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His mate

His mate

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Dorothy White half- breed wolf is the daughter of fearless King Amber of the Gemini Pack and ruler of the Zeniths Empire. She grew up knowing nothing about her father’s plans to penance her future to the moon goddess. Several exercises were made to bind her with Josh Albertson, the ruthless Alpha rogue and pledge on her behalf to be his Luna. …….. Why did he do such act? Funny enough, after this, she discovered herself in mist of conspiracies of known and unknown relatives and kindred friends. Dylan McLennan is the cold-hearted and fierce Alpha of the Beacon Moon Pack. He opposed the maltreatment of Dorothy by the bloodthirsty Alpha. Jocelyn assisted Dorothy’s half-breed wolf by transformed her to a Lycan. What will happen when the dangerous Alpha claims she’s his destined mate? Will their relationship be guaranteed…. Or would there be conflict? How would Amber cope?

Chapter 1

001 – The Reborn Genius

Dorothy’s POV

I peeked around skeptically, sipping a canned tropical fruit juice on a love seat, clouded over with an umbrella. Therefore, I sough deeply, taking off my leather slippers, and aligning my legs straight-forward before I placed them on an undersized stool beneath my thighs, and beside the sky-blue pool as liquid was falling in drops. I remained silent, using a thick orange towel to clean off moisture on my body, and intertwined a rope to my short-sleeved blouse.

I shake my head to free myself of lousy thoughts while I acted devastated. The more I focus on something irrelevant, the more it devours me, and the more violently it will bedevil me. Ancient fortes are gone, they can’t be reversed. Time is currently starving. I should rather forget, for good or bad. At least I’m alive, and there are possibilities of bringing in integral efforts to rectify the embarrassing scars in my life; however, to protect the heritage of the two worlds brought together by a freaking Moon gem.

When I was young, my mom brought up me through a transplanted womb, accepted as a debris from the beast’s naughty trash can. It’s not fictitious, I’m sure of myself. Eventually, the beast of the land gave a notice to the lycans, werewolves, vampires, and witch spirits that a new plant specie just flourished. Throughout the whole kingdom, controlled by my father, Amber White, was grieving for my birth. Despite this, I still have favorites.

Since I graduated from lower grade of my school, I encountered a lot of animosity, envy because I was born to be a genius and threat to monsters. Definitely, my mom labored two stars before the altar of the moon goddess. Is the third scared of the Lycans or badass heroes? My situation was pathetic… . Well, it occurred as a result of some silly mistakes made by my parents, most especially my father. I wonder. Do I come to the wrong world? Shifters and Lycans from different Packs in the Zenith Empire are hunting for me day and night to be their mate.

How would I cope?

Their prospects are impossible.

And now, I’m wishing for a fresh evolution.

The reason for being imperiled by Lycan men have never uninvolved the shady and barbaric incidents of the Petrov Witches, headed by Theresa, including Alpha Adan. She uttered profanity to the female Lycans for looting her magic scarf.

I’m wishing for a unique revolt in the Lycan’s kingdom.

I’m wishing to be the greatest Alpha female and a Luna of the Night Walker Pack, and the Lycan Blood Pack when I turned twenty-four.

Who would be the successive Alpha of my father’s Pack? At septuagenarian age; but, his youthful rigid bones and unruly claws, which were used to conquer the predatory demon of the ex-lord in the royal dynasty, are gone. We need a competent heir to complete… .

“Oops. Alpha Adan,” I chuckled, scoffing at his portrait flashing in my brain.

“No. No, and No; never! He doesn’t fit that position; he will be the anti-Christ of this Empire by emerging craps.” I huffed. At opening my eyes, I ducked my head below the seat’s rest as sounds of foot strides travelled across the pool.

I took a sweater scaled on a hanger, placed beside the love seat. I felt like getting myself covered, since I don’t know who was coming towards the swimming pool. Thereon, I darted menacingly as if somebody hurt my feelings, yet an in-depth sound which seem like a vibrating engine echoed again.

