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My night and charming shape Shifter

My night and charming shape Shifter

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It was crazy for Athena to suddenly see her schools most popular jock, Asher at her bedroom one night and surprisingly he was into her. she has only had a crush on Asher for like middle school ago and was over the moon when he even took her first kiss. but this gets more than a little strange when he visits her every night but doesn't remember any of it in the morning and mock her for her crush on him. ____ Alpha Damon, the werewolf king of the universe has searched for decades looking for his mate and when he finally sees her he meets her burial. He was broken but hope was returned to him when he found out he could go back in time but with cost... A cost he was willing to pay but not the pack.

Chapter 1

FUTURE TIME, 15 MAY, 2164.

Alpha Damon Woods, the alpha king of the entire werewolves packs and the direct alpha to the cosmic moon pack is behind his desk in his big office.

The place was filled with shelves filled with books but in the middle was his desk with a computer and documents on top.

He was fully engrossed with his work as he typed away on his computer but that did not stop him from noticing when his study door opened and someone walked in then it closed behind him.

A beautiful woman, slim and tall in a red dress hugging her hips perfectly stepped in. Her dirty blonde hair swayed loosely behind her as she walked to Alpha Damon.

"Hey mother," Alpha Damon said, he had smelled her scent, she had the scent of lavender plus her provocative perfume.

She came to a halt and studied her son for a while. Damon did not raise his head to give his mother a look even just a quick glance and continued typing.

After his mother's observation, she burst out crying and collapsed to the ground.

Alpha Damon was shocked and immediately stopped what he was doing and rushed to his mother who was sobbing and panting.

"Mother, hey what's wrong with you." He said as he helped her up. She cried into his arms and her perfume infiltrated his nostril even more. "Mom, it's okay!"

"Damon just look at you." She sniffed then wiped her tears which was ruining her makeup filled face. "You work all day! Work work work work!"

Alpha Damon groaned, "And what's wrong with that?"

"You don't have a life! Your father is dead yes, but I still have a life. You only work all day with nothing else in your mind. No family to think about and your not happy! This is not the life I expect you to have!" She explained.

"Oh mother, do you see me complaining about it?" He was getting tired of his mother constantly pestering him about his mate-less-ness, somehow he was expecting she would say this.

She has now taken it to the next level by disturbing him at his work and crying about it.

"Who cares if you are complaining! The fact is that you don't have a mate! You've waited for decades now but you haven't seen her, you should just accept your fate now and marry one of the mateless she wolves in our pack or any other pack but just get married!" She begged him.

Alpha Damon patted his mother on her back, "Mrs woods, this is my life and I know how I went to live it." He then pulled away and made her stand on her own. "Continuing with this disturbance will lead me to moving out of the pack house and staying on my own."

He walked back to his desk and continued with what he was doing.

"I walked into my son's study and what I saw is a lonely man, just try or at least meet some girls." Mrs Margret Woods hasn't given up and continued to pester her son.

"Ok I agree to meet them, will that get you to leave my office? I'm really busy now, I'm thinking of the best proposal to give to the government so werewolves won't have to live in secret in the near future."

"This will really help the pack and help us to be even more financially strong and will help with our increasing number of offsprings." Damon explained.

Mrs. Margret Woods huffed, "You see, you're talking about boring stuff again. Everytime we talk you always add some of your boring stuff that's really thoughtful but sad that's all you can think about."

Alpha Damon rolled his eyes and rested his back to the chair. It seems his mother doesn't want to leave anytime soon.

"Just look at your Beta, Samuel, his son is a grandfather!" She exclaimed.

He growled at his chair, he wished he could kick her out.

"Because you don't have any successor, your Beta's kid will be the next Alpha after you!" She continued.

Like a saving grace, his computer received a message and he clicked it.

Alpha, we have found her. Be at this venue at seven, the message read, below was the address of the venue and Alpha Damon couldn't help but smile at the message he received.

"There will be no need for any of that mother," he announced, "Marcus has found her."

Mrs. Margret Woods looked at him questioningly, "Who?"


The same day, alpha Damon happily got dressed to meet his mate, the address was from another country, Landon and he is currently living in Paris.

He got on his private plane and travelled to Landon.

With the help of one of a pack member staying in Landon he was able to find his way around the country.

He had been in Landon fifty years ago but things has changed since then so he needs help locating where he was supposed to be.

The pack member, Maxwell, from the star moon pack walked by his side.

