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Luna of the Lost Alpha

Luna of the Lost Alpha

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Alpha Darren Dark went for his alpha training for years. He wanted to become strong enough to fight his own devils. He wanted to control his wolf so he left everyone behind. Kaira Moon wanted to start a new life with him, she wanted him to be with her but Darren was so tangled in his own problems that he didn't notice his mate or that she was hurting. Darren left her when she needed him the most... Not only that, but he also left his pack. In his own problems will she be able to beat the pain of her mate leaving her and forgive her mate? Or Luna will have to move on in her life.

CH:1 Introduction

In the hope of a new beginning, she was hoping for the good. Kaira Moon wanted to start a new life, a new journey where she can live freely and happily. It is not her age to take the responsibilities of a whole pack. She thought after all the misunderstandings cleared and the problems were over, she could start her life with him. The continue struggle took her so much from Kaira. The only wish was to be with him and feel the magic of true love. But alas! Fate was not so kind to Kaira. She still has a long way to go to find love and happiness. Her wishes and dreams were destroyed once, twice and this is the third time… She has given him a second chance and now she doesn't know if she will be able to give him this last chance or if she will move on in her life.


Yes, this is the story of a young girl, but she is not an ordinary girl and nothing in her life and her story can be as simple or complicated as the common girls. Kaira Moon is the daughter of Beta Lucas Moon, they belong to River Shine Pack. A beautiful and peaceful territory of werewolves, River Shine Pack is peaceful, because its Alpha has kept good connections with all around the land and packs. Alpha Farris Jacob Dark is a very kind, caring and powerful Alpha and he is respected by every Alpha around the land. His name is famous because of his kindness and intelligent personality. Alpha Farris stopped many wars and kept peace all around the land, so no blood was shed between the packs and no innocent got killed… But not only that, when it comes to rogue wolves that try to invade the land and try to kill or do harm to the pack. Alpha Farris doesn't sit quietly and end their life right over there, because the safety of the pack is the priority.

And Kaira is a twenty years old, young she-wolf who belongs to the same pack and adopted the same kindness and she is following in the footsteps of the Alpha. Kaira turned into her wolf when she was ten years old, she is one of the youngest girls who shifted into her wolf at such a young age, Kaira started training under her father and she became a fighter. She gave many duties for her pack and become the lasy commamder guard of the pack boundries. A trainee who still is working hard, her hard work and training were not ignored or avoided by the Alpha or the Beta, as they both are keeping a very keen eye on the young generation of wolves. So, at the right time, they can give the responsibility and title of the pack to a deserving leader.

Kaira was so happy in her pack. After completing college, she came back to her pack and she took the job of a healer in the pack hospital. Kaira will work as a doctor in the pack hospital and will continue her studies after one year of her work. The pack members respect her. She gets along with the pack so well. Kaira Moon also starts looking after the pack matter as per orders by the Alpha. And Alpha Farris made her the second Beta of the pack. She takes all her responsibilities. A good and very caring she-wolf.

Kaira is seen as the new Luna of the pack and everyone in the pack wants her to be their Luna. But Kaira didn't want this responsibility on her shoulders. A very down-to-earth girl, she thinks she does not deserve it. And it will not be good for the pack. Kaira only has one best friend, she is a human girl and her name is Samantha. Kaira met her when she went to study in college out of the pack. And Kaira has kept good connections with Samantha. She has a very kind heart and a simple personality. The elders of the pack and the young wolves appreciate her, because she is a well-mannered and very sweet girl without a mother, Yes her mother died giving birth to Kaira. And her father brought her up. Kaira still loves her mother and sometimes misses her, but she is strong-headed like her father, so it doesn't affect her… Now, Kaira has done her one year of work in the pack hospital. So, to continue her studies, she is going back to the city for further studies.

This year her life will take a turn when she will again meet with the bully of the pack and the son of Alpha Farris, Darren Dark.

CH:2 Devil of the Worst

Darren Jacobs Dark, the bully of the pack. The boy who always was a headache for Kaira. He bullied her and made her childhood very difficult, they both never got along and always hated each other... For Kaira Darren was a very bad kid and not good for her life. For Darren Kaira was too good to capture every eye and she is an attention seeker who does things to get some reward.

Their rivalry went so bad. That one day in a fight Darren pushed Kaira off a cliff and she hit her head on a very sharp rock. The scar on Kaira's forehead is the mark of it. The wound healed but it left a scar that didn't vanish. After that day, Kaira's father stops her from going any place where Darren goes, and Kaira becomes so careful not to face him. It's been almost twelve years, and they didn't come face to face. And Kaira doesn't want to see him or meet him. When he comes back on holiday, Kaira left the pack until he goes back to the city.

Not only Kaira but he


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