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One Night Stand With The Mysterious Alpha

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Because of her plus size and her inability to shift, she was bullied, sexually assaulted and rejected by her mate. Having lost hope at ever getting a chance to be loved- especially when she's kicked out of her family home, the Moon goddess gives her one last opportunity and gives her a second chance for a mate. But why did It have to be the ruthless Lycan King of the rival pack?

Chapter 1

Gigi's pov My breath turned unsteady as Jules's leg came down hard on my shoulder, sending me flying back towards my locker. The faint sounds of people roaring with laughter echoed in my ears, but I was more focused on holding back the tears that had sprang up in my eyes than to bother about people who had never bothered to help me since middle school. And this was highschool. It's okay Gigi, you can do this. Just three weeks before you turn 18 and then you can find your mate. I raise my head to see Jules standing over me with her towering height and beautiful figure, a smirk on her face. Her eyes were cold and held menance as she suddenly stepped away from me and wrinkled her nose. "I'm amazed at your consistency to always remain a fat pig Gigi. I mean It's not like your family even bothers to feed you properly, and yet, you're still a plus size…" I felt so ashamed as I lowered my head, feeling naked as everyone was staring at me now. If it's one thing I was insecurities about, It was my size. I just couldn't help It. For someone who was usually alone and always depressed, eating was like my remedy. I could go days in my room, just stuffing my face with food while using my bestie's Netflix account to binge watch movies. Those were my best days, because other than that, I had an aunt who wished I was dead. How did I know that? Because she literally says that to my face each time she gets the chance to hurt me with her words. I had grown numb to her hurtful words, but in the past, her words had done a lot of damage to me such that I could never accept that I was beautiful and that I deserved anything good. Her son, my cousin, Max made life a hell for me at home. At school, he pretended I didn't exist, and even though he was aware of how much I was bullied at school, he took over at home. I only had one friend- she was my best friend, my sister, she was my everything. Bella. I loved her because she loved me for me and had never stabbed me in the back before, but unfortunately, she was my only friend. And I knew that she could never make out time for me everyday of her life because she has hers too, so that makes me lonely most of the time of my life. Suddenly, there were mumurs in the crowd, and I swallowed as I raised my head from where I was cornered by the lockers, expecting to see a teacher who would probably send us to detention as always, but my jaw dropped when I saw Onix Jackson towering over me. With his short curly hair and dreamy blue eyes, Onix was capable of putting many guys on this school to shame and to too It off, he was the Alpha's son. He's Jules's boyfriend, and even though he hadn't bullied me before, he usually acted like I didn't exist at all and It hurt me because I knew I had a crush on him, but I could never just tell him how I felt because I was waaay out of his league. What was he doing here now? Have he come to humiliate me some more? My heart was frantically beating hard at the thought of being made a fool of, but suddenly, he stretched his hand towards ne, and I was left speechless as I sat there on the floor, listening to the hushed murmurs travelling round. "Excuse me, but what the actual f*ck do you think you're doing?" Jules suddenly demanded in anger, and all my previous doubt that he wasn't really trying to help me and was only trying to make a fool put of me was cleared and I quickly took his hand and let him pull me up. I was stunned at the strength he possessed as he pulled me up easily, but Jules's expression was even more priceless when she saw our hands when he pulled me up. "You okay?" He asked me softly, and I couldn't help but stutter as I replied, still not used to been looked out for and not by someone like the Alpha's son, Onix. Like I could feel hundreds of angry glare at my direction, and Jules, including her friends A.K.A her partners In crime we're not an exception. They were all glaring at me!"You have class now right… " with that, he turned his cold blue eyes to the crowd ajs raked It over the students with displeasure and disinterest. "And so do you all… so get to class immediately." With that, more than half of the crowd dispersed into different directions, and I was included as I quickly headed to class, surprised at how fast I could even walk. I couldn't tell If It was because I didn't want to stick around for the aftermath of what Onix had done, which obviously consists of he and his maniac girlfriend involved in a heated argument or If because I really want to head to class. I couldn't stop the smile from breaking on my lips like a small smile cracked on my face when I sat back down for the second period of the day. My heart was giddy for some reason, and oh my gosh! When I recountered how his lazy, cold blue eyes had run over me worriedly, the butterflies in my stomach would flap much harder. Bella wasn't in class, and I was disappointed because It looked like she hadn't even come to school today since I didn't see her for first period. Oh, how I would have told her every single detail of what had happened. I was bullied and as usual, I couldn't stand up for myself because I was scared and insecure about myself and I wasn't proud of that, but the fact that Onix stood up for me today was priceless. I would never forget today. Once the school bell rang for lunch break after the third period, I was one of the many students who stepped out of the class and headed for the cafeteria. The cafeteria. One of the worst places for someone like me to be in. It was bad enough that I didn't have a wolf, and yet, I was still taunted each time I ate a morsel of food. It was either due to the fact that I was fat and should be on a diet, or because I didn't have a wolf, so I shouldn't even be eating in the first place. But despite the eyes on me, boring holes into the back of my head, I was aware of how no one dared to come at me at my table and bully me. No one threw half eaten burgers or ketchup at my face, no one grabbed my head and forced it down on my tray, no one passed any side comments- Infact, It was like they were being extra generous today with minding their own business. I spotted Jules sitting at the popular kids table across from mine at the far end of the cafeteria, and I noticed how they passed deadly glares at me, but no one was vold enough to approach me. As If the answers to my questions literally fell to the sky, someone at across from my bench on my lonely cold table, and I choked on my orange juice when I saw who It was. "Here… " his voice soothing voice made me raise my head as he handed me a napkin and with a redenned face full of embarrassment, I grabbed the napkin and dabbed at my mouth, taking care to avoid his eyes as I did so. "Are you okay?" He chuckled and my eyes widened as I saw him upclose for the first time with a smile across his face, and my heart fluttered seeing him so cheerful for the first time rather than the cold, unapproachable version I was used to. "You look like you've seen a ghost." "I… I…. J- I… " I kept stuttering without having any idea of what I wanted to even say in the first place, but when my eyes caught sight of two murderous looking brown eyes from across the cafeteria, I suddenly blurted out. "Won't she be mad?" He swallowed before casually picking up a fry and dipping it in ketchup sauce, acting like half the population of students weren't staring at us like we're some celebrity couples with over half the girls giving me death glares. "Who?" I redenned when he stared me deep in the eyes like he wasn't aware of the things his stares did to me when we locked eyes. "Y- your girlfriend, Jules." He didn't even bother to stare in the direction of whete she sat as he focused on his food. "To be honest, I can't consider someone as heartless as she is as my girlfriend, someone who wouldn't think twice before bullying her fellow mates because she can."

Chapter 2

Gigi's pov I was touched by his words, surprised that he actually thought that way when I thought that all these while, he just didn't care. Wait…. Onix just turned 18 last week. Could It be he was acting this way because he discovered he and Jules weren't mates? After all, Jules was not 18 yet, but he could be able to tell whom his mate was. Suddenly in shock, I dropped my fork and stared at him in horror, my entire being raging and trembling as the thought of he being my mate crossed my mind. After all, It could possibly explain why he has suddenly lost interest in a goddess visible like woman like Jules and had developed a sudden interest in someone like me. That could be the only possible explanation. As I watched him pick my fork, my heart doing Ariel sumersaults from holding in the excitement, I thought about asking him about It, but better still, why not wait until t


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