Alpha Adan gasped deeply, creeping to my back, and took a sachet of crispy chickpeas beside my juice; however, I watched my left while I kneeled somewhat on the love seat. As he was taking a chunk of this food crunchy, the noise from the sachet tried to shift my awareness backward by turning my neck slightly. I initiated clicking my fingers as it seems nobody was coming; yet after then, I halted as a squeeze-like sound echoed into my eardrums. ‘I’m merely shocked.’ I said to myself. Suddenly, my cell phone started whizzing; and at the verge of turning back. ‘What???’ I screamed, bouncing over the seat, and hitting my legs on the floor hardly as I looked sad. Therefore, an article of my garb below my waist scraped a spiny arrow, and tore it apart. However, I never assumed that it was Adan – my eyes searched for tears but, couldn’t find it.

“It’s me, Dorothy. Why are you screaming?” he appealed to me, spreading his mouth widely as it seems I dumbfounded him. My heart started toiling from the chest, simply acting like the harbinger of death. While chewing his gums, he paused, dropping the sachet of the crispy chickpeas on the love seat. He took a short glance at the buzzing cell phone but, doesn’t know what next to do.

“Oh my Gosh. I’m doomed.” I cried out, and dive roughly into the pool. Descending on the surface of the pool, water squirted up with a great pressure. I yanked down the hood covering my hair, and keeps on testing my grasps. Then, I stared into the direction of the Great Sun, catching a glimpse of Adan standing by the stool.

Why did you flee from me?

I never guessed that Adan could portray a timid quality; yet, he jabbed my mind badly. What has he come to do here? He’s a tall coconut tree in his Pack, and I’m a taller plantain tree in my Pack. A Beta female.

I remembered a letter delivered by my lover’s Omega. Perhaps, it might be calling my attention to some issues that snagged him, but, we shall see on Christmas. I don’t understand both of them, their Pack is troublesome; nonetheless, his Beta, the second in command, still had passion for me. Not only that, and for my objectives.

“Hi! Ad-an. Aah!” I spoke out in a broken tone. ‘Even if I have a gift for you, won’t you have it?’ he said, challenging and scowling blissfully at me.

“I’m so sorry”

“Ok. Mom would celebrate her birthday next week. Actually, I’m a special guest, and I need you to arrange the event schedule for us.” He narrated.

I massaged my hips with my palm, then discovered that my lingerie had gone. I’m half-naked. ‘Fuck this shit!’ I snorted in shame. And meanwhile, this bloodthirsty Lycan standing on the floor focused his retina on my genitals.

For what purpose??

He shook his head pensively, ‘Yeah. Good’ he whispered, diverting his sight away from me.

“What are you doing, Adan?”


“You just crossed the breach of agreement composed by the moon goddess to protect my father’s kingship in any aspect” I hollered, giving him a belligerent look.

“Aww. Nope”

“But what have I done?” He asked, shrugging as if my words don’t make any sense to him.

Now, it’s time to hold a larger stake in becoming the Alpha of the Night Walker Pack; thus, to succeed King Amber. He would acknowledge who could assist him, never minding if it’s the goddess or beast of this Empire, in fact, the trending Petrov Witches but, his closest Beta seems to be hurting him by defiling me. He swore that he would taste his wrath, and I might also lick the surface of his fresh bruises.

His fingers went through his dull, greasy hair, as there was frightful monster look on my face. I became bothered about my fate, and usefulness of the action he conducted by scanning through my petty developed chilled orgasm.

Chaos or Demise… .

Chapter 2

002 – Freaking Christmas!



“Hey. Oh, sorry. Let me, Uh. Fuck…” he hissed, wobbling back until a low creak derived from within, as my fist mistakenly hit his stomach. Inhale. Step sideways. Exhale. Step forward. I opened my mouth, puffing in anxiety as I couldn’t incorporate what next to do while he disposition down, and held his stomach. I pat his back, bending down and supporting my knee with the hand; moreover, I wanted to ask whether he felt more pains.

“Lol… . Never mind, Sweetie.” He exclaimed, his voice above a whisper, and feigning as though nothing happened. Comfortably, he raised his face, and I hummed in response.

He moved closer to me as I folded my arms to the chest; however, I twittered at his left hand. Watching the gift in his gasps, my eyebrows started rolling reliably. So, I was stunned at seeing the gift box changing colors like a chameleon. I cooed, ‘Wow!’. ‘The gift is awesome,’ he said, and I was force


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