Alpha Damon gave him a piece of paper which he wrote the address down and Maxwell immediately knew where he wanted to go.

"So you know the place?" Alpha Damon asked him even though he knows for a fact he would know where the place is.

Maxwell nodded, "Of course your highness, I know everywhere in Landon like the back of my palms." He expressed then lead him to a Mercedes.

"I will be using this to transport you there." Maxwell explained and opened the backseat of the car for Damon.

He went to the driver's seat but was curious to know why the king of werewolves would want to go to a place like that? Is everything okay with his family or does he want to give support to his friend?

"Here we are!" Maxwell announced as he arrived at the destination of Alpha Damon. "You must really want to come here eagerly that you did not waste any time resting after your trip." Maxwell said casually.

"May I ask who died? I would love to give my condolences." He asked.

Alpha Damon was puzzled and did not understand what he meant by that.

His confused look did not go unnoticed by Maxwell.

"We are at the cemetery, the address you gave to me is the address of a cemetery here." He explained.

Hearing that, Alpha Damon immediately went down and checked the place out for himself. It was indeed a cemetery.

There were trees and grasses around everywhere, the place looked kept and taken cared of. There is a house inside the place.

But the most important feature of the place is the numerous graves there.

"Maxwell, are you sure it's the right address?" He questioned.

"Yes your highness." Maxwell answered, he was by his side and could see the confused and scared look on Alpha Damon's face.

"Check properly!" Alpha Damon ordered but instead of Maxwell checking the paper, he pointed at a sign on the gate of the cemetery.

It was the address Marcus had sent to him.

'Maybe one of her relatives passed away.' he thought then boldly walked in with Maxwell following behind.

Once inside, he could see some people inside, they were not much and he decided to meet them for further directions and information.

When he got closer he noticed that two men were digging a grave, an old couple and a pastor holding a Bible were there too.

Nobody was crying.

The pastor kept doing cross signs over his body as he prayed.

"Excuse me ma'am, may I ask a question?" Alpha Damon asked as he got closer to the old couple.

The men dipping stopped and went away.

"Of course son." The old woman replied with an American accent.

"May I know who's being buried please?" He asked cautiously.

"Oh it's my best friend Athena Douglas," she replied.

Alpha Damon remember the message sent by Marcus, he had also mentioned her name.

Everything was even more confirmed when the men dipping before came back with a coffin.

The scent of the person inside filled his nostrils. He recognized the scent as the one he perceived when he came into the world. When a werewolf is born, their mates scent is the one they would first perceive before their mothers.

His mate's scent was so pure and calming and faint like it hasn't exited yet. When he grew older, he realized that his mate wasn't born yet, he waited for hundreds of years for her to be born until one day, her scent came into the world and it was so human, he realized she is human and that terrified him cause humans don't feel the mating bond and the scent was far and he couldn't track it but none of those stopped him from searching and travelled around the world to find her but was unsuccessful. 

Now today he has perceived her scent again but it smelled dead.

"That's her in the coffin." The old lady said. "She lived a lonely and pathetic life."

"Don't say that." The old man said, "She is dead now and could hunt you."

"Oh come on Asher, she's too pathetic to even get revenge in the afterlife if it does exist." The old lady continued.

Alpha Damon was infuriated on hearing the words of the old woman.

Before he knew what he was doing, he charged at the old woman and pressed her throat.

The woman gasped for air and everyone was immediately alarmed.

The men carrying the coffin immediately stopped what they were doing and tried to stop Alpha Damon, key word, try.

They were not able to stop him and the pastor started praying for the old lady.

"How dare you say that about her! She is not pathetic but you! You dare speak to a dead person like that!" He yelled.

"You are going to kill her!" One of the men said.

"Please spare my wife, please sir!" The old man, Asher, begged.

"If you don't stop right now sir we'll call the police!" One of the men said.

He stopped but it wasn't because of the police, no, he wasn't scared of them but instead it was because he saw he was indeed killing the woman and that was forbidden. It was his law to not harm a human and he could not break it.

He immediately stormed away and Maxwell followed behind. Maxwell did not say a thing to Alpha Damon after witnessing what he had done.

Alpha Damon planned on returning home this very day cause according to him, Marcus has some explaining to do.


Alpha Damon seized Marcus by his collar and send daggers to him with his eyes.

"Why was I sent to the cemetery!" Alpha Damon yelled at Marcus but Marcus wasn't shaken at all.

He knows nothing will happen to him, Alpha Damon would never hurt his subjects but he was concerned.

