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His rejected mate

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Freya, born to Omega parents and unable to shift at sixteen, faced isolation and rejection. Alpha Dominic mated with her, then cruelly rejected her at dawn for being human. Devastated, Freya runs away, carrying a hidden secret-a three-year-old child. Four years later, fate brings them together again, igniting a tale of love, betrayal, and a bond that may or may not reignite. ************ "You're f*cking mine, Freya," he growled, his words dripping with possessiveness. "No one else can satisfy you like I can." I gripped the sheets, while biting my lips as I surrendered to the relentless pleasure being thrusted between my thighs. "Yes, Alpha Dominic," I moaned, my voice barely above a whisper. "I'm yours, only yours." He gripped my hips tightly, his fingers digging into my skin possessively as he drove into me with unbridled passion. "Say it again," he demanded, his voice husky with desire. "I'm yours," I cried out, my voice rising with each thrust. "Yours forever."

Chapter 1

The night brimmed with notable excitement, the moon casting its silvery embrace upon the opulent mansion that belonged to Alpha Dominic. This was no ordinary evening; it marked the sixteenth birthday of the Alpha, a moment long-awaited by the entire pack.

Amidst the jubilant festivities, the air carried not only the scent of pine trees but also the electrifying buzz of anticipation. The ancient forest that surrounded us added to the mystique of the occasion, and the energy was nothing short of electric.

Alpha Dominic’s, towering in both height and presence at just sixteen, exuded an aura of authority. He possessed the rarest of qualities, a high alpha gene, which solidified his position as the pack’s soon-to-be leader. Every member of the pack held him in the highest esteem.

Tonight, the fate of the pack hung in the balance. The moment he found his mate, the alpha mantle would be passed to him by his parents. As for me, I lingered in the shadows, a figure hidden from those who did not recognize me as a pack member. My desire was simple—to bask in the exhilaration of the night, an observer of the enchanting celebration unfolding before me.

Born to Omega parents, I had always existed on the edge, forever an outsider in a world where belonging was defined by the presence of a wolf within. Though I possessed features that many would deem beautiful—lustrous dark brown hair, striking hazel eyes, sun-kissed tan skin, a slender frame, and an average height although it would be considered ideal here. I remained an outcast, the fact that I had no wolf made me an outcast.

As the night grew deeper and the moon reached its zenith, a hushed anticipation descended upon the jubilation. This was the hour we had all been eagerly anticipating—the Alpha’s Mating Ceremony. It was the moment when the moon’s ethereal guidance would unveil the destined mate for our Alpha.

Dominic’s sharp, piercing blue eyes searched across the room, and a chill of anxiety coursed through me. I had long come to terms with my place as an outsider in his world—a mere human amidst a pack of werewolves.

The inappropriateness of my presence was something I had reconciled with. However, as the moon’s radiant light filled around, I wondered if moongodess had a different plan in store for me.

I gasped in complete shock, the words hung heavy in the air as Dominic eyes locked onto mine, he then uttered the word that would change my entire life. “Mate.”

I froze, my heart pounding in my chest. It can't be? Dominic, the Alpha of our pack, had just pronounced me as his mate in front of the entire gathering. The murmurs and gasps and even snarls from the pack members were drowned out by the rush of blood in my ears.

Dominic, his expression unreadable, stepped toward me with purpose, his presence commanding the attention of everyone in the area. He extended a hand, his eyes never leaving mine. “Freya,” he said, his voice low and resonant, “come with me.”

"Y-you, know my name?" I whispered wide eyed.

"Of course, I know your name." he smiled at me.

I was stunned, unable to move or speak. Dominic’s grip on my hand was firm yet gentle as he led me away from the crowd. We left the grand hall behind, the sounds of the party fading into the distance. My heart was racing with a strange sense, anxiety, and uncertainty. I was overcome by a wave of emotions enveloping me. His blue eyes piercing mine.

The realization that I was Dominic’s mate, a position traditionally reserved for the most respected and cherished members of the pack, alpha females, beta females or even the highest female pack warriors. It was mind-boggling. And yet, there was something else—something deeper—that I couldn't quite explain.

“Dominic,” I began, my voice quivering with a mix of uncertainty, “you knew my name because I’ve always been the outcast, the human-born Omega who never shifted. Everyone in the pack knew me as the one who didn’t belong, who couldn’t belong.”

Dominic’s piercing gaze softened, and for the first time, I saw a glimmer of understanding in his eyes. “Freya,” he said, his voice a soothing rumble, “I’ve always known who you were. But tonight, the moon revealed a truth that transcends everything. You are my mate, and it’s a bond I can’t deny.”

In his presence, I felt a warmth and acceptance that I had longed for my entire life. It was as if the moon itself had orchestrated our meeting to heal the wounds of the past.

With Dominic, I had a chance to be more than just the outcast, more than the girl who couldn’t shift. I had a chance to be someone cherished and accepted, not someone who was unaccepted by the pack because I was an omega and wolfless.

Alpha Dominic led me to his private chambers, with evident tension hanging between us.

His eyes, once commanding and formidable, softened as he gazed into mine, and I could see vulnerability in him that I hadn’t noticed before.

In the quiet sanctuary of his room, we stood, mere inches apart, our breaths synced in a rhythm that spoke of longing and desire as he locked his bedroom door.

Dominic’s fingers brushed a stray lock of hair away from my face, and I closed my eyes, savoring the warmth of his touch. It was as if the universe had conspired to bring us together, and in that moment, all doubts and fears melted away.

