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My mate

My mate

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Girl that falls for a guy she never thought she would even though he is everything that she didn't want and he leaded her to finding out who and what she truly was.She slowly falls for him as she finds out he is her mate when she turns 18.They go to school together but his mom doesn't say anything as she watches them slowly fall for eachother and she realizes he's not all that bad to fall for.When she moves into the pack house she feels like royalty because all her life she felt like she was not the wealthiest

Chapter 1

As I wake up slapping my blaring alarm off and blinding myself as I switched of the light. I heard the front door slam which meant mom was late for work again which isn't anything new but that also meant that the bus would be here in the next 10 minutes. As I ran down the stairs and into the bathroom to wash my hair which took 5 minutes and as I dried my hair I realized it was 7:18 and the bus is normally here by 7:20 so I dried my hair the best I could.Then I ran through the dining room grabbing a cold waffle that mom didn't eat.Shen I got on the bus Mrs.Halley started mean mugging me and I asked my self who had pissed in her cheerios this morning. As I sat down in the far back seat on the right side that I always sat in.After 20min we arrived at school and I walked down the hallway and as I approached my locker the school bully pulled my hair tie out of my hair like always and I swore that he had a collection if them because he never seemed to give them back.While walking to 1st hour science I was confused because I could see him sitting in my seat from where I was when I got there I asked Mrs.Bennet why he was in my seat and she told me had moved into my class.As I turned around to go back and find a different seat I ran into a hard chest it was him Alex fucking Bennet the idoit that stole my hair ties. I looked down avoiding eye contact but he grabbed my wrist before I could walk away and he lifted my chin asking,"Why do you avoid me Scarlett Reezen."

I responded"Because I don't want to fucking talk to you obviously so leave me the hell alone."

As I tried to walk away he grabbed me by the waist and said,"Talk to me like that again and you'll regret it."

Leaving me standing there breathless.As class was starting I sat in the only seat that was left right infront of him that was therefore the worst seat ever.


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