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Luna for the twin alphas

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Book 1 : “She looks delightful,” the alpha’s voice dropped a note, making Anastasia flustered. She finally deflected her gaze away from the alpha . The alpha’s face still looked angry, yet his words suggested he wasn’t. Does he just never look happy? “We found her, our mate.” “8 f*ck*ng years,” the other alpha hummed. “We waited for you for 8 years. Now that you are finally in front of us, I can see why. Perfection cannot be rushed and there is no omega like you.” “Perfect,” the other repeated back, face still buried in her scent gland. Anastasia only ever wanted to feel safe. She got more than he bargained for when he ran away from his cruel father and even crueler intended mate her father sold her to Book 2: Sylvia becomes a mail Order bride travels to meet her new husband, Xander, and marry him on the very same day. But, once there she discovers that he is set to marry twins. Book 3 : Pregnant for a man who seduced her and then abandoned her, Eden had only one idea in mind: to demand reparation. But when she arrives in London to confront him, after a long difficult trip, Eden is left dismayed: the father of her unborn pup had disappeared. His title of viscount, his lands, are now the property of his brother, the taciturn Ian Boyle. A surprise that hides another: because Ian, who does not compromise with the honor of his name, orders Eden to marry him when he discovers that she is expecting a child. A white marriage that would save appearances? No. Faced with the burning look that Ian puts on her, Eden guesses that this proposal will not be without a counterpart or compromise

Book1: Chapter 1

Enter a competition to find a mate? The idea sounded bizarre to Anastasia, but her omega had guided her to this pack for a reason. 

Did she travel all the way here to escape fate, to only end up in a remixed version of it? This can't be real. As she pondered the logistics of it, her omega spoke to her again. Join it, you will find our mate there. So Anastasia entered herself into the competition, even though she was confused as hell. She trusted her omega more than anything.

The few times she spoke to Anastasia she made the right choice, from choosing to run away or hiding her hair from that one suspicious omega who asked her about it years ago.She had never been wrong. It didn't mean that she didn't question her decisions though.

The journey to get here had been grueling, with her somehow avoiding rogues. If it wasn't for the mass migration of people in this direction at this time of the year, she would've ended up lost or dead. As she sat in the Inn, she reminisced about the events of the past two weeks.

 So much had happened in that short period of time that her mind and body got whiplash from the change in her already mundane life. Two weeks ago, Anastasia had presented a few months after turning eighteen.

 It was the start of spring when she felt her first heat. Thankfully, it had only lasted a day, but that was enough to tell everyone that she was mature. Her father, who had lived in a different part of the massive mansion they lived in, called for her for the first time in months. He never even bothered to acknowledge her existence after her mother had died the previous fall because, according to him, she looked like her, finally having no reason to give her the time of day. 

She lived with the few maids they had in the servant's quarters, avoiding her dad like the plague. The man never bothered to be in her life.

Her mother was alive, he always disappeared. He dragged his mum with him. The only person she ever interacted with was her brother, but he was far away somewhere, probably with his mate that he had been searching for. 

Oh, how she wanted a mate. It was her brother who gave her tales of true mates and love, so she had spent her whole childhood dreaming of such a life when her parents were contradictory. Her mother told her on her deathbed that the one thing she regretted was not fighting more to spend time with her.Her father favored his eldest son, the alpha, the provider over everyone else. So when he left on his own accord, promising to come back for Anastasia one day, she was left alone to fend for herself in the house. She had learned to make herself invisible. Her brother always took her to the market and let her accompany him on errands so that she could escape the house. One of her brother's age mates and alpha friends, Evan, had been asked to look out for her when her brother left.

Evan did the bare minimum but was always nice and allowed her to join his little family for dinner, and she was often babysitting their 2-year-old pup when they were busy. It was nice, but not the best. Being an omega left her ostracized from others of her age, but she never cared, she had her brother and his mates. Her father had been gleeful when she had entered the room, and Anastasia had been anxious about how happy he looked. Rightfully so.

The old man had talked about how he had already sent out offers to sell Anastasia off as a mate. First heats were particularly coveted. Anastasia had run out of the house crying, knowing that soon an alpha of her father's choosing would cart her off to enslave her to the bedroom.

