anyone was inside.

There are sets of chairs, tables, stereo speakers, studio lights, and so on which are used when having important occasions. The pack house comprises unique structures; however, the hall mass covers two floors after the 15th floor out the twenty-six floors embedded in the skyscraper.

I shielded my eyes with my hand from the light rays. There are chandeliers on the ceiling. I took a gape at the smooth marble floors, parapet wall, and table covers filled with champagne flutes, tumblers, and plates for the VIP guests at the hall's end. I paused, hearing strides coming from the staircase.

“Young lady, are you Alexa?” I looked into the food server's moss-green eyes. My darts also focused on her hair, of a dark auburn.

“Meet me in the kitchen.” I gulped my saliva.

“Of course, I'm….” I said in a raucous voice as I took a glance at her silver necklace and her expensive earrings.

I sighed in the blink of an eye. Skimming my palm over my cheekbone, I felt a tough grip on my wrist, as I took the satin furred denim jacket hung on my left shoulder. Turning back again, it was my sister, Sierra. She was dazzling and more ethereal. I wished I could be more gorgeous than her.

While I was thirteen, it was an impressive achievement when I transformed into a wolf under the full moon. I couldn't reveal this to anyone since it's wrong to have a wolf at that age, but sixteen. During my birth, my mom, Lisa, the mate of Dolphus, almost falls into the maze of death after my twin sister, Sierra, is born. I was the only one who gave her much pain during labor. Besides, while we're both alive, original packs of wolves claimed I was a trickster demon because they blessed me with paired wings.

“Move on. Don't cling. You're Sierra,” my voice trails off, and I took away the hood from her head to unveil her face.

“I did that.”


I froze, seeing Dolphus and some other wolves cruising toward the VIP guest's table cover. I whistled with my mouth and twisted my neck back. Looking nervous, he darted at me. I remembered when my father, Dolphus, was a former notorious Alpha of the Spring Callisto Pack. He was a cruel and bloodthirsty shape-shifter. When he's pleased and angry, no one could dare stand against him. In fact, he and his mate, Lisa, planned to bear more children, but couldn't fulfill their words because of the misuse of his power.

“What are other packs supposed to do?” I squealed in delight and squeezed my face.

“Hmm. We invited them.” She admitted, as her cheeks turned red.

“I-It's crazy, it's nonsense.” I hummed in response.

“Why?” she asked.

“There could be spies among them,” I giggled, and my stomach started aching and rumbling as if I was hungry.

“And…. You mean what?”

“Dirty mind!” She said, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

“They invited only three packs.”

Walking along the passageway, I heard the stride of squishing thuds from the staircase routing to the upper floor. It sounds as if they are werewolves. We both moved into the kitchen compartment.

No! No! No!

Eerie tones thrummed!

I'm not a cook…

“Yes, but you've to… become a cook.” After her voice echoed in my ears, I squinted my eyes and saw eerie tones.

“I don't do that,” My words died on her lip, as my hands skimmed over my long blond hair. I held my breath, then puffed out steams, before squatting to tie my sneakers' laces.

“Now, your job is to deliver food to the guests.” Sierra whimpered, wrapping her arms around my neck. As a beep tone booms, a profound shiver went through my spine. My heart started beating, as though it wanted to throb out of my chest. Grunting, I brought out a cell phone from my pocket.


**Two hours later**…

I stood beside Dolphus' wooden polished table, and laid down trays containing dishes of green vegetables, whole wheat bread, turkey sandwiches, salmon fish cuts, and ginger ales with varying cutleries.

Sniffing harder. The Lycan, sitting opposite to my standing position, took a menacing look at me while Ethan, the new Alpha of the Spring Callisto Pack, was adjusting the circular buttons of his single-breasted suit. It fits him and looks more stylish.

“Wait here…. Until we finish eating,” a deep baritone voice spoke out, as I wanted to turn from their presence.

I wondered if I should stay with them, but I still didn't have any choice. I've got to obey them because my father is around.

An up rock music played from stereo speakers until it attained a crescendo.

“So, delicious,” Dolphus mumbles under his breath, limping his head back on the chair, then belched irritably after sipping some drinks from his champagne flute. His eyes became darker in anger as he licked his lips.

Staring at the corner of Ethan's eyes, I pressed my lips together, folding my arms to my chest as the sultry music played. Suddenly, a transparent tumbler fell to the ground with a loud thud.

We're done…

The mountains and groves of the woods felt a sense of comfort because of my grins. I wanted to go to my room.

“We've got some guests on their way,” Alpha Ethan gasps, his silver necklace flinging it into his palm. I coughed violently before his presence. I held down the tray containing dirty dishes, as a cold, perky hue eye met with my stare.

“Take them!” I lifted my eyebrows as my lip pursed quizzically. The look in his eyes was heartbreaking.

I moved to another table cover assigned for the food servers, then held a bread knife to cut off some crumbles from the whole wheat bread. I got them into my palms and gulped them.

My eyes got scantily clad and as I darted back, I glimpsed Alpha Ethan lying down flat and breathless on the floor. I gritted my teeth, so as not to shriek. Leading out a stuttering breath, I looked smug as hell.

What's happening?

I sighed.

A dusk velvety mist fumed into the environment, and a deep baritone voice muttered. There was a pin-drop hush.

“Oh my gosh, I'm doomed.” I cooed, clenching my fists against each other.

The wolves were sniffing at me as their snarls made my eyes go dark. I tilted my head, straining and grunting as their smoldering eyes met my face. The look of hatred on their faces symbolizes terror. Their eyes took a marking that laced on my skin, glowing beneath the dim lightning.

“Yes. You poisoned Ethan's drink.”


“Look at the trickster demon, creating eerie tones after she killed Ethan's younger brother, Bernard.” A fierce and intimidating voice emerged as they all pointed their index fingers at me with a devilish scowl. I gaped cluelessly and shut my eyes.

I killed him? And I was the unfavorable demon.

Chapter 2

Chapter 002: Dual Fates

“N-No!” I shrugged aloofly and trembled before them. I shook my head, before taking a few strides away from them.

“His drink had choked him….” One of them muttered, not realizing that he spoke out loud and whined in the same breath.

.....and he was unconscious.

My soft lacy-blue eyes peered at the moving black shadows of the human form reflecting on the ground. While raising my head, one lycan hurried to me and snatched the sharp bread knife from my grasp. I was terrified. Why me? I have done nothing wrong, and I don't have such interior motives to poison his drink.

He carried a hot coffee drink in a mug and flung it at me. The ceramic mug broke against my fluffy skin, and the drink splashed on my satin furred denim jacket.

“Ugh… Ugh. Why're you doing this to me? It's absurd,” I screamed, and on top of my voice, the skin turned moistened red and started peeling. FIGHT BACK, the wolf in me urged me to defend m


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