Dark realms

Dark realms

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Hood
  • Chapters: 12
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Inspector Joe was a great detective.created by Jamie in Dark Realms, she spent half of her life in books until she met Andrew who also loved books. They both decided to work on the book, they forgot that the Dein was immortal and she was not controlled by them, she was god herself. Dein noticed that it was like they were not moving forward, they kept on doing what they had done yesterday over and over and they tend to have longer days and sometimes she can't recollect what she was doing before she suddenly fall asleep. Detective Joe thought he had enough on his plate until Jamie made h lose his last relation his brother Davis, and he found out that he is best friend Detective Williams was the killer who had killed his future wife and he was part of the people who killed his brother Davis, he had never loved or trusted Williams until they were both kicked out of DISAC and they became friends over the years. The Dein went out of control when she knew that they had no God, that they were ruled by a human even though she was not sure what humans were. she changed everything Jamie and her friend wrote if it does not favour her, she became the god she was and she cause a lot of changes in her novel.

The beginning

It was late in the middle of the night, we went for some fresh air, then we decided to take a walk around the woods’. I stopped for a while and looked around.  “What's wrong, you are safe, continue talking”. He said to me, I felt assured, and I continued telling what happened that night. 

How many were you guys?

He asked, looking directly into my eye, even if I lied I will still be dead anyway, I replied

We were six in numbers, we walked for about half an hour before we decided to camp out at Alex's best spot.

I stopped talking again and this time I was more scared than before, and I asked “how secured is this place Sir?” And he replied,

“Well-secured, anyone who wants to get into this place has to have the key which is with me, so you are very safe okays,”

This time I was still not felling secured, Joe ordered his remaining members to get out of the questioning room.

They all did as he said, when they had all stepped out, he turned back to the suspect and this time something shocking happened. Her head had been ripped off her neck and blood was gushing out of her neck, Joe was in shock and he was left confused. The commander walked in and helped him out, and he could see that Joe was still in shock, so he asked

Joe will you will work on this case or Detective Williams should take it from here?

The commander was shocked to see that detective Joe wanted to continue the case, then he said,

You two will have to learn to work together to get to the bottom of this case.

The commander told Joe team that detective Williams will now be working with them, some were happy, while some were a little angry about it. Joe and his team drove to a safe house in Deep Run town. Here they got ready to review the case and since no one knew about the safe house, they should be safe from whoever that was trying to kill their suspect. They sat down around a table as they all went through the evidence that they had. As Kate was listening to the audio made from that’s day victim, she noticed that he made mention of Alex. But he was not in town. She brought what she had noticed to the whole crew, but detective Williams thought it was a waste of time. From detective Joe's view, he saw it as a great idea, but he agreed with detective Williams that it was a total waste of time. Later that evening, the crew dismissed the meeting and everyone went home.

That night, Joe assigned someone to watch Alex and his parents in Los Angeles. On his way home, he passed in front of a shopping mall that was owned by his wife's namesake. This made him remember his wife's death and the main reason he became a cop. To find his wife's murder and get justice.

The next day, he was about entering his office when he saw the security eye. Then he remembered that the security eye was installed to not allow strangers to get in, and it keeps record of how many eyes it has scanned. That means how many people that has gotten into the station. Joe ran to the security head office in the building, he asked for the records before and after he was in the questioning room. He was shocked when saw the record list, it was up to a hundred. He and his department members were going through the files without detective Williams. When he got to know that they were going through some files without him, he ran fast to Joe's office. But they were not there, he was very mad, he searched the whole building looking for them, but they were not anywhere near the station. While Joe and his crew were going through the files, they found out that detective Williams had entered the questioning room before they started to question. As they were about to check more, their system was hacked and all the files were erased. Joe tried all his best to save the files, but he could not save all, he only saved a few, and they were not even what they wanted. They headed back to the station, as they were entering, they met detective Williams on their way. “ Where are you guys coming from?” He asked detective Joe, “we are on break, right? So, why the question.” Detective Williams just steered at him as he walked past him.

Later that day, detective Williams summoned detective Joe to his office. He offered him tea and biscuits, this was unlike Williams, he was always against Joe. He also tried to kick Joe out of the station, but he was smarter. Not only that, but he ended up becoming the backbone of the whole station and his department. The last time he was this nice to him was when he tried to kill him. That was when he first got into the station, and the first time was when they worked together to capture the crazy serial killer Danny. He killed all the members of his family because he had promised them that he will kill them when he was six, and he did. He killed his secondary classmate that offended him back then. Furthermore, he made sure he killed all of them before he was arrested. Not only that, but he was just ten years old when he killed his father, he cut off his head, pilled off the skin on the head until the skull was without skin. This was not enough to call him crazy until the officer found out that he did keep the skull of everyone he had killed.


Detective Joe decided to open up the case of his wife for the second time. This time he looked so determined on getting the killer. He was ready to put aside his difference with Detective Williams and work together, but that those not change the fact that he had once tried to kill him.

' The name of the deceased was Carly Kate. She was a very easy-going woman, and we told each other everything, even if someone had offended us. She never made mention of having any disagreement with anyone that could have murdered her and left her to bleed out. ' Joe said, explaining to his team and trying to show how close they were. During that time, a report came into the station, there was a murder at a hotel, he had to pause his case and get on this.  When he got to the crime scene, the victim had bruises all over her body, like she was trying to resist whoever had hurt her. It was not like a rape, but everything was pointing towards rape. Joe did not think it was a rape, so he s


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