Her only use was for pleasure. Not even a week later, she had met Raphael, a horrific alpha in his late thirties whose mate had just recently died and was looking for some fun. The way the alpha had leered at her and commented on the numerous ways he would play with Anastasia in front of her father had made her skin crawl.

It was worse when she found out that he had an alpha son older than her. His son had been particularly nasty her whole life, always taunting the omega and trying to corner her.

Her brother had gotten into a few scraps with him until he lay off, but his harassment rose when she was now alone.

Evan couldn't do much, so she just avoided going out. It disgusted her that not only was she getting sold off like cattle to a man twice her age, but she also had to live in the same household as that villain. 

She was really sensitive and craved affection. There was no way she would be able to survive in that household.

Raphael was especially cruel to his mates, having gone through two already. He would bite the omegas, letting their bond be one-sided so that they suffered through neglect and adultery whilst the alpha was unaffected. In the end, their bond would leave them hopeless, so no matter what he put them through, they would always come back running. It was vile and Anastasia was never going to submit to such a man. That night, her omega told her to run up north because the north would help her find her true mates. 

When she had presented she had heard the whispers at the end of his bond, silent but strong, like it had been there for years. Not every wolf had true mates, but Anastasia certainly did. It was something that she had spent hours fantasizing about during her younger years, especially after her brother had left four years ago in search of his own mate. For people who had true mates, they would hear a whisper as some sort of clue. She hadn’t understood it at all. Would she have to wait a long time for her mate?

She didn’t know what to think, but one thing was for sure, her omega was telling her to escape, so she did just that.She spent the following night and day packing supplies, stealing food from the kitchen, and preparing one of the horses for her journey. With her father gone for the next few days for a celebratory hunt with Raphael, she used the opportunity to her advantage and robbed her father of as much money as she could, just like her father robbed her of her freedom.

She put as many clothes as she could into one bag, tied her hair up, and left the following night, using the darkness as a veil. After more than a week of traveling, she landed in the largest pack space in the country, the Sinclair pack. Thankfully, there was no hostility when she arrived, as the massive pack was used to seeing travelers due to their central location.

It appeared that finding an Inn to stay in would be difficult because many people had gathered here this time of the year for something Anastasia discovered to be a competition. The competition to find the Sinclair Twin’s mates.

The Sinclair twins led the most powerful pack in Valeria. They were known to have the most stable pack, as well as with everyone dreaming of being mated to a Sinclair. 

Asking around, people had told her about how the twins had waited years for their mates, who would only be visible to them in their wolf form. As a result, one must shift privately in front of the twins for them to determine whether you are their mate.

From the looks of it, they craved to have their mate a lot. Anastasia found it odd that they would know by their wolf form. The thing with Anastasia’s wolf was that it was completely white, a stark contrast to the usual blacks, browns, and occasional grays.

She looked completely unique and had only shifted a couple of times to avoid being caught. To say that shifting was going to be painful was an understatement.

It freaked her out to do something like that in front of two powerful people when only her mother and brother had ever seen her shift. They told her to hide her true form, or she would be in danger. She never really understood why, but looking at how awful her life already was, she didn't wish to make it worse. 

However, she followed her wolf's advice, and after convincing herself in the Inn that night and shifting a few times to get used to it, she decided.

Chapter 2

She nervously waited in line for her turn to enter. Spending a little of the money, she had to buy a nicer shirt as all of her old ones were not nice looking. 

 The twins would pay no mind to what she was wearing, but she still wanted to look nice. 

People had stared at her oddly when she had signed up. An omega most likely could not bear alphas, just like betas due to their weaker wombs. Despite the stares, she persisted, waiting in line until it was her turn to go. Anyone could enter, just as long as they had presented and hadn't previously gone. Her bones still ache slightly from the night before.  Shifting in such a small room was enough to make her wolf anxious, adding to the fact that it had been so many years since she had last shifted, it made it even worse. Most wolves shifted at least once a week, sometimes daily. It was dangerous for them not to. Anastasia hardly ever did, and when she did, it was for brief moments in her room, too scared to spend more th


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