The night unfolded in a tender dance of exploration, our hands tracing the contours of each other’s bodies with reverence.

Dominic’s lips met mine in a slow, passionate kiss that sent shivers down my spine. His touch was both gentle and possessive, as if he couldn’t get enough of me, as if I were the missing piece of his soul.

The moonlight filtered through the curtains, casting ethereal shadows across the room as our intimacy deepened, each moment a testament to the undeniable bond that had bound us.

Words became obsolete as our bodies communicated the depths of our longing, an unspoken promise of a future together. It was true that I had a crush on him, every female that I knew had a crush on him and suddenly I was living everyone’s dream.

As dawn approached, we lay entwined, our breaths ragged, our hearts entangled. I nestled against Dominic’s chest, feeling the reassuring rhythm of his heartbeat. It was a night of intimacy, of secrets shared, and of a love that had ignited despite the odds.

But when I awoke the next morning, Dominic was gone, leaving behind only the fading traces of our passion. Confusion and a sense of abandonment gripped me, I smiled before getting up to find him. Recollection of last night’s passionate moment flooded my memory making me blush.

I stepped out of his room and ventured down the corridor, hushed voices reached my ears.

Driven by an irresistible curiosity, I trailed the hushed whispers, my heart hammering in my chest, until I stood before a door left slightly ajar. Gently pushing it open, I was met with a sight that left me utterly stupefied. Inside the room, Alpha Dominic stood at the center, flanked by his parents, engrossed in a grave conversation.

Even though my presence should have been detectable to a werewolf’s acute senses, the intensity of their discussion seemed to have absorbed their attention completely, leaving me undetected. I couldn’t help but suspect that I might be a subject of their heated discourse.

“I can’t believe you’ve mated with the wolfless omega, Dominic,” his mother, Carolyn, remarked, her voice dripping with an evident disdain that sent a chill down my spine.

His father’s agreement was notable, and he nodded solemnly. “She’s not only from an omega bloodline, but she’s human, son. She’s weak and unfit. This is a disgrace to our pack. You should have been more cautious.”

Alpha Dominic’s response carried a touch of vulnerability that tugged at my heartstrings. “Am I not strong enough to protect her?”

His mother, Carolyn, remained steadfast in her stance, her words firm and unyielding. “If other packs were to learn that you’ve mated with a human, they’d perceive us as weak. We’ve built this pack on strong foundations over decades. We won’t let you jeopardize it. She’s not fit to become the Luna of this pack. A Luna must command respect from all. People will ridicule us. You’re next in line to become the alpha, though many already regard you as one, but you’re not officially an alpha yet. Don’t force us to seek a more suitable candidate for that title.”

Alpha Dominic’s tone carried a strong suggestion of disdain as he asked, “Then what do you suggest I do?” The tension in the room was notable.

“We’ve already extended a marriage proposal to Beta Morgan for his daughter, who would be a perfect fit for the role of Luna,” his mother declared.

A suffocating sensation gripped me as I absorbed the words, the weight of the situation settling in. Dominic’s parents had not only rejected me for being wolfless but also for being an omega.

The bond we had shared just the previous night now felt like a fragile thread ready to snap. I could not deny the painful truth any longer—I was not only an outsider within the pack, but I was also an outsider within my own mate’s family. The realization stung, leaving me with a profound sense of isolation and heartache.

In the wake of their revelation, the room descended into an oppressive, suffocating silence, as if they had suddenly sensed an intruder. My heart, gripped by an agony I had never before experienced, bore the crushing weight of their rejection like a relentless tidal wave, leaving me drowning in a sea of despair.

I stood there, tears welling in my eyes, feeling vulnerable and exposed, caught in the midst of this painful revelation. The bond we had shared, the intimacy of the night, now seemed like a distant dream shattered by the harsh light of reality.

Suddenly, Alpha Dominic’s gaze pierced through the room, locking onto mine with eyes that bore an unmistakable mix of turmoil and conflict. In a matter of seconds, they stood before me—Alpha Ralph and Luna Carolyn—both of them regarding me with a disdain so evident it made me feel as though I could simply vanish into thin air.

“Do it!” His mother urged him.

Dominic’s voice trembled as he spoke again, addressing the turmoil within him and the pressure from his parents. “Freya Stoneheart,” he said, his tone heavy with regret, “I, Alpha Dominic, reject you as my mate and future Luna.”

Those words hung in the air, a painful proclamation that marked the end of a brief, intimate story, it was like a one-night stand.

The shock of his rejection pierced through me, leaving a deep wound that I knew would take a long time to heal.

Chapter 2

Alpha Dominic’s not-so-shocking rejection. My heart weighed heavy as I turned my back on the Alpha’s opulent mansion, each step echoing with the reverberations of a shattered dream, retracing my path through the once-familiar forest that now seemed imbued with a melancholic air.

The laughter and joy of the pack’s harsh celebration, a memory now etched with a touch of bitter irony, felt like a fading echo, hauntingly reminding me of the profound loss I had endured.

Returning to my modest home was a bittersweet experience, a bitter pill to swallow. My Omega parents, who had perpetually borne the burden of being outsiders, had long harbored hatred towards me.

But as I stepped into our horrid home, their faces twisted with disdain and judgment. Their disappointment was notable, a painful reminder that I had failed them as much as I had failed myself. The pack’s rejection of me had tainted their dreams, and I couldn’t bear the weight of their cruelty any longer.



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