Slave Of The Dark Alpha

Slave Of The Dark Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Twisted Ink
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9
  • 3.0
  • 💬 23


"Let me please you, my beloved," Derek breathed softly still gazing into my eyes. Without warning, he parted my legs and pulled me closer to his lips. Now he had full access to my softness. Just the awareness of his lips been this close to me made me get even wetter than I already was. I felt hot liquid flow so fast from between my legs. Derek chuckled at how much he was affecting me; then he closed the distance and placed a warm kiss on my pussy. . . ________________________________ Aryana always wanted a handsome mate and when she set eyes on Derek, she wished it would be him. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a monster who only wanted to keep her as his sex slave. Eventually, Aryana was given a way out of her dilemma. If she could kill the monster, then she would be free. Unfortunately, she had already fallen for the monster and she did not know if she really wanted to be set free from him or not. She was left with two choices. Kill him and be free, or love him and suffer forever. What choice was she going to make?


As the moon replaced the sun in the sky, I knew the monster was coming. . .

My heart began to race as I watched the door to my room closely. My long silver hair kept hitting my body as I fidgeted with fear. My teeth clattered against themselves as if I was cold yet my body was wet with sweat.

The strong scent of peppermint hit my nose and I immediately knew that he was close. I felt my wolf shrink away at the darkest corner of my mind.

We both feared him.

A few days ago, when my claiming ceremony was about to happen, I had been excited about knowing who my mate would turn out to be. Now that I was living with him, I regretted it with all my heart.

"Aryana. . ." a deep baritone voice called out to me in singsong manner. My heart only accelerated its beating. I tightened my grip on my pillow and felt my breathing become heavier than it was.

He is here!

I heard scratching sounds slowly coming my way from outside the room. I knew the sound of his nails too well. His laughter soon filled the air and I wished that the ground would swallow me up and hide me from him. Only the Moon mother knew how he would treat me tonight.

Eventually, the door knob turned down. The door unlocked and came open. I felt my heart stop. Time seemed to stop. I tried to contain my fear. I tried to abstain from screaming but the moment my eyes fell upon his dark hungry eyes, I let out a little whimper.

Derek Moonblood stepped into my room, dressed in nothing but a long dark robe that was held together by a belt. There was a small smirk as he approached me.

"My dear beloved. . ." he whispered in a husky voice. "Get on your feet and allow your mate to admire your beauty," he ordered.

I stared at his beautiful and innocent face. His dark long hair fell behind his back and until now, I found it hard to believe that someone as good looking as him could turn out to be the monster that he was.

I remember the way my heart fluttered the first time I set eyes on him as he appeared at my claiming ceremony. I remember wishing that he would be the one to claim me.

Like they say, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. . .

I slowly got off my bed and faced him. I tried to stop myself from trembling but it did not happen. I was also dressed in a robe which he insisted I wear every night he visited. The robe went all the way down and covered my legs.

Derek's eyes roamed hungrily down my body before beginning to approach me again. His smirk never faltered.

I subconsciously began to retreat backward. His smirk turned into a grin as he appeared before my face in a flash. He grabbed me by the neck and smashed my back hard against the wall that was behind me.

I whimpered in pain. Tears welled up in my eyes and my fear only increased. My heart started to pound so fast and so loud that I thought I was going to go deaf from the sound.

"My dear beloved. . .I can smell your fear. . .it is very strong. . ." he whispered into my ears as he slowly planted kisses on my neck.

His kisses were warm. Too warm yet they only tormented me. How could a monster's kisses feel so warm? Was it even possible?

An involuntary shiver ran down my spine as he continued to plant warm kisses down my neck. I did not try to touch him or move. I remained pinned to the wall by my neck as he did all the work.

Suddenly, he revealed his nails and began to pierce the skin below my neck. I whimpered in pain as I tried not to scream out loud. It was not long before crimson liquid began to exit the scratches that he was slowly trailing down my chest. He stopped when he reached the fabric of my robe. In a swift movement, the robe was torn off me and my blood trailed freely down my naked body.

He stopped and took in my nakedness. "Aryana. . .you are indeed beautiful," he whispered as if he was seeing me for the first time.

