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Reborn Mate

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THE MATE SERIES. Book #1: Reborn Mate Book #2: Alpha's Beta Witch Mate Book #1 He has a limited time to live, he only came back to complete his previous life he wasn't given the opportunity to. Yes, he is a werewolf but hated one at that. No one ever loved him not even his grandparents who he grew up with as an orphan. Life become more complicated for him when he finds his mate... He asked for a vengeful return to take his revenge on those who took pleasure in inflicting pains and torture on him during his previous life but instead, he was given a mate... What happens when he find out his mate was still of his past life? Will his hatred for her father make him accept her as his mate? Or reject her since he only wants to revenge? Edited: I've decided to add the second series in the same book titled; Alpha's beta witch mate. Book #2 Few years has passed since Herzl and Hazel's story but El was still without a mate to call his —well, he was partially not too bothered, he believed his mate would find him eventually; just like Herzl. The witch are threatened by the Dark Knight Pack's existence. In a way or the the other, they planned to attack the pack. Herzl must either fight back or watch the witch coven tear his pack apart. What happens when El's mate was one of the witch he must take down? Considering mating a witch as a taboo, would El heed to the pack's warning? And with his position under threat, would he try to save his mate or his position as the alpha's beta?


||•Prologue•||"Mate..." He growled like an animal, his eyes dilating into strange blood red as it was fixated on the figure before him like she was a prey —his new catch. The young adult before him was scared to the core by his mere sight as she quiver in fear."No, this isn't true. It can't be you, Xavier..." Her voice was shaky as she forced the words out of her mouth.Its not possible, her mate can't be Xavier. Her mate can't be this rogue that was banned from entering Moon Lit years ago for violating the pack's rule. The thought of mating with him was enough to make her shudder in pure fright as she tried to shake the thought off her head.How did she get here in the first place?Yes, she remembered now. Her instinct had traced a sweet and inviting smell here. With out being told, she knows the smell belongs to her mate and she was super excited to meet her mate.She couldn't wait to get to whosoever her mate may be which made her break into a long sprint, racing her self here. Coming here, she was not only disappointed but was sad as well as frightened as she feel her heart break into a million pieces.How can the Moon goddess be this cruel to her? That was her thought as she stared at him."Aren't you happy to finally meet your mate, baby girl?" Xavier's voice was laced with mockery and he was wearing a dirty smirk on his face. He had seen how happy she was moment ago till he growled the word ‘mate’ and in a split second, her countenance dropped."You can be my mate, Xavier, you can't. I can never accept you as my mate." Her voice wasn't as shaky as it was at first but fear was still laced in it. "I rather be with out a mate than have you as one.""Oh, really? Is that how much you despise me? Your newly found mate?" He snickered as he took a step towards her, she retaliated by taking a step back. "We haven't even spend much time with each other and you despise me this much, eh?""Stay away, Xavier. I won't accept a worthless rogue like you as a mate." She forced out the words, trying not to shudder in pure fright anymore as she points the index finger of her right at him. "Stay very far away from me.""How can I stay away from my sweetheart, huh?!..."She reached her limit as her back hit the tree behind her, she let out a short shriek. Before she could snap her fingers, Xavier was all over her already as he trapped her to the tree, rendering her powerless under his scrutiny.He smell really nice and inviting as his intoxicating smell filled her nose. She must confess about his captivating body features, his finely carved abs reflecting under his transparent shirt that kissed his flawless skin.How did a heavenly shaped guy like him turn worthless? Xavier has always been the bad egg amongst other werewolves in Moon Lit pack till he reached his limit and was banned from the pack."Look who was about rejecting me as her mate but can't stop drooling over my perfect body. What an irony!" Xavier husky voice snapped her back to her sense.Her face flushed in embarrassment but she quickly masked it up with a glare. "I'm not drooling, you hear? You disgust me. The smell oozing off your body is almost making me puke on myself, it's choking!""Ouch! That hurts a lot, especially when its coming from your mate." Xavier dramatically held his chest as he wear a deep frown on his face. "What do I do? I can't let go off a beauty like you. The moon goddess was considerate enough to make you my mate. How nice!''"I'm cursed to have a devil like you as a mate, the Moon goddess can be cruel sometimes. I shouldn't be having a chit chat with you in the first place when I can do the needful." She muttered, her tiny and soft voice raising to it pitch.Xavier frowned, creasing his brows as his instinct hint him on what she is talking about. "The only needful you can do is accepting me as your mate. We are both a perfect match, don't you think?"She spat on his shirt, wearing a defiant look —she felt like she had enough already. "I, Nina Kiel, reject..."Xavier was quick to cut her short. "Don't say it. Just don't say, else you might not like it outcome." He warned, threat laced in his voice as he wear a blank facial expression yet he was glaring hells at her."I, Nina Kiel rejects Xavier Fender as my mate and partner...""I said: don't say it..." Xavier gnarled as his voice trailed off. In a split second, his hard palm was already on her neck as he choked her. "Now, you will have no other choice but to enjoy it outcome while it last..."

Herzl's encounter


Herzl, yes that's his name. And its also a name which everyone forgot was his, cause they find another name which they thought suits him the best.


He stood at the school gate with his hood over his head, contemplating if he should go in or not. He tried using his hood in covering his face but the hood isn't bulging.

He sighed deeply —a type that hold pa in and maybe frustration too. "No matter how hard I tried to cover my face, I'll still be recognized though." He muttered sadly.

Yes, cause he is the only kid who put on hoodies and face caps to hid his face identity in the whole of the school.

The other kids or should he say students hate him with cold passion cause he is the only werewolf who doesn't have a family of his own. His father, Xavier, was a rogue wolf who had forced himself on a teenager who was barely nineteen years of age.

Nina was Xav


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