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Rejected Their Broken Mate

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"When he is at work, you will have us entertain you," Alpha Atticus whispered. "You belong to me," Alpha Atticus mumbled, shoving his hand between my legs and in my underwear. His fingers traveled to my p*ssy and grazed around for the entrance, but I was keeping my legs shut tightly. I was sitting between my two alpha mates, who were supposed to accept me and protect me, but they failed. Now that I was married to a much older and more mature Royal Counselor, these two came back into my life and demanded acceptance. While I spoke to Atticus, Alpha Enzo’s hand traveled down my spine, his fingers playing with my bra's hooks. "Ah!" I yelped but instantly covered my mouth as my husband was still sitting with us and munching on food. "I’ll be back in a minute," my husband said, then got up from his chair to attend the call he had received. "He is 29. You are too young for him," Enzo complained, unhooking my bra and letting my boobs relax. “I know you love us," Atticus whispered, bending over my lap after lifting my skirt. The instant his lips came into contact with my p*ssy, I shuddered. I wanted my mates so badly that I let them taste me. Alpha Enzo raised my shirt and brought his lips over my n*ppl*s, sucking them and making me lose my mind. "Ah! I ca---n see him from here," I moaned, keeping my eyes on my husband, who wasn’t that innocent either. He was on call and turned to the side while these two alphas were busy f*ck*ng his wife. (Content/ Trig*er Warning: The following read consists of extreme profanity, violence, or gore. Subjects like SA and abuse are briefly discussed that might be difficult for some to read)

Chap-1*The Cheating Alpha Mate.*

Cynthia Dion:

Alpha Atticus: Meet me by the lockers after school.

I read his text once more, a smile forming on my lips.

Alpha Atticus had been my crush for years. Naturally, I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw his message pop up on my phone.

Heading towards the lockers, anticipating that he would finally confess his feelings for me, was the most exhilarating two minutes of my life.

Growing up as an Omega Rogue had been tormenting. Everyone around me had always insisted that I would never find a mate, and even if I did, they would never accept me.

I hadn't found my mate. Nevertheless, the strong pull I felt toward Atticus made me wonder if he could be the one.

I knew I was getting ahead of myself, but that's just how strongly I felt about him. I had always hoped that when I turned eighteen, I would experience a mate bond with him.

My hopes were shattered the moment I spotted him by the lockers.

"Ahhh! Fuck, your finger is inside me," Rosalie, the beta of his pack, moaned as Atticus fingered her aggressively.

It felt like a nightmare I had been invited to witness.

I couldn't even move a muscle as I watched them give in to their desires.

Atticus licked her chin as she squirmed and arched her head back, feeling his fingers penetrate her more deeply.

"Fuck! Better than any dildo---!" she screamed when he inserted his third finger. He was being rough with her, causing her to gasp for breath. But that was enough to shatter me.

"Finger my ho----le," she expressed her desire to be filled in every way, and he had only touched the entrance of her other opening when a gasp escaped my lips, making them aware of my presence.

"Ohhh!" Rosalie moaned even louder until she opened her eyes and saw me. The look of shock made her step away from him and fix her skirt. He turned around and smirked at me.

He knew I had been watching them.

He had to be aware of it. That text wasn't a declaration of his desire to see me, but rather a demonstration of how he would never be with someone like me. Many girls had a crush on him, but he only acknowledged me because he felt the pull. However, my certainty began to waver.

"How dare you?" Rosalie yelled in anger, taking steps towards me.

I knew I had to get away from them, or they would bully me to the point of tears for weeks.


I heard Rosalie calling my name, chasing me down the school hallway. I clutched my phone tightly, but I had no one to call for help. I knew I was in this situation because I had taken it too seriously.

I wouldn't be running down the hall like a mad person if I hadn't been desperate for the attention of my Alpha crush. Just a few minutes ago, before the school bell rang, I received a message from my crush asking me to meet him by the lockers. I had made a mistake by taking it too seriously. Tears streamed down my face as their image kept replaying in my mind.

That smirk on Atticus' lips crushed my heart. He knew what he had done, but he didn't care.

Desperate to escape from them, I rushed out of the school. The rain only made matters worse. As I stepped onto the road, someone pushed me from behind, causing me to stumble and faceplant into the mud. I quickly got up, gasping for air. When I turned around to see who had pushed me, I realized it was Alpha Enzo, Atticus' best friend and someone who inexplicably hated me.

