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Forbidden Bloodlines

Forbidden Bloodlines

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Eloise, you shouldn't be here," Kael growled, narrowing his eyes as he approached her. Eloise couldn't help but shiver as she looked up at him. Despite their differences, there was an undeniable attraction between them that they couldn't ignore. "I couldn't resist," she whispered, stepping closer. "I had to see you." Kael took a step back, his hand hovering over his sword. "You're playing a dangerous game, Eloise. If anyone finds out..." "I know," Eloise interrupted, moving even closer until she was pressed against his chest. "But I can't control how I feel about you." Kael hesitated, but then he pulled her closer and kissed her fiercely. They were risking everything by being together, but in that moment, nothing else mattered. As they pulled away from each other, struggling to catch their breath, they knew that their love was not allowed, and there could be serious consequences. But they were willing to fight for their relationship, even if it meant risking everything for a future together. In a world where powerful goddesses ruled with strict control, Eloise and Kael had to be careful in their love for each other. They had to take big risks to stay together. Will their deep love be enough to overcome the dangers that threaten to tear them apart, or will their love lead to their downfall? This is a thrilling story of forbidden love and dangerous secrets that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.



My friend Aria called to me from behind the garden hedge, saying, "Eloise, you look fantastic in that dress! Where are you going?"

I playfully gestured for her to be quiet with my finger to my lips and whispered, "Shh! Do you want to get me caught?"

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone as long as you take me with you," Aria replied.

"Of course, that's why I brought this for you." I showed her a stylish red dress.

I was all set to sneak out for a night of dancing, and I wanted my best friend to join me. Even though I was less than a month away from turning eighteen, I often looked older, especially when I dressed up.

With my tall, slender figure, tanned skin, chestnut brown hair, and eyes that were a captivating blend of blues with a hint of lavender, I had a unique beauty due to my werewolf heritage. Being born as an alpha female and the future Queen, my genetics guaranteed my beauty, but it didn't guarantee royal treatment.

Tonight, all I wanted was a break. I had chosen a daring black dress with real diamonds on the front, paired with laced-up black heels.

Being a female alpha also gave me an aura that could make anyone submit to me, but I rarely used that power. It wasn't my goal for tonight. I just wanted to escape the supernatural world for a while and have fun with my best friend, something we didn't get to do often.

Aria had been my handmaid since I was a child. In public, we had to keep up the appearance of a princess and her servant, but in private, we were equals, like sisters. Aria was shorter than me with smooth dark skin, long black hair, and mysterious hazel eyes.

Aria put on the red dress and black heels, and I styled her hair into an elegant bun. I had just learned about a new club opening in a nearby human city and didn't have time to inform Aria in advance.

In my pack, lower-ranking wolves like Aria were typically servants and were not allowed to form bonds outside of the Alpha and Beta. I couldn't even use our mental connection to inform her.

The customs in my pack were strict. We were the ruling kingdom, and maintaining standards was essential to uphold our titles, according to my mother.

I tied my own hair into a bun and put on a curly red wig, taking extra precautions.

Werewolves often frequented the human world. With the strict rules of pack life and the allure of the power we wielded, even lower-ranked werewolves felt like royalty around humans.

A stern-looking man checked our IDs, clearly doubting our age. "Real IDs, not fakes," he said bluntly.

"It's my birthday today, and I've just turned old enough. No need for a fake ID anymore, sir," I said softly, pretending to be shy but excited.

The bouncer gave us a stern look, so I flashed my most charming smile. He sighed in annoyance but allowed us to enter. Aria and I were thrilled as we took the elevator to the top floor.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, we went straight to the bar and ordered a dirty martini and shots of tequila. It took more alcohol to intoxicate a werewolf, and it wore off faster than in humans, but we were determined.

While sipping my martini and scanning the room, my eyes were drawn to a tall man in a black t-shirt and dark jeans. I couldn't take my eyes off him, even though I had no intention of being unfaithful to my boyfriend. There was something about him that intrigued me.

With jet-black hair, a chiseled face, and a body defined by pure muscle, I could sense his alpha presence from a distance. He stood nearby, sharing a laugh with another man who looked similar, perhaps a brother, but with blond hair.