He had to be a psychopath. No normal man in his right senses would treat a woman the way he was treating me.

Derek smiled before ripping the robe off his own body. We were now even. We were both naked. He moved closer and pressed his bare body against mine. Like his lips, his body was warm too. The smell of peppermint filled my nose and it was becoming sickening.

"My Aryana. . .you're so sweet; so warm. What will I ever do without you?" he whispered almost to himself than to me.

I felt his hardness pressed against my abdomen. His hand left my neck and ran down my chest until they found my breast. He first squeezed them gently before he began to press hard on them like he was trying to deflate a balloon. I swallowed up the pain by tightening my trembling lips.

Then he leaned over and brought his lips to my nipples. I felt the tip of his tongue first as they played around before he began to suck on them. Suddenly he bit me and I muffled a scream.

He looked up at me at that moment and I saw the madness in his eyes grow wilder. Then he brought his lips up to mine and sucked on them. I could not tell the exact emotions I was feeling as he had his way with me. But I was sure about the fear I felt. His kiss was demanding and authoritative as he moved his lips against mine. I did not try to respond or move. I just stayed still and allowed him to do his bidding.

He suddenly tightened his grip on my neck with his left hand. My eyes went wide with shock. I had almost believed that we had gotten past that stage. With his other hand, he ran it down my chest and found his way between my legs. To my greatest surprise, I was actually wet. His finger felt warm inside of me and it caused a feeling I came to admit was desire within me. Yet I did not relax. He was capable of anything at this point.

The entire time, he stared at me with a smirk to watch my reaction. He could feel my tremors. He could smell my fear. I knew he was enjoying it all.

I screamed as I felt a sharp pang between my legs. He had unleashed his nail within me. Derek laughed at my scream and claimed my mouth as he believed it was his. In a swift action, he picked me up and rested my legs on his hips while still pinning me to the wall. Then he thrusted his hardness into me. The sudden action caused the pain I was already feeling to intensify.

Derek moaned as he pounded mercilessly against me. My body kept slamming hard against the way due to his massive force. All I could do was whimper in pain as he had his way with me. He claimed my mouth again and squeezed on my chest while still pounding hard against me. It was as if he had a never ending source of energy.

I kept whimpering and he kept moaning. He probably took my whimpering for moans; I could never tell. It went on like this for a full hour nonstop. Then he finally had his fill. When he was done, he released me and I fell to the floor. We were both sweating all over and my legs could not stop trembling from the experience.

"Sweet dreams my beloved. . ." Derek said in a husky voice and walked out of the room naked.

The moment he disappeared, I let out a heavy sigh I did not know I was holding. More tears welled up in my eyes as I crawled to the side of my bed. I did not trust myself to stand properly, so I grabbed the blanket on my bed and covered myself up on the floor. I allowed my back to lean on the side of my bed for support and began to stare at nothingness.

As I kept staring at nothing, the tears I had been holding began to escape my eyes freely. The tremors of fear turned into that of pain. My lips trembled as my body prepared itself for an emotional breakdown. Then my sobs broke out and I started to cry helplessly.

"I want to go home. . ." I wished out loud to whoever was listening but deep down; I knew no one was listening.

I grabbed the blanket that was covering up my nakedness as if my life depended on it. I was very excited the first time Derek brought me here and now, I cursed the day that happened. How had I allowed such a thing to happen?

Again I wondered how I had gotten myself stuck with a monster like Derek Moonblood.


Aryana. . .

I was lost somewhere in the subconscious world when I heard someone call out to me. I wanted to ignore the call. The subconscious felt much more comforting and inviting than the real world. I wanted to drown in it; be lost in it.


My eyes flew open and I sat up abruptly. I stared at the one who had awoken me with wide eyes as I prepared my mental health to take in whatever was coming. But it was none other that my personal maid— Lydia.

"What is it this time?" I asked in a voice that was lifeless and broken.

"He demanded that you dine with him," Lydia answered.

I could pick up the fear in her voice too when it came to matters concerning my mate. I was not the only one who feared him. Everyone who lived in this great castle had that in common. We all feared him. He was unpredictable. We could never know what he was planning next.

I swallowed the hot bile that had rise


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