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Elias doesn't want to have a mate because of the things that happened to his late mother. He was kidnapped alongside his mum some years back by some rogues and his mum had to go through immeasurable pain because of his father - the mate bond. Elias had witnessed his mother's agony and anguish and when he was finally saved from that place, he had vowed never to have a mate. Then there is Layla Jakobson, a beautiful and strong female werewolf who has dedicated most of her life to her pack - Forest Green Pack. Her brother who is the Alpha, is a cripple and has been so discouraged about life till Layla starts taking pack duties seriously and gives the pack a form. He is eager to find her a mate as Layla seems very negligent towards that area of her life and immerses her life and time in pack politics. Meet the Alpha of the biggest and wealthiest Pack - Elias Vladmir - and the woman who his years of self control, cannot control - Layla Jakobson. Would Elias live up to his vow or would Layla's care free and hot headedness melt him especially when her best friend who is in love with her, arrives in Elias' Pack as a gift from her brother, to be her bodyguard?


"Father, why are you doing this? I have made it plain to you that I don't want this" said Elias"You have no say anymore in this son. I have given you two good years off and that is enough. I'm fixing a ball and we either find your mate or get you a mate" said Ollen"But, I do not want a mate""Then how can you be the Alpha? Don't let my issues put you in this state Elias. I know the reason you don't want to do this is because…because of your…""It's enough dad. Let's leave mum out of this. I'll do this and get this over with once and for all""This is the last thing to be done for you to finally take my place. You know I deserve some rest son""When do you plan on fixing the ball?""On your thirty second birthday. It is a splendid day don't you think?""That is in two days. It is not enough to make all the preparations required!" exclaimed Elias, trying to make excuses."Maybe for you newbie Alpha but not for this former Alpha""You are not yet former Mr Vladmir" said Elias with a gruff."Tell that to the excitement and relief I'm already feeling. No more long nights and stressful days. I can finally travel to different packs and learn their ways. Come by tomorrow noon, let me give a rundown of important things you need to know""Sure dad" said Elias before closing the door to the room gently.Turning on his swivel chair to face the fireplace, Alpha Ollen gave a soft yet sad smile."We would finally get to see your wish fulfilled Linnea, my love" he said and a tear fell off his right eye. He wiped it off quickly as he recalled one of his dreams where Linnéa was in - she made him promise not to cry because of her and now he was breaking that promise."I have a party to prepare. No time to get all sloppy" he said out loud before jumping to his feet and grabbing a huge grey coat."I can't believe it, Elias Vladmir - the sworn bachelor is finally going to be hooked for eternity" said Kent with mirth and tease cloaking his words."There is nothing to be excited about. I am just doing it for my dad.""Yeah! I am sure Alpha is getting all joyous about this and invitations are being sent as we speak but I pity whoever my Luna is going to be""Why would you say such?" Elias asked, feigning anger."Both of us know you are not going to pay her any mind'"That shouldn't be her issue, she would be mated to the Alpha of the largest and wealthiest pack. She should be more than happy.""I can't wait till you find your mate and watch you feel so incapable of leaving her side""Not going to be my story" said Elias with determination in his glassy eyes."Both of us have always been rakes but look at me after Sara. I can't bear to think of myself with another lady and Sara would definitely have my head" said Kent as he shivered a little, thinking of his mate chopping off his head."The sparks, the bond and the love, we were made for all those Elias and they are our strengths…" continued Kent but Elias cut him off."As well as our weakness. Now, no more of that, my brain is still all fuzzy with this situation I just agreed to.. Let's go have a drink to celebrate our last days of freedom as we would soon be laden with the responsibilities of Cobalt Stone Pack.""We? What do you mean by we?!""An opportunity to serve the people, Our Pack, as the Beta of Cobalt Stone Pack""You…you, want me to be your Beta?" asked Kent, doubt super evident in his voice."Do you have issues with that?" asked Elias."No…I mean yes but…""Grab your coat and the masks, let's head out. It's going to be colder by this time of the night""Caring for me already Alpha Elias!" said Kent with a wink and that action caused Elias to cringe."Don't do that again. It sounds so odd, though I did make a lady say that on my d*ck tonight""Sounds so much like you!" said Kent as he picked their masks. A black mask with golden edges for Elias and a navy blue mask with silver rims for himself.Grabbing his black horse while the soon to be Beta grabbed his seal brown horse, the two mounted and were soon riding