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Full Moon

Full Moon

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Luci
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Asher has been searching for his mate for many years but has never been lucky enough to find her until he stumbles upon the sweet and innocent Elsa. Despite her lack of knowledge about the werewolf world, Elsa is kidnapped by the pack's alpha, who will gradually win her love. However, the road to her happiness is filled with difficult trials. Asher's family does not agree with his involvement with a human and this creates tension in the relationship between Elsa and Asher. At first, Asher and Elsa constantly clash, but despite their differences, no woman drives Asher crazy like Elsa does. As time goes on, Asher realizes that he would give his entire life to protect Elsa from the dangers lurking in the herd. He considers her his mate in a full moon and will do anything to keep her safe.

Chapter 1

"Is Alpha ready to meet his mate and our Moon?". Blake, my beta, asks me.

"I've told you a thousand times not to call me Alpha, I'm your friend Blake. " I say feigning anger " And yes, I already want to meet my wolf, my mate, and his Luna. " I answer with some excitement as I fasten the last buttons of my shirt.

"Sorry Asher, it's just habit." He apologizes and without further ado leaves my room to go change, and go to the party to be held in the forest. It is a "special" party where all the wolves and she-wolves of the pack will go because today is the red moon, the most important day for the wolves. Today our Lady Moon sends us our partner, our wolf with whom we will spend eternity together, and in my case the one who will be the Moon of my pack.


"Fuck you asshole, I've told you a thousand times that when you hang out with humans you should take a good bath... you stink like them." I say as I walk down the stairs and see Blake sitting in the living room.

" Sorry, but I had to celebrate that I will now meet my mate," Blake replies with a smirk on his face.

"By the way, you should be over it by now Asher." Says my Beta seeing me standing in the middle of the room while avoiding sniffing his scent.

" That doesn't matter to you," I reply colder than usual.

"Sorry Alpha.

" Blake." I reprimand him with just that one word.

"Sorry Asher...we better get to the party already or we're going to be late. I already want to meet my mate and our Luna.

We were already in the forest and it was full of wolves and she-wolves.

I sharpen my sense of smell to detect my mate, but nothing, I can't smell anything.

"Asher, it's time to kick off the celebration," Blake says pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Ah, yeah right," I say and head to the stage.

"Good evening, pack." I say and everyone turns to look at me" Today is a special day for all of us, today many of you will meet your mate, your mate sent to you by our Lady Luna. So I hope you enjoy the ceremony and without further ado I wish you to be happy with your partner". I finish speaking and booing ensues.

"Good speech Asher." Blake compliments me.

"Yeah, whatever. You know I hate that speech thing." I say as I sneer.

"Yeah, I know... So, if you'll excuse me Alpha, I'll go get my mate." He says and pats me on the shoulder.

I've been looking for my mate for two damn hours now and I can't get a whiff of anything, I can't get his scent. Many wolves have already found their mate and me? nothing.

"Relax, maybe he's late". My wolf Jack tries to cheer me up.

In desperation, I go to the bar and order a whiskey.

"Asher." I hear Blake calling me, so I turn to where he is and I can see him with a very pretty young woman. She has a nice body, I admit it.

" Meet my mate." He says with a smile on his face.

"Nice to meet you, Alpha." The young lady greets me.

"What's your name?". I ask

"My name is Catherine.

"Well, nice to meet you, Catherine.

"And you, Asher, haven't you found your mate? Blake asks me.

" No," I answer with some anger.

" Possibly he was delayed." He tries to cheer me up.

" Possibly " I reply

" Well, we'll leave you, I hope you find her". And without further ado, they both leave, leaving me alone.

Another hour goes by and nothing, and she doesn't show up, so I decided to go to a bar in the city where humans live.

I find myself at the bar, and it seems that the alcohol is already taking effect because I start to feel a little dizzy.

Resigned, I take the last sip of my glass of whiskey and leave the bar. I move a little away from the people and am about to transform when an exquisite smell of vanilla floods my nostrils.

"Mate, mate! ". My wolf shouts.

" I know," I reply

"What are you waiting for? Look for her!

"I'm coming... how desperate

I start looking for her like crazy until I see her. She's wearing a waitress uniform and is coming out of a fast food restaurant; without hesitation, I walk over to her and wrap my arms around her waist.

"Mine, mine alone. I feel her tense as I whisper those words in her ear.

" Excuse me?". My mate says as he tries to pull away from me. I intensify my grip, I move closer to her neck and inhale her arousing scent strongly making her tense up more, but there is something different, I inhale strongly and there I realize, she is a human.

I roughly pull away from her and turn to look at her.

" IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE!?". I yell as I turn to the sky and grab my hair in frustration, causing the stupid human to give a little jump.

" Excuse me are you okay?". She asks me as she tries to get closer to me.

" Don't touch me! ". I say in disgust. "This can't be happening to me.

I feel the rage start to take over me, I feel my bones start to break and then it happens; I turn into a wolf, I turn to see her and she looks at me in fear.

" Oh, my god." She says as she moves a little away from me.

I rush towards her ready to attack her, but my wolf stops me.

" Don't do it, please... I beg you." Jack, my wolf, pleads with fear.

I let out a sigh and break away from her. I run into the forest, my wolf starts howling with sadness for rejecting our mate.

I wake up because of the sun's rays shining through my window. Then, all the memories of the night before come back, and again the anger takes over me.

I get out of bed in frustration and head to the kitchen.

" Good morning, Asher." Blake greets me as he walks into the kitchen.

" Good morning," I reply coolly.

" What's wrong with you now?

" I found my mate," I say as I grab a glass of water and take a sip.

"And that's why you're like this... Didn't you already want to meet her?

"She's a fucking human! ". I shout angrily as I slam the glass on the wall making my beta startle.

"What? But that can't be. A wolf and a human can't be a couple.

" I know, but her scent is arousing and intoxicating," I say in frustration, remembering her exquisite scent.

" And what did you do?" she asks expectantly

" I was about to kill her," I say and turn to see her reaction, which is one of astonishment.

"Tell me it's not true." She says with some trepidation.

"I was about to. But my wolf stopped me." I notice how he relaxes at my words.

"And what do you plan to do?

" I have no fucking idea," I say as I bring my hands to my temple.

" Are you going to refuse her?

" I already did," I answer sharply

"But you can't do that.

" Why not?" I say with some anger. "I'm the Alpha, I can do whatever the hell I want". I raise my voice and courage takes over me again.

"If the Committee finds out, you'll be removed from office". My beta says and for a second I start to assimilate what she told me, in a way she is right because we cannot reject our partners, it would be like an offense to our Lady Luna.

" You are right," I say as I try to calm down.

"Then what are you going to do?

" I will bring her to live here," I say with obviousness.

" And do you think she wants to?

" I don't give a shit if she wants to or not.

Chapter 2

I look at the clock on the wall of the restaurant, it reads 10:27 p.m., three minutes to go, so I start to put everything in order, once the clock shows the time I say goodbye to my companions and start the way to my apartment which is a few blocks away.

As I walk, I can't help but think about how much my life has changed. Just a few months ago I was living locked up because of my father, who sold me out. When my mother died everything fell apart, my father became an alcoholic and in a drunken binge to get money to keep drinking, he sold me. The men who bought me were cruel, they mistreated me until they almost left me dead, my whole body is full of scars, so I don't like to wear clothes that show my arms or legs.

One day I was in the room where they kept me locked up when I heard them talking that it was time for Elsa, meaning me, to work. At first, I didn't understand until that night, when that man came into the room and started groping me. I tried to p


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