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Second Change Bride Alpha

Second Change Bride Alpha

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Lycan Cadwallader Alpha was forced to marry Luna, who was not the Moon Goddess' choice. Luna, who became a Lycan Mate, was Ellenia Collies, a Mafia leader in her previous life, and woke up in the body of a beautiful woman called Lucilla Callister, who was the daughter of a Beta who had a disability and could not speak before. Elle who was in Lucilla's body. Forced to marry an Alpha who came to her parents' residence, according to them Lucilla the owner of the body was rejected by one of the Alphas who in the end, Lucilla tried to commit suicide by drowning herself in the lake the night before. It was the Lycan Alpha who rescued Lucilla from the lake. He wanted, Lucilla to be Luna's candidate to replace the moon goddess' previous choice. Lycan had to have an offspring before the full moon. If Lycan and Lucilla did not have offspring before the full moon, it would be a curse. Lycan had never considered Lucilla as his wife. Lycan only needed offspring as a lap that he was the strongest Alpha Werewolf.

Chapter 1

The sound of thunder was heard several times on a night that did moon to be full. Elle, rolling up her sleeves, jumped off an old building with only one rope to hold on to.

"Shit! How did they know about my plan!!!" Elle cursed, annoyed that her plan had failed tonight.

The police arrived with their secret agents, trying to hunt Elle down like an animal. Elle kept running and hiding in the bushes as she stared at her surroundings before she ran to get into her car.

She continued to speed up her car across the slippery road. The rain was suddenly pouring down, and Elle was still trying to drive her car at high speed. Elle's eyes looked in the rearview mirror, where there were four police cars behind her.

"Shit! They're all catching up," Elle said, lowering her rearview mirror and shooting the car behind her with one hand, while Elle's other hand was still tightly holding the steering wheel of her car.

The car behind her was successfully paralyzed, and Elle shot right at the car tire. But unfortunately, Elle's car was also hit by the person in front of her, she slammed the steering wheel to the left and how surprised Elle was when she saw the steep ravine in front of her.

"Am I going to die like this?" Elle thought to herself.

The car was halfway between the cliff and the ground. Just once, Elle pressed the gas, and she would free fall with her car into the ocean.

"The water is cold, for sure!" Elle was still talking to herself, her eyes looking at the policemen who were already floating in her car.

"Ellenia Collies! Get down before we forcibly pull you up."

Elle, who heard the shouting, only smiled slightly. She would not willingly surrender herself like a star to the police, Ellenia Collies lived for 29 years, choosing to die honorably rather than die like an animal.

Without saying much, Elle pressed the gas. The car she was driving fell into a ravine, Elle closed her eyes as the sound of water was heard very loudly.

She immediately opened the car door, holding her breath, swimming away from the car that fell deeper and deeper. Elle tried to swim for her life, even though she couldn't see anything but darkness.

"I have to live!" Elle shouted in her heart, her legs kept swimming, following the moonlight that slowly closed in.

"What's wrong with my legs?" Elle felt her legs getting heavier, like there was a weight binding them. Elle was pulled down to the bottom until she couldn't see at all. Her chest felt full of water, Elle didn't remember anything else, but only the darkness that witnessed her drowning.

Meanwhile, in the Beta kingdom of Redmoon, they are shocked by the loss of their daughter. Carlie Callister is a Beta constantly looking for their daughter, who has a defect named Lucilla Callister.

In the middle of a full moon night, Carlie prepares to leave with a group of other Omegas.

"Shut up Alana! You're only confusing me if you keep crying." Carlie snapped at his wife, who was crying on the royal balcony.

"Lucilla our daughter must be feeling disappointed because she was rejected by the alpha she liked." Alana was still talking, about what happened a few days ago.

"We will be able to force them together." Carlie kissed Alana's forehead. "I'm leaving."

Alana watched her husband leave. Alana not only had one daughter but two, and Lucilla Callister was forced to keep her birth a secret due to a defect that was said to be a curse.


