In love with an alpha or beta

In love with an alpha or beta

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Hannah Uzzy
  • Chapters: 12
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Deception, indecision,envy, love take the order of the day as Davina Othis, a human girl who is hated and not wanted by her family gets transported to an alternate universe by a witch. In this universe, she finds out that human beings are given abilities to shape shift into wolves and more importantly, herself in alternate universe,is Alexis (her doppelganger) the alpha, Calvin Sanchez's mate and Alexis is missing. Frail hearted and desperate to stay alive in a world of animals, she plays the part of Alexis, the Alpha's real mate with the help of the alpha's aide and trusted friend Dante. Dante protects her from the werewolves and teaches her how to act like Alexis and they both deceive Calvin, the Alpha. But what will happen when the conspiracy between Raymond Sanchez, Calvin's elder brother and the Beta wolf and Amber the alpha's ex girlfriend is revealed and Alexis is actually dead not missing. Will Dante be able to protect Davina as Raymond and Amber try to kill her? What will happen when Calvin, finds out that his mate is not only an impostor but also a human being unable to shape shift into a wolf? And what will unfold as Dante begins to fall deeply in love with Davina, the alpha's mate. Will he go against the alpha? And also, what will happen to Calvin, the Alpha as his elder brother Raymond, the beta leads a pack of rogue wolves and tries to become the alpha?

Chapter 1


Dante, the beta of the Purple rose pack, glanced at the girl who claimed she was Davina, his sister's doppelganger occasionally, as they walked. Davina's cheeks were stained with red and she bit on her lip so he could tell she was flustered. he couldn't trust what she said because of the reputation his sister, Alexis had. Alexis effortlessly pulled pranks and scared the comfort out of people if she had her mind set to it. her free spirited nature was what attracted Calvin, the alpha and his best friend to her. she lived fine, thriving as Calvin's mate until she was kidnapped and he couldn't find her again but then he later did and now this......

they arrived at the field. the moon was about to rise fully.

he winced as he remembered their conversation on the previous day....

"what can I do to make you believe I'm not Alexis?" she asked him

"the full moon is in two days time, I won't let you out of my sight until after the full moon" he said

"what's going to happen on that day?" she asked him

"no wolf who's triggered their curse can escape the full moon and we've both triggered our curse. so I'll keep watch over you. I'll only believe you if you can't turn into a wolf, under the moon " he said.

now the full moon was today. it was today that he was going to find out if she was his sister, Alexis but pretending not to be or if she was actually telling the truth and she was not Alexis, but his Alexis's doppelganger.

he stared at her again.

she stared back.

"you look flustered" he said, his voice filled with derision.

"well, I should be" she said with a fiery tone "there are animals here and I'm vulnerable "

the field wasn't isolated, there were people here too , waiting for the moon to rise fully. she certainly looked vulnerable. if she was Alexis as he thought, what was she planning? what prank did she have up her sleeve? and if she wasn't Alexis as she said, well, time would tell....

"we have to make a deal" she said.

that was sudden

"deal?" he asked

"yes. you don't believe me because I obviously can't prove that I'm not Alexis but if I'm right, you'll have to do what I say"

"like what?"

"first off, be nice to me and I'll tell you the other things you have to do as time goes by"

"and if you're Alexis?" he asked

"if I transform into a wolf this night ---" she scoffed midway her speech "which I highly doubt, I am ---"

he didn't hear the rest of what she said because he felt the hairs grow on his body rapidly and he guessed the full moon had risen. he quickly pulled his shirt and shorts, leaving only his undergarment. he caught a glimpse of her staring wide eyed at him.

he felt his nails grow into claws and his pupils dilate. then his bones began to snap. he heard shouts from all over. it probably hurt people who have just recently triggered their curse but it didn't hurt him because he was used to transforming and he could transform anytime he wanted. he'd triggered his curse sixteen years ago and since then he'd been transforming every full moon. his skin stretched and tightened, adjusting to his new form. he felt his ear change into its pointed shape and then his face began to contort. he felt his facial bones reform, especially his jaw bones and he guessed his snout had formed. sharp teeth emerged and his morphing into a wolf had been completed. he still heard people screaming in agony of transformation.


he was fully absorbed in his transformation that he had forgotten all about her. he turned and then saw her.

she sat on the field with her hands over her mouth, making muffled sounds and blocking the loud and frightened sounds which threatened to erupt. what was going on? she was right. she certainly wasn't Alexis, for she hadn't transformed and there was no difference in her body.

where was his sister, Alexis? right. that bastard, Raymond still held her captive. he wondered how she was faring all alone.

he looked at the lady again. she was next level frightened. she looked so vulnerable where she sat that he felt the urge to protect her fiercely. who was she?

forgetting he was still in his wolf form, he went closer to her and she let out a frightened scream and began to cry loudly.

it made him stay put.

she cried continuously for a while, until the light from the moon began to decrease. he felt himself go back to human after the moon waned and he rushed to her.

she still cried heavily and sniffed. he gathered her in his arms

"it's okay" he soothed until she stopped crying.

he carried her up, in his arms and they began to head back to the alpha's domain.

as he carried her, he knew deep down that whoever she was, she was going to play a really significant role in their lives.

Chapter 2

Calvin Sanchez paced around his room. he had been doing that for the past hour. he didn't know what else to do. he felt uneasy and insulted. it hurt his pride that he couldn't use his power and influence as an all time Alpha of all the packs to rescue his mate.

he missed Alexis, his mate, that it ate at him.

he missed her laughter, her face, her playful personality, for goodness sake, he missed the crap out of her. he woke up this morning alone on his bed once again. he usually woke up to see Alexis, his mate, lying beside him, then he'd give her a good morning kiss on her forehead. he wanted to do it today but he couldn't, he wanted to hold her tight to prevent her from evading his sight, but he couldn't.

he couldn't do all these to her because she wasn't with him.

she had been kidnapped.

he felt like his ego was bruised because he was meant to rescue his mate by now. he was an alpha. he had absolute power and influe


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