Substitute bride to the Alpha prince

Substitute bride to the Alpha prince

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Assurance webber
  • Chapters: 5
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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“Did I pleasure you so much that you are starting to act out?” His words oozed with sarcasm. “You seem to have grown a spine, Aurora Waylon!” He gripped her chin in a trice and spat out in a low and dangerous voice, “You are nothing but a substitute bride to me. Now leave my sight!” ••• Aurora Waylon, an Omega and the second child of her parents was never once considered a daughter of the household but an illegitimate child. However, her dream of wanting to marry the love of her life remained. But Somehow that great dream of hers ended up in shreds when her beloved fated mate chose her step-sister over her. And just to save her household from danger, Aurora is forced to take the place of her step-sister as a bride to the werewolf prince rumored to be a womanizer, useless, cruel, and disliked by the king. What does fate have installed for Aurora? Will she be able to win the heart of the alpha prince?

Chapter 1: Traitor

“What...” Aurora suddenly lost her voice as watched what was happening in front of her. Feeling betrayed at the sight in front of her, Aurora averted her gaze elsewhere and bit her bottom lips slowly.

Fresh tears ran down her features as she couldn't find herself to say something. Finally righting herself, she turned around and faced the two people in front of her.

She couldn't believe they acted like she was invisible even though she was in the room, crying her eyes out. She could feel her heart aching so badly that if care was taken she could pass out anytime.

“Arrrrrgh, Aiden! I need you inside of me right now.” Audrey moaned out in pleasure as Aiden continued to eat her up in between her legs.

She couldn't believe that the man she had fantasized about all this while would betray her this way. In what way did she go wrong? She had even asked them to have sex but he refused and said to wait till they get married. So why was he doing this to her? And why was it with her step-sister of all people?

It hurts, it hurts a lot watching them both doing this shamelessly. If only she hadn't come to his house then she would never have witnessed it. Then again, she still wouldn't have found out about him cheating on her.

Having had enough of what was going on in front of her, a sudden rage seared through Aurora that she couldn't stop herself from yelling.

“Aiden!” she yelled, more tears flowing down her cheeks as she pulled him away from her step-sister who was about to take his erect dick into her mouth.


Before he could say a word, Aurora unleashed her anger n his face which turned out to be a huge turn-off for him as he stared coldly at her. “You slapped me?” He asked with a low but dangerous voice, following a throaty chuckle.

Aurora understood that chuckle and it didn't take time for her brain to register that he was so angry at her. But there wasn't anything she could do, it wasn't her fault but his right? He cheated on her but doesn't even have any shame left.

“Yes I did Aiden and I will not hesitate to hit you for the second time if need be,” Aurora felt more tears pouring down her cheeks and quickly ascended her hands and wiped them all off. No, she wasn't going to cry for a rotten being like Aiden.

“I can't believe you'd do something like this to me.” she began again, “I loved you and cared for you Aiden!, I kept myself for you, just you. I threw myself at you but you refused me.” She turned to Audrey. “And chose her?”

“What changed Aiden? What changed?!” she pushed him on the chest and he staggered back.

“You Aurora! You!” he retorted in a loud voice, “It's not that I didn't love you Aurora. I did but you just are the problem." He picked a towel from the bed and wrapped it around his waist, taking cover of himself.

Utterly stunned by what he had just said, Aurora was finding it hard to speak another word. “What do you mean by me?”

“Didn't you know?” Audrey chimed in, “He didn't want to waste his precious life living with an omega. He was only keeping it up with you because he was feeling bad about breaking up with you but I had to make him do it.” she placed her hands on his chest and patted on it “You know too well that he has such a soft spot for you.”

It was at that moment Aurora realized that she wasn't in a relationship with him all along but herself. Stepping out of his house after he announced their breakup, Aurora felt her little world rotating at a fast pace.

Her hands found their way to her chest and she held it tightly, gasping for air. She couldn't breathe, it was too painful for her to endure. Holding onto a tree nearby, she sat on the sandy ground and leaned her back against the tree.

More tears welled up in her eyes when she looked around her. It was their favorite spot when they were together. They would often come to play and eat together and he would end up promising her the whole world when they get married.

She could still remember when he would tell her to wait for him that he was going to take her away from the hell she called home. His words were still registered in her brain.

The fact that the same man who promised her the whole world and made her happy decided to betray her marveled at her a lot. She had heard about this work countless times that people should never be trusted, but Aiden was different.

“Audrey what did you do to my Aiden?” she cried more as she hugged her knees. She knew Audrey was the reason behind everything. After all, she has always hated her from the very beginning.

“What took you so long?” Aurora heard a voice behind her, just a foot close to inside her room. She had just arrived home a few minutes ago. Turning around she met Audrey who had a wide smile on her face.

Deciding not to comment, Aurora turned around to enter her room. However, their next words of Audrey stopped her from doing so.

“I never knew Aiden tasted that sweet...” Audrey licked her lips seductively before she added in a low voice, “I could have tasted him a long time ago.”

“What did you do? Are you not ashamed of yourself?” Aurora spat angrily as she rushed to her front.

Enjoying the moment, Audrey folded her hands on her chest and a smile found its way to her lips. She knew that Aurora was going to lose patience and attack her. Hence, she refused to give up on her words but added more spice.

Placing her hands on Aurora's hair, Audrey spoke in a voice lower than before, “It wasn't your fault he betrayed you. It was your mother's fault for birthing an Omega like you!” she spat bitterly.

“You!” Aurora slapped her hands away, causing her to lose her stamina and what followed after was the sounds of stairs creaking. Audrey had fallen down the stairs.


Chapter 2: It was an accident

“Ouch!” Audrey grunted as she had a headache in terror. Somehow her eyes met with her injured arm and she screamed, “Mother? Mother!”

“Audrey?” Her mother ran to the scene. “What happened to you, my child? How did you fall?” the middle-aged woman bombarded her with questions as her eyes searched thoroughly her body.

“Aurora pushed me from the stairs Mother!” Audrey replied without thinking twice.

Having heard what her daughter had said, Anita rushed up the stairs and took hold of the ear Aurora who stood there shocked. Dragging her ear, Anita began to make her way downstairs.

“I didn't do anything Mother, Audrey fell off the stairs by mistake. It was an accident, Mother.” Aurora groaned in agony as Anita tightened the grip on her ear.

Finally stopping in front of Audrey, Anita let go of her ear and sent her palms across her right cheek which turned red instantly.

“I trust I have warned you never to call me mother!” Anita yelled at her fac


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