• Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Queen amateur
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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In the history of the wolf people, two mates are destined to be together. two wolves will have an instant connection and mate. But what if our next alpha in Eden has two mates who no man or.. wolf in his right mind will ever give up? Eden is a town know for it's wolf origins and it has one special holiday dedicated to them. the lunar eclipse. the eclipse of the moon making it take the color of blood. And did I forget to add that the wolf people are not looking forward to the next lunar eclipse which fates their deaths. that's when Jackie decides to pay Eden a visit and find her mate and discover he already has one and not forgetting to add she mistakenly becomes a night wholing Monster. will she find love despite having a strong rival who's an the next alpha female in another pack that might just save the entire wolf clan and herself as well. ❤️

Chapter 1

Jackie POV

"This is Eden high school?" I asked my mother in shock as I stared at the building behind the huge open gates before me.

"Yup sweetie. This is where you'll be attending school for now on." I hear my mom say. I wasn't looking at her but with the sound of her voice I know she's smirking.

I turned to her and yup, I was right. She was smirking at me. At my misery.

"From now on, mom? You mean I will continue staying here after a term?" I asked. I hold my breath. Please say no. I love it at my old school and hated my family for moving here for the meantime.

But I can't blame them. This is all my wicked step grand father's fault.

The agreement was just for three months which means just a term in school here. That was liveable but deep down in my heart I've got a feeling that I can't trust them.

My mother sighed.

"No it's still just for three months." She said and kicked a stone in front of her. She was beside our old blue Toyota.

She is a beautiful woman and today made her hair in a tight high ponytail just like I did.

She's a red hair, my father is blond and the rest of my family I know is either blond, brunette or red hair like my mama dearie here. But I don't know where I got my crazy white rug for a hair.

Although it's beautiful and complements my ocean blue eyes which I got from my daddy dearie.

"But I wish I could leave you here actually." She mumbled but loud enough for me to hear. I believe she wants me to hear.

"Mom! Why?" I asked clutching my school bag tight and furrowed my brows.

She giggled and her amber brown eyes light with amusement. "Cause I believe this place must be full of nerds." She looked at me sternly. "Hot nerds." She smiled and winked. "Your type of people." Then she laughed at her own joke. Exposing clearly her left side dimple. The only one.

"Mom I'm not a nerd but a smart girl with glasses." I corrected whistle arranging my big rimmed glasses. It's as if I felt and noticed them only after I mentioned them. "I just have a slight eye problem. Not a nerd thank you." I frowned.

"Okay, okay!" My mother chuckled as she raised her hands in defeat. "My smart little Luna with glasses."

Ha. Eden's history with wolves. Now my mom will probably think I'll find my soulmate here.

I internally roll my eyes.

"Have fun dear." She mom suddenly takes a serious stance and had a serious look. "Be happy for me okay?"

She smiled again and placed a hand on her heart. A recent habit of hers.

"Okay mom." I smiled back. I love my mother so much and it's all because of how caring and loving she is. She loves me a lot and I'm not sure what I'll do without her.



We wave each other. I turn to enter the school. I know full well my mom won't leave until I have successfully left her sight so I hurried inside so she can do her daily duties or some errands or whatever she has to do. As a house wife.

Before me is a huge castle for a school. Not like Cinderella or beauty and the beast big but bigger than there's.

The building looks ancient yet strong and beautiful. It's colour has faded away yes, but nevertheless it's structure and design is praise worthy.

It gives the vibe of old witch yet welcome home sweetie.

I don't even understand myself actually but know this, the place looks mysterious. But a welcoming kinda mysterious. If there's any witch or wizard inside then he or she must be good. I hope.

I don't know how long I took standing there cause I heard,

"What are you still doing standing there? Yes the building is amezing but you'll be late for classes so hurry up!"

I turned back I saw my mom yelling at me and swaying her fingers back and forth shooing me away.

"Okay. Sorry." I apologised.

"Don't apologise but go!"

I hurried inside. I saw Something yellowish with my side view but did not stop to look at it.


Inside, I scanned the place. Feasting my eyes on everything I see.

The place did not look like a school but.. but... I'm not sure I know actually.

I was walking really fast in an endless hallway. I had passed a very spacious picture room. Pictures of very ancient people that I don't know were on display.

I wonder why no one is around so I could ask questions? Maybe the students are in class but what about the teachers?

Ah! I am tired of walking!

But the mysterious art drawings on the walls distracted me a little from my almost sour legs.

I moved closer to the wall at my left and touched it. They felt hard under my soft palm. I moved my palm according to it's direction and smiled to the feeling I got from it. I continued as I proceed further.

The drawings lines ended. Well according to my hands it has but I could see it's continuation.

From where it stopped I look closely at it.

I stared strangely and curiously at it for a while before bolting back at a sudden sound.

"What the hell are you doing there?" Someone asked. It wasn't a sound but a voice obviously. But the voice was masculine and deep. Very sexy and it makes me want to pur. My legs suddenly gets weak and my heart skipped not just a beat but many... I don't know how many.

Why was I suddenly like this and how could a voice affect me like that?

I turned to look at the intruder that both scared me and made me confused.

And I made a mistake by doing that. I can't breathe.

Chapter 2

Axel POV

I woke to hear the disturbing noise of teenagers coming to school.

I wonder why we had to make part of our home a school?

But it wouldn't have been any problem if I did not have sensitive hearing. We all do here.

It can be handy sometimes when I want to spy and hear what someones saying but it can also be really annoying like right now.

I have to hear useless talks from gossipers about the awesome party yesterday and how Rose Mary got pregnant and how cute I am.... Etc. It's really annoying and sometimes frustrating.

Sometimes you don't want to hear Somethings but you don't really have a choice with my type of hearing.

I've gotten used to it but on beautiful mornings like this all I want to do is complain. Complain until it goes away. But it never went away.

I sighed then proceeded to get out of bed and inside my hot shower.

After which I got ready for classes. I hate going to school. The


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