"Are you even paying attention to me?" Aria interrupted, snapping her fingers in front of my face. I swatted her hand away and continued to admire the man's physique from afar.

"Whoa!" Aria exclaimed, her words suddenly halted by a gasp. "Wow, he's incredibly good-looking! I completely understand why you've been ignoring me for the past five minutes. Go strike up a conversation with him!" Aria playfully swatted my rear end, encouraging me to approach him.

"No, not at all. I have a boyfriend. That man is just really good-looking," I said, trying not to show how much I liked him.

"I didn't mean you should sleep with him. I just meant you should talk to him. You'll be 18 soon, and then you'll be with Theo forever."

"Hey! Why call him a 'dipshit'? I thought you and Theo were friends."

"No, I can't stand Theo, and Damon is a jerk, as you know. I get along with Asher, though. I'd date Asher without any reservations."

"You're different, Aria," I sighed, watching the handsome man as he walked away.

"I turned 18 a few years ago. Trust me, not having a mate messes with your hormones every day. I hate our pack rules, but it's hard to fight them when our moon goddess designed women to crave mates and offspring so intensely that we want to mate constantly." Aria took a deep breath, then drank her drink and mine too. "It's time to find someone to ease the tension." Aria grabbed a stranger's drink and downed that one too.

Wolves had to find a mate before 25, or they'd be forced into an arranged marriage. A female needed to be marked, and a male needed to mark a female, or they'd lose their humanity. It was our way because werewolves were deeply tied to family and pack bonds. Lone wolves were seen as unnatural and would turn into savage beings over time.

"Sorry, babe. Blame the moon goddess for making you unmated wolves so... passionate," I chuckled.

"We'll see about that."

"I have Theo, so I won't understand your struggle."

"Yeah, we'll see." Aria gave me a look and approached an attractive guy.

She didn't think Theo was my destined mate. She believed he couldn't protect me or understand my needs. My parents wanted Theo for me, but he was what I wanted. Aria teased me, saying I was acting out my Daddy's issues. She didn't get the need to please my Alpha, who was also my father.

I watched her easily win the attention of the attractive human, pulling him away from another girl. Aria wasn't just stunning; she was charming. When she unleashed her seductive charm, no one could resist her. I usually didn't flirt like that. I had Theo, so I didn't need to.

I texted her that I was going to explore and catch up later. I stood in the elevator, studying the club map. As the doors were closing, a tall man rushed in. He steadied himself by holding my shoulders. He stood next to me, and I was momentarily speechless.

"Oops! I'm sorry. I'm in a..." He began to apologize but then looked up, his eyes widening when they met mine. I gasped, almost moaning at the contact, and he smiled devilishly.

"Hello, beautiful. I'm Levi. What's your name?" He put his arm around my waist and twirled my red hair with his other hand.

"Uh... Aria," I stammered, accidentally blurting out my best friend's name.

The elevator chimed, signaling its arrival, and I quickly moved away and headed down a dimly lit corridor. I had unknowingly stepped into a trap floor, designed to ensnare club patrons. As I turned a corner, I almost ran into an obstacle: a young man.

"What the... Asher?" I exclaimed in surprise.

"Who are you, gorgeous?" Asher asked, pulling me closer. He didn't recognize me due to my disguise, and my scent had been masked with perfume and magic.

"I don't really know. But hey, I think I recognize you. You're the future Beta of the Blood Moon, right?" I acted coy, not revealing my true self but enjoying a bit of teasing. My hands moved up to his shoulders, and I delicately pressed against him.

Leaning in closer, I whispered in his ear, but then I heard familiar laughter nearby. I quickly distanced myself from Asher and peeked around the corner to see Theo against a wall, with a woman between his arms.

A rush of jealousy and hurt overwhelmed me, a feeling I'd never had before. Although I couldn't hear their conversation, the woman seemed quite amused, and Theo let her touch him. To make it worse, he whispered into her ear for what felt like an eternity before kissing her cheek. I felt like time had stopped as I watched.

She eventually left the corner, and Theo greeted his friend Damon before they both headed in the same direction. Somehow, I knew he was meeting up with her.

