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Saved By The Lycan King

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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT! Celeste Barlowe had lived in the dark for a decade since her father died in a car accident. Her father treated her like a princess while he was alive, but once he died, she was treated like a rug. Not until she met Elias Turner, the man everyone fears for his uncommon green eyes and what he's capable of. She doesn’t realize, however, that the man has many secrets besides his frightening emerald eyes. He's a monster. But that doesn't take away from the fact that he was the one who saved her. Celeste lives with Elias and has no idea she'd fall in love with him until she discovers his greatest secret, which has something to do with her. *** Excerpt: “N-No… I didn’t do anything.” “I will f*ck*ng kill you, woman! I’ve been so tired of your stupidity. I told you not to talk to strangers—” “P-Please, don’t hurt me. My… My body is still aching—” “Shut up!” his voice roared inside the room as he lifted my collar, pulling me near him. “Are you still gonna lie? I saw you talk to that man—” “I… I didn’t say anything,” I managed to reply amidst my fear. And at this moment, I knew he would play and punish me again.


Nadja Siemens

Review after the novel completion

I don't know where I should start... the beginning was pretty clear BUT I was left with so many questions. where is her mother? why her stepmother do that to her? what about the the will from her father? they wanted to find the lawyer and then nothing. there are so many time gapes I don't even know how far there is a gap. what about the battle? one chapter she is in her chamber and poisoned and can barely move and in the next chapter she is in the middle of the battlefield. how she gathered her power? how she find the traitors?yeah with the help von Mary, but how she get it? how can 1 month old baby become 5 years old in 2 to 3 chapters without telling the readers how many time has past? is she his mate? why she become so powerfull? in the story they say something about a prophecy but don't explain a thing about it.

June 9, 2024

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