"Sir please calm down, I sent you another email explaining everything and also asked you not to go there." Marcus explained. He was older than Alpha Damon with only a hundred years but he still respects and serves Alpha Damon faithfully.

Alpha Damon remembered how he was so eager to go that he immediately shooed his mother away and boarded his plane without informing anyone.

"Well explain now!" He ordered.

"Alpha, your mate was found dead in her sleep three days ago. She never got married and lived alone with her pet cat. I did not find any of her relatives and I heard she lived a very lonely life with her cat. I'm sorry your highness." Marcus told him what he had discovered. He had been looking for Alpha Damon's mate for years now since Alpha Damon described his mate's scent to him. He had taken over the search since Alpha Damon had to take over the previous Alpha's responsibility.

Alpha Damon was heartbroken hearing the life his mate lived. A tear dropped from his eyes.

His mother had been by the door listening and when she heard her son cry, she went to him and consoled him as he collapsed to the floor.

It was as if he had no more reason to live.

"I'm so sorry your highness for your lost." Marcus consoled.


A month later and Alpha Damon was still mourning his mate's death. He was depressed and did not take care of himself anymore.

He stayed in his room all day and for two weeks now, he hadn't eaten. He was getting more depressed and depressed by the day and more sadder and weaker by the day that his mother fears he would die.

Mrs Margret Woods could not watch her son like that any longer, she was so scared of losing her son. She has talked to him several times to help him through his grief but it was as good as talking to a wall. He kept on looking into space.

Mrs Margret Woods had no other choice than to get a solution for her son.

She went to the pack's ancient library and got the book she needed.

"Damon, can I come in?" She asked but no reply came. She expected that and proceed into his room.

She met her son in the exact position she found him and she just wanted to cry. She knows what he is going through as she has gone through it when her husband died.

The pain is everlasting but she had memories to help her cope but Alpha Damon doesn't.

"Damon sweetheart, I've got a solution for you." She whispered but Alpha Damon did not turn to look her.

"As the Alpha king you have a power none of us has and you could change things by going back in time!"

Alpha Damon immediately turned to his mother when he heard those words, it was like a calling back to earth. "You can manipulate time to see your mate!" She added. "I would have done that if only I had your Powers."

"And why are you only telling me this now?" He yelled at her as he got up from his bed and to her. He staggered as he went from weakness but with the new hope he had, he had enough energy to continue walking still he was by her side.

"Because it's a little dangerous..." She started but was cut short by an intruder.

"It's a lot more dangerous!" The person said and the person who walked in was none other than Mrs Rida Santiago, Mrs Margret Woods mother and Alpha Damon's grandmother.

"Have you checked the last page?" She inquired sternly.

Mrs Margret Woods shook her head and then opened the book she was hiding behind her.

She checked the last page and gasped. Alpha Damon also saw what was written.

"You are what trouble you could have landed your child you irresponsible woman." Mrs Rida Santiago scolded. "There's always consequences when you change what has happened." She added. "I knew you were up to something when I saw you go into the ancient library."

Mrs Margret Woods immediately closed the book back and turned to her son, "I'm so sorry son but you can't do this." She said then left with the book.

When they were gone, Alpha Damon took out his phone then dialed Marcus number.

He picked up after the first ring. "Thank God I am hearing from you." Marcus exclaimed from the other end.

But Alpha Damon wasn't calling for small talks, "Marcus since you now know how my mate is can you track where she has lived?" He asked.

"Y... ye..yes!" Marcus answered hesitantly. "That should be more easier now."

"Good. Track where she has been living all this while and report to me immediately." Alpha Damon ordered the end the call.

His mind was already made up.

Chapter 2

Crush, crushes, crushed.

A cool breeze hit my face and was gone as soon as it came. At this time, I was subconscious.

After finding it difficult to sleep yesterday night, it wasn't difficult for me to wake up... Well half awake.

My ears were wake and attentively listening for any sound.

My breathing was steady and all my senses were half ready to receive stimuli.

But not my eyes, my eyes were still closed, I know this but I could see my bedroom.

My head made the exact image of my bed room. From the view I get while lying on bed sleeping with my back on the bed and face up.

My head made the image of my ceiling, I saw the wooden ceiling and the ceiling fan.

Before staying in this room, I had scanned it so I'll be able to visualize it, I liked doing that. Although in my head's projection I know it's not exactly the same as the real thing.

Especially now, I can't visualize what I'm feeling right n


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