Lycan Cadwallader was hunting with Beta, who had been with him for several years. Lycan with his eagle eyes immediately killed a tiger that passed in front of him.

The night of the full moon should have been, Lycan was in his residence and waiting for the Mood Goddess. Determining Luna would be his mate, but Lycan never wanted to marry Luna of Mood Goddess' choice. He tried to avoid and find ways to prevent himself from marrying the Mood Goddess' choice.

"You go hunting, I'll come back alone." Lycan, who was the Alpha, told the Beta who came with him to go leave alone.

"But... What if there is a dangerous Rouge," Aron who was Beta was afraid to leave Alpha because of how much rouge who were wild wolves this month.

"Aron! Do you still doubt my abilities?" Lycan stared sharply, at Aron, who finally left Lycan.

Lycan continued to walk alone, he found a lake. His eyes stared at the beautiful woman in her nightgown at the edge of the lake, as Lycan's eyes looked at her, the woman jumped into the lake.

"She swims at night?" Lycan still waited a few minutes for the woman to float.

Lycan grew suspicious when there was no sign of the beautiful woman. With a quick movement, Lycan entered the same lake, he continued to swim deeper and deeper and found the woman floating.

Lycan's hand pulled the woman to the bottom of the pond and placed the body on the grass surface. With only the full moon shining, Lycan's eyes gazed at the beautiful, pale face.

Lycan tried to bring his lips close and give the woman artificial breath. And within seconds he managed to bring the beautiful woman to her senses, blue eyes with a mane of bright brown hair.

"Who are you!" Elle was shocked when she opened her eyes and found the man with bright blue eyes staring at her face at close range.

Elle looked down at her clothes, which were just thin pajamas that looked like princess pajamas.

"Where are my clothes?" Elle thought to herself as she looked around and was even more surprised to see a lake with many leaves and lotus flowers.

Elle's eyes looked back at the man in front of her who was staring at her sharply, blue eyes that pierced Elle's heart, causing instant fear.

"I saved you, you were trying to kill yourself, weren't you?" Lycan stared at the woman he saved, looking confused.

"Trying to kill me?" Elle repeated the question.

"You jumped into the lake and I saved you." Lycan recounted the events.

"But I wasn't trying to kill myself! I was being chased," Elle tried to explain what happened.


Elle was startled when a loud voice called her name. She turned around and saw an old man approaching her and hugging her tightly.

"Lucilla, Daddy's looking for you." Carlie made a sign language that her daughter could understand.

"I don't understand sign language." Elle immediately answered the old man in front of her who looked surprised.

"Lucilla! You can speak." Carlie was surprised to hear her daughter's voice for the first time.

Elle was silent as she became more and more confused with the people around her. Then the old man in front of her immediately bowed to the young man who saved her.

"I'm Carlie Beta of Redmoon." Carlie was surprised to see the Alpha, who was with her daughter.

"I'm Lycan Cadwallader." By just saying his name, people would know he was an Alpha.

"What an honor. It turns out that my daughter was saved by an Alpha."

Elle raised her eyebrows, she only heard two people talking about Alpha and Beta. Elle only knew at a glance that Alpha and Beta were only used in wolf terms.

"Am I a werewolf?" Elle laughed again. After asking in her own heart.


Chapter 2

She was currently in a castle. Ella was shocked. She slapped herself repeatedly because she couldn't believe what was in front of her eyes, the closed room opened again, and the beautiful face of a woman with a mane of dark brown hair approached Elle.

"My daughter, are you all right?" Alana used sign language, which again made Elle stressed to understand.

"Oh my! I don't understand." Ella thought to herself. Ella did not answer the woman in front of her, she just gave a small nod.

Elle lay down and turned her body to face the wall. It's not that she didn't want to talk, but at the moment, Ella preferred to remain silent and wonder why she was called Lucilla. After the door closed again, Ella got out of bed. She approached the dressing table not far from her for the first time - Ella ventured to look at her reflection.

"I'm in another woman's body!!!" Ella touched her face


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