My mind was in chaos. Was he planning to be with her? Did he come here often? Had he been cheating on me all along? How could he do this to me?

A hand circled my waist, pulling me from my thoughts. I looked up at Asher with disgust. He knew about this and never told me. While I wasn't particularly close to Damon, I had considered Asher my best friend.

I threw a punch, hitting his throat and sending him to the floor, clutching his neck. Without hesitation, I turned and rushed back to the elevator, my eyes welling up with tears, although I refused to let them see me cry.

"Hey, beautiful! Wait!" Levi's husky voice called to me, but I was too angry to respond. I kept running towards the elevator, my anger now turning into a determined revenge.

'How dare he use us this way! How dare he think so little of us! We're the princesses of wolves, damn it. One day, I'll be Queen, and he cheats on us. He'll pay twice over for the pain he's caused,' my darker side, Liana, declared in my mind.

"Damn it! Your eyes," Levi whispered as he approached and cupped my cheek. I was aware that my eyes showed a swirling mix of blue and purple with streaks of dark silver, a sight he had never seen before.

My rage had made me blind to the fact that I was now in the elevator, standing next to this perfect man. I blinked a few times to make my eyes return to their usual appearance.

'I'll leave for now, but he'd be a great distraction to forget all about that scoundrel Theo,' Liana stated, retreating into my subconscious after injecting a few enticing visions of how Levi could help me erase the pain.

Levi chuckled at my newfound boldness, which only irritated me further. I was no longer acting like the proper, innocent princess, at least not on this night. I grabbed the back of his neck, pulled him close, and kissed him passionately, taking him by surprise.

He held me close against his body, his hands exploring my form. He nibbled on my lower lip and I couldn't help but moan softly, giving his tongue access. In that moment, I couldn't deny him anything. Just moments ago, I was in deep emotional pain, but now I was lost in pleasure.

His touch was demanding and fervent, matching the rhythm of his tongue. These were passionate, almost desperate kisses that left my lips bruised but craving more, unable to bear the thought of them stopping.

He pressed me against the elevator doors, gripping my thighs firmly as his core pressed against mine. In response to his silent question, I wrapped my legs around him. My hands found purchase on his shoulders for support as I moved my hips up and down, eliciting primal growls from his throat.

I moaned, encouraging him to go on. My fingers pulled his hair, and his skilled hand moved over my panties, feeling my increasing wetness. He growled again, driven by my arousal, as his lips traveled down my neck. His hand pushed aside my dress, revealing my breast for his mouth to please my nipple. Waves of pleasure swept over me, and I never wanted this feeling to stop.

I knew he wanted to tear my clothes off and make love to me right there by the elevator doors. Thrusting into me with intense passion until we both reached an incredible climax. That was until the bell rang and the elevator doors opened, snapping him back to reality.

"Damn it!" He muttered softly as he reluctantly pulled away from me.

I looked up at him, overwhelmed by fear, realizing how close I had been to giving in to his desires. My eyes filled with tears, making him feel uneasy. He knew I was a wolf, and he understood that our sexual instincts could be more primal than human.

In that moment, I felt a mix of emotions - shame, confusion, and hurt. My body was a battleground for conflicting feelings, leaving me uncertain about how to proceed. It was clear that I needed to distance myself from this captivating person, whose seductive gaze and tempting touch could lead me down a regrettable path.



I quickly left the elevator and ran toward the front doors, not stopping until I reached the woods. I've never had such a strong desire to escape as I do right now.

Liana said, "Welcome to my daily life," and in my mind, I understood our shared connection and similar experiences.

On their 16th birthday, all werewolves go through a transformation, but mine didn't happen. A few months ago, I started hearing a voice inside my head. At first, I thought I was going crazy, but I soon realized it was my dormant wolf speaking to me. I knew there was some sort of magic involved, but I kept this discovery to myself.

Our inner wolf is a significant part of us, like having a split personality when influenced by alcohol or drugs. It's still us, but with less self-control, weaker morals, and a strong desire to mate. One side is human with values and rational thinking, while the other is a primal beast with basic instincts.

At 18, we ca


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