swiftly into the night - with the black horse some paces ahead, and the other trudging behind. When they were close to the underground house they stopped and wore their masks and black gloves.The underground house is a house not known to many and the few that knew of its existence were the super rich and elites. There are rules that guide this house and there are classes of the women made available for the men. The men have a permit that states the kind of women they could have access to. Elias has a harem of his own and his women served him only and no other - they were four women in total. After passing through the normal security check up for weapons and identity, they were allowed in."Nice to have you here again" said the old woman known as Gilda who knew them by their masks. They presented their cards and Elias was given the key to the suite where his women were while Kent opted for the bar. "My Lord" saluted the women simultaneously as they bowed deeply on Elias' entry."You may rise" said Elias and they straightened themselves. They were wearing very skimpy outfits and the youngest of them looked almost completely naked. They came closer to him and stood round him as they began to take off his clothes."It took you a while to come see us again my Lord" said the one taking off his coat."We thought you had forgotten entirely about our existence" another piqued."How can I?" he asked rhetorically before planting a kiss on her neck. "You all smell so nice. I wish I can have you all at once""You can my Lord" they screeched happily at once. Unclothed until he was only in his trousers, he moved to the black single couch that stood at the corner of the room. He sat down and watched as his ladies scampered to the back of the linen curtain that separated the room he was in and the bedroom. Usually, it was a lady or at most two for a night and the next night, the turn of those he didn't sleep with but thinking of the life he was about to live - the life of being tied down by something he had no interest in, he decided to take on all his ladies.The first lady stood behind the linen curtain and removed all her clothings and even did a little seductive twirl but he sat there and stared. His wolf was feeling antsy, like something was about to happen. He couldn't quite explain it but his wolf wanted to tear through his skin and he closed his eyes as he tried to clear his mind.Before the third lady could completely pull off her outfit, Elias had torn down the curtain from its hold and the ladies gasped."It seems you could not wa…" the third lady said but before she could complete what she was saying, Elias grabbed her face and kissed her roughly. Her body felt wild and she began to squirm her body in his hold. She reached out her hand to touch his mask but he held her hand away and held it behind her."Seems you are beginning to forget the rules Kia. On no account are you permitted to touch me!" said Elias angrily and with that he lifted her from her neck before flinging her towards the bed.Horror was written on the faces of the ladies as they looked at him. His baby blue eyes had changed colour and were looking dark - almost too dark. He closed his eyes as he tried forcing whatever was erupting this reaction from him but nothing changed and then, a loud bang was heard.A fight seemed to be going on downstairs! What group had the audacity to intrude into such a fortified place - they were definitely in for a thorough beating. The sound seemed to distract Elias and with the sound came a scent.Grabbing his clothes but not putting them on, he went to check on what was going on and the owner of the appetizing jasmine and gardenia scent. It was soothing and at the same time, driving him crazy.Feeling like a war was ongoing the ladies wrapped themselves in the sheets they could reach and went after the only person they knew could protect them even though they knew he was in a bad mood.Looking down from upstairs,Elias saw what or rather who was causing the noise and coincidentally that same person was the source of the scent that was infiltrating his lycan nostrils and senses."Is that who I think it is?" Elias asked himself.


CHAPTER TWO "I don't care what my brother would say if he finds out I ran out of the palace to go after this traitor because this is my only chance. It is either now or never" said Layla to herself as she giddied her horse to gallop faster.Layla Jakobson is the only sister to Alpha Erik of Green Forest pack. Alpha Erik is a crippled lycan whose legs could not heal after an attack by some rogues. They had pinned him down and injected him with an insane amount of wolfsbane. He could have died but thanks to the timely intervention of the pack doctor, who had been able to save his life but not his legs. He continued ruling as the Alpha but there was a limit to the things he could do and as such, Green Forest Pack began to experience decline in many areas. Alpha Erik had then immersed himself in alcohol - though as a lycan he could not get completely drunk but it had made his days slothful and lazy. Layla had taken it upon herself to see to the well being of


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