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Swindling Mr. Mate

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“I can fight my own battles.” She used the smuggled smugness in bragging. If the mocking look given by him wasn’t a byproduct of insult, then the words followed surely surpassed it. “But you look like a girl. How can you?” This blacklisted the smug on her face as her face turned from white to pink and worked hard through its way to bright red. Thanks to him, she is successfully angered. “What do you mean ‘look like a girl’? I am a girl.” Both he and her wolf scoffed at the same time making her greatly infuriated. Valeriu Ion Cazacu, a Romanian hot and delicious human, leads his life as famous pharmacologist. He is a cool and composed man with a reasonable and neutral mindset. Knowledgeable and strategic, he is not a man of words but actions. Veira Dea Lupus, a rogue werewolf who raised herself and her wolf alone, is an epitome of trickery. She is a woman of words than actions while her wolf is an animal of beauty than instincts. With a mouth full of lies and eyes made of deceit, she is a queen of negotiation. With a wolf that drives her mad and a man who smells like medicine that may cure her wolf, will Veira trick the moonlight of Valeriu? What happens when a smooth sailing Valeriu is hit by a bi-creature? Will Valeriu sink or sail? Follow the journey of a Valeriu and Veira with full of tricks and head-butting wolf trucks. Swindling Mr. Mate is a book written with humored ink, romantic quill, bordered by fantasy and highlighted with much needed bites and kisses. ~*~*~*~*~*~

Chapter 1

Veira Dea Lupus Point of View

“I love you.”

“I love every one of you.” Words flew out of my mouth without any restraint. They came out naturally and pretty genuinely as if –

Nine pairs of eyes curved into half moon in absolute empathy as my words touched their hearts. I copied them and half closed my eyes as well telling them silently that I feel for them.

“My heart may lie, my brain may lie, my soul may lie but my mouth; damn thing it only spits truth no matter what.” I huffed at myself when I couldn’t help but feel ashamed of my habit of speaking only truth.

“What is money? Is it the paper notes that circulates around? Is it the cards from the bank? Is it gold, platinum or silver?” I questioned. “To me, money is trust. Money is not the amount of paper cuttings in hands but it is the amount of reliability invested in lovely people like you.”

I looked up at the roof and reminisced something I read few years ago. “Human nature teaches us about loyalty and piety towards family and friends but it doesn’t end there; it also teaches us about being a true human by getting along with other humans around us. Through millions of years, this planet has seen many transformations and eras through which we evolved and stand here. This alone means every single creature, every single element on this planet paved way for us through years. Now what, we disregard our own kind?”

My fist slammed softly on the podium while I panted, exhaling the air of determination. All the nine members before me were silent and too focused on what I’m saying. That made me feel better and happy.

Goddess must be looking over me from above!

“High time we set things right. It’s high time we behave like a human that were evolved not from apes but from unity and trust.” I threw a fist above just as my words hit home into them.


“Yes, she’s right.”

“She has a point.”

“Yes, trust and unity.”

“Yes, Yes.”

“She is absolutely right. What a smart girl.” Were some of the chanting I heard from the group.

My smile grew into a grin when I saw them signing the contract papers without a second thought. In less than ten minutes all the documents are handed over into my hands and all the members walked away giving me a shoulder pat.

Once they walked out of the small building, I collected all the papers, I moved to my place instantly wasting no time.

It was a tough day looking for some good investments for my small firm. Thankfully, I was able to gather some good funds to help put food inside my mouth.

Reaching my small abode, I carefully placed my bag on the rack and sat before my laptop to get the investments work done.

It took me two hours to sort out all the documents and withdraw all the money into the firm’s account. The next two weeks I transferred all the funds to the necessary departments and only then was I able to take a breath.

What a harsh life I’m gifted with.

I have no parents, no family, no friends. All through my twenty-one years of life, I raised myself alone with no support. Now that I’m glad to have some money in my hand through work hard and put some food into my mouth, I feel like I’m on a cloud sitting beside the Goddess.

‘I love you.’ I heard a sickening sweet voice saying.

‘I don’t think you do.’ I retorted back without any hesitation.

I’m finally a little free to enjoy the air of pleasant afternoon but how can I when I have an annoying tumor in my head.

‘Don’t be modest. I know you love me too.’ Right! A fitting punishment to a person like me!

I continued to turn over the channels searching for something nice to watch. Just then a certain news channel is covering the hot news about a few people conned with a large sum of money by a small-scale company.

My heart ached for them. People who got cheated were screaming over their lungs at media asking them to pay the compensation instead. As if that wasn’t enough, they even manhandled the media when asked questions about the incident and the person that cheated them.

How can someone cheat another person?

Don’t they have any principles or moral?

Or are those classifications completely dried up in humankind?

“Who is the person?”

“How much did you loose?”

“Please tell me how come educated and certified professionals like you got defrauded with such huge money?”

Media bugged those poor victims with such questions, mocking their intelligence simultaneously. When the victims couldn’t talk back, I felt my heart was crushed into hundred pieces for those poor souls.

This is heights of demoralizing the society.

‘Like I was saying, I want some money.’ Not again!

‘What would a wolf do with money, Dea?’ She is starting it again.

How come Goddess gave me such a wolf? Is she a curse or a punishment to me?

‘I have my own needs.’ I scoffed when she used ‘needs’ in her statement.

