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"how dare you?!" Louisa looked at the man before her and gasped in realization "What?! Cat got your tongue?" _____ Louisa is a volunteer doctor at the Shadowville pack. She is a part of the Alpha’s family, and she is a perfect young woman but one thing that hinders her from an all round perfection was that she was without a mate. Miles is a rogue with family issues in his bid to find his true identity. He gets into an accident in which Louisa comes in as the shining goddess who saved him. A magnetic attraction soon begins to manifest and no matter how hard Miles denies it, his wolf craves Louisa just as much as she wants him. Can they put aside their differences and accept that Cupid's arrow has pierced through their hearts?

Chapter 1

"Ready, set, go!!!" An excited voice called from within the jungle. It was the sound of a little girl. Excited chattering also followed the little girls command. The shuffling of little feet was heard as the children all struggled to see who would take the lead. A loud cheer arose from their ranks as two wolves got to the end of the line and turned around running back. The sound of pounding hoofs was heard as both wolves ran back. The leading wolf was a black wolf with black eyes. It was leading the other wolf which was a grey one with green eyes. The black wolf got back to the starting point leading the other wolf with a fraction of a second. The children all cheered as both wolves panted and tried to get their breathing. When they had gotten a hold of their breaths, the grey wolf bent down and grabbed one of the hind paws of the black wolf. The black wolf howled in a low tone in delight. This led them to around of playfully grabbing each others paws. They were at this for up to five minutes while the children around them laughed clapped and danced with delight. The black wolf had probably had enough and made towards the trees followed closely by the other wolf. A few minutes later,two young ladies emerged from the tree line where the wolves had disappeared to. The children saw them coming and they all ran towards them but most of them went towards one of the ladies. She was a young woman in her early twenties with blonde hair and an average body build. She was also if average height and had a flower petal stuck in her hair. She was wearing jeans trousers and a lilac light chiffon blouse that was gathered around her shoulders with an elastic and also at the waist region. It had short flowy hands and her feet were enclosed in a pair of sneakers that were suitable for running. Her name is Louisa Jackson and the other lady beside her is Cheryl McKenney, who was Louisa's best friend. Louisa is the daughter of the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, which is located in moon county, Georgia. Her elder brother is Jordan and he's training to become the next Alpha of the pack after their father. Louisa is currently working in the pediatric section of their packs hospital. Since wolf pups can't shift yet, they were most likely to experience pain more than adults whose wolves help them heal whenever they have injuries. So, Louisa dedicated her time to study well and after she was done with her studies, she began working at the Pack's hospital much to her family's delight and her own satisfaction. Whenever she isn't at the hospital working, she's out in the jungle surrounding the pack lands running with little children, or with gerbezt friend. At times, she was also alone although her brother always did a lot to prevent her being alone. They had often heard of rogues' attacks on some of the weaker packs. Although their pack wasn't that big, they also were not strong nor too weak either. Their warriors trained daily and could take on any wolf as long as it wasn't too big for them to handle. They could also stand their own in any battle as long as four hours. Today, she was in the jungle together with a group of children and her friend. The children usually followed them whenever they saw them heading out to the jungle. In the jungle, they usually kept the childrwn entertained by shifting into their wolves and running. The children usually found their wves more approximable than they. She also usually assured the children that one day, they'd also be able to shift and run around in their wolf forms just like them. She looked to from the group of children surrounding her and dAw that the sun was setting. She gazed behind her friend who was looking down at the children around her. She seemed unbothered by the fact that none of the children were around herself. She was a pack warrior and so, her steely gaze and expression was what probably made the children shy away from her. They only approached her whenever she was in her wolf form. "Let's head back while we can still find our way back." They all heard Louisa say and all the children scattered in all directions as they went to claim whatever item they had brought to the jungle. For most of them,it was water bottles and snacks. A few of the older ones also came with either headsets or compacts. All in all, they all spread over the clearing claiming their things. Louisa used the temporal lull around her to look at her friend's profile. She looked too serious and her gaze appeared distant. "Earth to you. A penny for your thoughts." Louisa spoke out loudly beside her making Cheryl jump.

Chapter 2

The latter furrowed her gaze as she looked at the mischievous look on her friend's face. She flared get eyes in anger and stretched out her hands in false anger to swipe at her. Louisa avoided the incoming swipe and this infuriated Cheryl the more."What's wrong? Why are you distant?" Louisa asked as she looked concernedly at Cheryl. "Oh! It's nothing. I'm just being my usual self. I'm a warrior, remember?" She asked as she shot her friend a nasty look that was meant to scare someone with little or no guts. All Louisa did was to snicker at her friend. "You know you would have to do more than that in order to scare me since I'm no less a warrior myself." She told Cheryl and stuck her tongue out at her. " Then you should know a warrior isn'


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