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His Green Eyed Luna

His Green Eyed Luna

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BELLA SMITH, an eighteen year old high school senior, living in New York with her mother and is fated to be mated to the Alpha of the strongest werewolf pack. But with him, comes imminent dangers that will put her life on the line. RYAN BLACK, a twenty eight year old alpha who is mated with a human girl almost half his age, but that doesn’t deter him from wanting to be with her. He is extremely strong and handsome, every girls dream and also the alpha of the strongest pack, the Blood moon pack in New York. Both fated by the moon goddess, Bella's life as well as the lives people she loves. Will she be able to overcome them or did the moon goddess make a mistake in her choice?

Chapter 1


“Bella……Bella get your ass up right this instant” Shouts echoed throughout the house. Groaning, I pulled the bed cover over my head, trying to block out my mom’s shouts.

“Oh shit”

I heard her footsteps stomp up the stairs and towards my room. I bet she’s mad. I heard my room door slam open and before I could pull the covers to look at her, she did me the honors and pulled them off me.

"Ughh mum” I whined peeling open my eyes slowly to look at her.

"Don't you use that tone on me, young lady, you're gonna be late for school if you don't get up right now to get ready, and I wouldn't want you to start your first last day with a bad record, so get up" she raved in her all too motherly tone……which I secretly loved.

“Fine…fine, I’m up” I grumbled before trotting towards the bathroom.

“Love you baby” she chortled.

"Love you too mum" I drawled with a smile.

'God I look like a homeless squirrel', I thought to myself upon seeing my reflection in the mirror. As quickly as I could, I did my morning routine and then picked out my outfit which was a pair of boyfriend jeans, a white baggy shirt, and a pair of white sneakers. I packed my curly hair up in a messy bun and after spritzing my Dior perfume, I was good to go.

I jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen to see my mom dish out my breakfast, pancakes, and bacon,mmm yummy. “ Slow down Bella or you’ll choke” my mom cautioned.

"I'm gonna be late mum. Thanks for breakfast" I said in between bites.

“You’re welcome honey, have a good first day okay”

"I will Mum thanks"

Gulping down my glass of orange juice, I pecked her cheeks before dashing out the door and down the street.

Clifford High School wasn't very far so I usually walked to school. My name's Bella Smith, I just turned eighteen and my dad died when I was three years old. Honestly, I don't really remember much of him but my mom always told me that he was the best husband and father anybody could ever ask for and that I inherited his green eyes and chestnut hair from him.

“Bella” a screeching voice pulled me back to reality. That’s my best friend Rose, we’ve been friends since junior year and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her, not like I’d ever tell her that.

"Hey, Rose" I barely manage to voice out as she engulfs me in a tight hug. "Uh not breathing properly, check," I said smiling.

“Oh shut it, I’ve missed you so so much girlie, I have so much to tell you” she squealed, locking hands with me and pulling me towards our lockers.

“And then I met this guy and gosh he’s so cute. Are you even listening Bella?” she pouted.

“Sure I am” I replied while closing my locker.

"What was my last sentence?" She asked while giving me that look that says ' I can't believe you'


“You see, you’re not even listening” she pouted in a small voice, guilt-tripping me. It worked every time.

“Alright I’m sorry, I promise I’ll listen this time” I promised, pulling her cheeks playfully.

"Lemme hear about your oh-so-awesome trip while you walk me to class, my lady?” I said in a fake British accent.

"Fine but you better listen to me this time or else you'll pay for both our lunches for a whole month" she threatened.

“Aye aye captain” I saluted, laughing as we both walked together to our first class.

The class was still very rowdy when we entered as the teacher wasn’t there when we entered. “Who is that hottie?” Rose nudged me.

I looked in the direction she pointed at which was at the farthest corner of the class. Woah, he truly was handsome. “ Dunno, never seen him before. Must be a new student” I replied.

“Let’s go say hi” she dragged me before I could protest.

"Hi, I'm Rose and this is Bella," She said in a voice that she only used whenever she wanted to get a guy's attention or seem sweet, making me snicker under my breath.

The new guy looked up from his phone before flashing us a dazzling smile, boy he’s got the nicest pair of teeth.

“Hi, I’m Jake. It’s a pleasure to meet you” he smiled.

“The pleasure is all mine darling” she winked.

Feeling a bit awkward, I offered a small wave which he kindly returned. He’s nice, good to know.

“Are the seats next to you taken?” I asked politely.

“Not at all” he replied, taking his bag which he had placed on one of the seats before placing it on the ground next to him.

Thanking him, Rose and I plopped down on the seats and made small talk with Jake while waiting for the teacher to arrive. Jake was a curly-haired guy with caramel-like skin, he had pretty hazel eyes and overall he was a beauty, not that I'm crushing on him or anything like that.

“Good morning class, put away all phones and……” The teacher babbled, starting his lecture.

Finally, it was lunchtime and I couldn't be any happier. Jake tagged along with us to the cafeteria, courtesy of Rose clinging to him like he was honey, seriously, it was like she was in love or something.

"Bella, what are you getting?" Rose asked, finally realizing I was with her.

“Uh I’ll just get some chips and chicken, what about you?”

“ I’ll have the same, what about you Jake?” She asked with a dreamy look in her eyes, seriously, is this girl charmed or something?

“I’ll just get a sandwich” he replied. Jake being the nice guy he appeared to be, offered to get us our lunch and if possible, the dreamy look on Roses’ face visibly increased.

“What is wrong with you girl” I uttered as soon as he was out of hearing reach.

“What do you mean?” she asked confused.

Tutting, "I mean are you in love with him or something? Girl you've got hearts in your eyes" I teased.

Hearing that, she blushed and I groaned, “I’m sorry, he’s just so handsome Bella, it’s hard not to have a crush on him” she whined.

Sighing, “I get you babes, just be careful. I mean, we don’t even know this guy”

"I know, I'll be careful. Although he seems harmless, I'll keep my guard up" she said.

“I’m just looking out for you hun”

"I know, I'll be careful. Thanks, bestie" she smiled

“Anytime” I smiled back as I saw Jake making his way back to us.

“So, tell us something fun about yourself" Rose started a conversation, mainly focusing on Jake, of course, I mean I couldn't blame her, the guy was cute….. with me third wheeling of course.

Chapter 2


A knock resonated throughout my office, making me pause in my review of the documents on my desk.


My assistant, Sophia, pranced into my office, like a cat in what could barely be called a skirt and a tight-fitted top with three buttons undone.

“Mr Morris would like to speak with you Sir, should I let him in?” she purred.

"Yes," I grunted, shifting my focus back to my work at hand. Noticing that she was still standing there, I glanced at her, "Anything else?"

“Yes Sir, I got a call from Clifford High School, your nephew has settled in very well and also, you have a meeting at 3 o’clock at Venus” she said.

“Alright, if that is all you may leave” I dismissed her.

“If you need anything at all, I’m only a call away sir” she said in that overly sugary voice of hers and I nearly winced, clearly getting the message. The door to my office slammed open and I didn’t need to look up to know that it was Hunt


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