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Lycan School: The Hekate's Bride

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Rune lunges forward and cups either sides of my cheeks, forcing me to look in his eyes and deeper into his dark pupils that are widening. "You will forget what happened tonight. After I leave, you will go to bed and wake up with no memory of what transpired between us." How I got here? I have no d*mn clue. I'm a Werewolf. The only Werewolf in a school of Lycans. I know what you're thinking. Aren't werewolves and Lycans the same? Trust me, they are not. It wasn't supposed to go this way. I should be in the Academy for Werewolves. I should be worshiped as the Alpha King's daughter and treated with love and respect. I should be threading the halls with my mate, hands entwined. But here I am, eating dirt from the hands of the hottest, meanest male in school. Rune Wilder, son of the Lycan King. It doesn't make it any better that the Goddess's Prophecy is upon us. The Hekate, Bringer of All Ruin has awakened. I must work with the b*st*rd Lycan Prince and the students at the school--who would totally love to spit on my corpse--to prevent the annihilation of our people with the return of the Hekate. I hate this stupid school. I hate the prophecy. I hate the Lycans. I want an out of this, but I have none. Can it get any worse? Oh yes. The Hekate wants me.



Review after the novel completion

Well developed characters and decent story line. Would have liked more details on how Hekate and Rune resolved their own relationship. Additional details of Astrid and Rune growing up would have been interesting, perhaps scenes in the beginning of the book revealing the two main characters in their youth and setting the tone to their relationship? There was a lot of reflection on certain scenes that the story would have benefited by having it laid out in the beginning. Other than that, I would just make sure to check pronoun usage, grammar and spelling. There were multiple distracting errors, but it didn’t make the story less enjoyable.

May 25, 2024

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