"Don't tell me you're in a hurry to masturbate while thinking about those two," Enzo chuckled, mocking my state.

I despised high school.

And I despised the royals, especially the alphas.

Despite my aching feet, I started sprinting away. I ran until I left them behind, or maybe they simply stopped pursuing me. I was breathing heavily, trying to calm my nerves, when a black Rolls-Royce pulled up next to me. It was a car I recognized. The man stepping out of it was dressed in a black suit. I was breathing loudly and in tears. I was familiar with his sharp features.

"Zeon Holt!" I whispered to myself, watching him emerge from the car and scan me. He was a 29-year-old friend of my father's. He had a strong jawline, blue eyes, prominent cheekbones, and an overall slender but muscular build.

My father was an older man, but this 29-year-old had been keeping him company, coming home late to gamble some money. He was devilishly handsome and rich, and he possessed a powerful wolf form.

"Are you okay? Why are you in this state?" His British accent was distinct, and his words flowed smoothly from his lips.

"I'm okay!" I lied, but he could tell. Being a wolf trainer gave him that advantage. He didn't care if the rain stained his fine suit and impeccably styled black hair.

"Get inside then. I'll give you a ride home," he offered, holding the car door open for me. Exhausted, I didn't refuse his offer and climbed into the car with him.

He started the car in silence. I kept my gaze fixed on the road, noticing how strong his cologne was. He didn't speak a word during the entire car ride, but being in the car with him felt strange. My rogue best friend, Mara, had always found him attractive and vowed to capture his attention.

Zeon was known in our little rogue neighborhood as a hunk. Every rogue woman desired to sleep with him at least once, but being only 18, I didn't have such desires. I feared my father would see me getting out of his car. However, it was a surprise when we arrived home and I saw my father standing on the front lawn, wearing a huge smile. It almost seemed like he was proud of me.

"Greetings!" my father exclaimed joyfully.

I followed Mr. Zeon out of the car and found my father suggesting that he stay until the rain subsided.

"You should stay over until the rain stops," my dad said, smiling like a fool.

"Thank you, but I have to g---" Mr. Zeon began to excuse himself, attempting to retreat to his car. However, I decided to ask him to stay for a while. He had been kind enough to give me a ride, and it was the least I could do.

"Mr. Zeon! Please stay over," I whispered, watching as he turned and gave me a brief, enigmatic smile. He truly was the most stunning man around here.

"Okay," he nodded sweetly, accepting my invitation and entering the house with my father, who hadn't stopped smiling the entire time.

I hurried into the only bathroom in the little hallway connected to the lounge. Once I stood beneath the shower, I began sobbing at the memory of Atticus and Rosalie. The fact that he had called me to the locker room just to show me that he would always choose someone better than me hurt the most. As I wept, I suddenly had the feeling of being watched. I turned towards the small hole in the door, caused by my father's anger-induced punch. This bathroom was reserved for showers only, and my father never walked by it while my sister and I were inside.

There should have been some light coming from within, but there wasn't. It could only mean one thing: somebody was watching me.

My skin became covered in goosebumps; cold shivers seemed to paralyze my body momentarily. I rushed to wrap a towel around myself. As I raised my head after tying it, light once again seeped through the hole. There was indeed someone who had seen me showering, and now they had departed.

I hurriedly dressed in a white dress, intending to go outside and catch the peeping Tom. However, as I exited the bathroom and reached the lounge, I discovered that Mr. Zeon Holt and my father had already left.

So, who the hell was watching me?

Chap-2*Fated To The Sexy Alphas.*

Cynthia Dion:

A Few Days Later:

"Cynthia!" Mara's high-pitched voice echoed through the hallway as she called my name, searching for me. I had been hiding in a bathroom stall since I arrived at school that day.

Hearing her voice gave me enough courage to leave the stall and cautiously peer my head out to call to her.

"Pssst! Mara!" I whispered, snapping my fingers and scanning the area to ensure that the group of rich and powerful brats wasn't nearby.

Mara and I had many things in common, but the main one was that we were both outsiders, targeted by these privileged brats almost every day. We were subjected to bullying as soon as we set foot in these hallways.

She finally spotted me in the bathroom, and with her eyes wide, she hurried into the restroom with me.

"Why are you hiding in here?" she asked, then sighed to herself, "Did they bother you again?" Her slim, slender arms wrapped around me


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