‘I know what ‘needs’ you always have. I’m not wasting my money on your useless needs.’ I don’t think being a rogue werewolf or being hunted by the packs just because they assume rogues are evil is a major problem in my life.

My life’s major problem starts and ends with my dear wolf who exhales money like air. That was the money I earned with my hard work.

I used my blood, sweat and tears to earn that little money.

‘Blood? Sweat? Tears? Hard work? What are you? BTS? There is no hard word in you DNA. Don’t forget you earned those millions by swindling people showed on TV just now. Nothing that comes out of your mouth is true.’ Dea said with a hint of warning in her tone.

Well, I’m talented in human resources management!

‘So what? I still used my tears to get them. It is not called swindling. It is called self employment by the way.’

‘I know you would say that but did you forget that without me, you wouldn’t be able to successfully fool them and get them off your back? After all it was I who shifted partly to change your fingerprint that was already in the records. If it wasn’t for me, then they would’ve tracked you down with you original fingerprint on the documents and you would’ve been behind the bars as –‘

That short circuited wolf did it for her own selfish reason and putting everything on my head. Just because I’m human, she has always been belittling me with such harsh accusations.

One day I will send a petition to Moon Goddess!

‘Alright fine. Stop with the long lecture. Tell me, what do you want?’ Boy, can my wolf nag!

I thought I’m talkative but goodness gracious she is a malfunctioned recorder going on and on.

‘Hey I saw this new hair color highlights in a blog recently, I want to get it done for my fur.’ Aww, that’s it?

I thought she would ask for the world to serve her under her paws. Such a simple wish! I should give it to my wolf; she is a simple-minded beauty freak.

‘Of course. I will get it for you.’ I replied sending a telepathic smile filled with sugar jellies to her.

‘Really? Thank you.’ Aww, how adorable!

Is she ignoring it or cannot feel my sarcasm at all?

‘No problem. Remember we are same person after all.’ I smiled sweetly giving my wolf a mental pat affectionately on its head.

I’m not even surprised she did not get it yet! Goddess gave me a stuffed toy for a wolf how can I ask for more from an animal that is empty above its neck?

‘You should take care of your beauty too, Veira dear. Look at you in the mirror; in which angle do you look like a millionaire living in an expensive condo in the business center of the city?’

‘Hey, I look absolutely fine.’ Dea screech halted in her mental walk and tapped a limb on the mental floor, giving me a mental mocking huff.

‘Beauty should be enhanced frequently. Forget about beauty because you were born gorgeous thanks to me. Look at how you sit and walk. Do you have bubbles between your thighs? You walk like a male soldier from those military camps.’

Grrr! I have a huge tumor as wolf; is there anything more dangerous for me?

Did my own wolf say that to me? But then again, this isn’t the first time. She said worse.

I’m speechless she has the nerve to insult me again and again when she needs money from me.

‘I am a wolf but you saw how I walk and run with grace. My walk is worth red carpet and you; you walk like you are swimming in sewerage. Look at that bun on your head, are you nesting sparrows? With some blue highlights to the tips of hair, it would look healthy. For Goddess sake, stop using lipstick from that company they don’t suit your skin. Maybelline is right for your skin.’

Moon Goddess must’ve been in mood of joking when she made my wolf. Dea must be the first and only wolf who is obsessed with beauty.

I mean, what wolf wants to get its fur highlighted?

What wolf puts a face pack twice every week?

What wolf watch beauty blogs?

What wolf is interested in lipstick for its muzzle?

Dea is!

That damn animal aims to be the most beautiful and graceful wolf in werewolf history.

‘Anyways, when do you want to get your fur colored?’ I asked trying again to make her realize some sense.

Am I asking for impossible?

‘I’m always ready for nice bleach.’ Dea screeched in delight and almost gave me a headache when she jumped in my mind. ‘How are we coloring me, by the way?’

Ah, there comes the right question. How will a wolf get her fur spa?

Finally! Goddess must’ve realized her mistake.

‘How about we ask the one of the Alphas of the packs who are after us? Of course, being an Alpha to a pack, they wouldn’t mind giving you a good fur spa after skinning you.’ Of course if that Alpha is talented then Dea would be used as a carpet for at least two hundred years.

But the question now is, will my little stuffed toy understand what I meant. When I did not get any reply from her, I understood.

When will my wolf behave like other ferocious animals and stop thinking about wolfwalking on red carpet?

Is beauty all she can think her whole life?

Is there something else or someone else that can control or divert her mind from getting a swim in beauty serums?

Anyone out there who can put a leash on my beauty freak wolf?!


Chapter 2

Veira Point of View

If Scissorhands were to dance in a pub, then it would look exactly how I dance right now.

Gosh, this is embarrassing!

I was only being happy about the raise in my wealth and wanted to enjoy a little in pub. Is that wrong?

My damn wolf yet again took over my body and is dancing in the center of the platform as if she is having seizures.

With both my hands and fingers in the shape of scissors, she kept on making me cut God knows what. She is banging my head up and down which never went according to the beat and my legs, she is literally making me perform a crab version of moon dance.


The people around has stopped for a while and gathered around to enjoy the talent show my wolf is making me do.

Those claps, those whistles, those hollers and those hoots; they are nothing but silver needles digging into my skin.

I’m Veira, a swindler by day and a double swindler by night. I dealt with many


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