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Ciara Heartfield comes from family of Betas but due to her inability to shift and not find her mate by the age of 20, her status is reduced to that of an Omega. Finding love with Lucas Blake, her first best friend was probably the best thing that happened to her, that's until he leaves her for her other friend, Bella Jones. After her cousin, Sophia runs away, Ciara is forced to get married to the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack as a substitute bride. Orion Stone is the next in line to the Alpha position of the Silver Moon Pack After schooling abroad most years of his life, he was ready to take up the Alpha position from his father and plans to settle down with his first love and childhood friend, Sophia Heartfield. Unfortunately for him, Sophia has run off with her fiancee, James leaving him to get married to a substitute bride who turns out to be his mate. Orion does everything he can to find her and even neglects his mate, Ciara.His half brother, Bryan recognizes her as his mate at Orion's coronation ceremony and is determined to use her to get revenge. Will Orion ever succeed in finding Sophia or will he eventually fall for his mate? What will happen when Bryan reveals Ciara is also his mate? Will she end up with the two men or will she chose another like her ex, Lucas who comes back begging?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ciara's POV


The door closed behind me and I squeezed my purse tightly. I would never understand why Lucas would want us to meet here of all places when he knew I didn't like clubs. 

But on second thoughts, he doesn't care about me. I'm still surprised he actually wants to talk to me, especially since he hasn’t said a word to me since we broke up weeks ago. I saw his message earlier in the day and I felt overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions. Perhaps the good thing about our meeting is that he could finally give me an explanation about why he cheated on me with my best friend Bella. 

It still hurts to remember how he had slapped me with his words after I had caught them shamelessly having s*x on the day of our anniversary. Lucas had been my friend since I arrived at the pack and we connected instantly before becoming lovers. Then Bella came into the picture and also became my best friend. I always  thought we had no secrets but she took my boyfriend, claiming he was her mate. 

I took a few more steps into the club and the sounds of the music from the speakers made me wince a little. I paused to catch my breath before making my way to travel 106 where he had indicated in his message as the meeting place for both of us.

When I got there, the table was at a corner and I was pleased not wanting any attention on us.  I sat down, shifting uncomfortably in my seat as I looked at the half naked ladies walking around and the men fondling ladies. Some of the men were old enough to be their  father, and some of the ladies were grown women who could be mothers or even elder sisters to those men.  

I looked down at my phone hoping Lucas would arrive soon because I couldn't stand this place. I hate clubs. 

"Drink ma'am?" The waitress who walked to me asked and I nodded before she placed a glass of sizzling drink before me. 

"I hope it's not alcoholic? I don't drink alcohol." I asked her and she gave me a bright smile.

"Not at all ma'am. Sir Lucas already told us about you not liking alcohol so no need to worry about being served one." She replied with a wink before walking away. 

After all these years in the Silver Moon Pack, I still haven't gotten used to the way of life. I picked the glass and examined it for a few minutes before taking a sip then I looked up at a couple of men who were fighting. 

"I told you dude, don't touch my woman." The first guy yelled angrily before his fist connected with his jaw. 

"And I told you dude, the lady is too pretty to be owned by one man. She loved the way I was handling her so there is no need to get mad. She's still yours but doesn't mind us sharing. Right princess?"

I already suspected what they were fighting over but their dialogue confirmed it. I took another sip of my drink just as my eyes caught a guy staring at me. He stared at me for a second longer before walking into the crowd. Instantly, my curiosity was spiked but before I was able to make a move to find him, the sound of shattered glass filled the room. 

I was well aware that Lucas didn't care about me but to initiate a meeting in a dangerous place like this ?  He knew well enough that due to my Omega status, I was weaker than most wolves and bound to get seriously injured in a fight or squabble. I picked up my bag and decided meeting Lucas wasn't worth risking my life over but then I didn’t make it very far before I started feeling dizzy. 

I looked back at the drink I had been served and wondered what had been in it. As an Omega, I was more exposed to illnesses, diseases and the effect of drugs hit me more than most wolves. I had been drugged. I should have suspected something or at least, I shouldn’t have taken the drink, at least until Lucas got here.

I staggered towards the nearest bathroom door but when I pushed it open, I saw a bunch of guys standing inside the room, now staring at me with hungry eyes. 

"Is something wr… wrong? Wi… th me?" I asked, my voice shaky. I don’t know what was inside that drink but I don’t feel so good. I was feeling extremely hot all over and my cheeks were on fire.

"So… sorry. I was look… looking for the bathroom." I gulped and turned to leave but one of them grabbed my waist. 

"Come here honey, you've come to the right place." His hoarse voice rang in my ears and I struggled for him to let me go but he only held on tighter. "You look pretty baby girl. Why didn’t they sent you in since?" He asked licking his lips and before I could stop him, he grabbed my breasts. I let out a cry of pain that changed to a moan towards the end, shocking me and amusing them.

"Looks like she wants it too.” The guy who grabbed my breast told the others laughing. 

“Your t*tt**s ain't too big but I'm sure we will all enjoy it. Right guys?" The one behind me naked and I felt him press himself closer to me, placing his d*ck directly on my *ss. That sent waves of pleasure through me. I had to get out of here.  

"Let go of me." I begged but they either didn’t hear me or simply chose to ignore me because now all of them were suddenly standing around me, touching, grabbing and pulling my clothes. 

I heard from behind me just as I struggled to break free from the guy’s hold and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Help was here. 

Chapter 2

Chapter two

Ciara's POV

The faint rays of sunlight hit my face and I opened my eyes gently. My eyes were still blurry as I sat up. This most definitely wasn't my room. Where was I? 

I couldn’t remember coming to this place yesterday night, in fact, I couldn't remember much of anything except those scary men who had tried to force themselves on me. I deeply wished it wasn't the men I remembered walking in on that brought me here. What happened?

“Let go of her..” 

I remembered something just then!

The stranger that had walked into the room while I had been struggling to run away. Did he save me? Was this his house? His bed? 

I immediately pulled the blankets up to check myself and a cry of alarm left me as I realized I was naked. I had a one-night stand with a stranger! What have I done? 

"Looks like you're finally awake." That same voice from last night said and I looked fo


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