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Crimson Moon: A Vampire's Obsession With The Rejected Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Tasnim
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 33
  • 5.0
  • 💬 1


With mankind close to extinction due to the vampires putting them on their food chain, divinity made the werewolves the protectors of humans. Humans moved in with the wolves, and a few of them had divine powers that allowed them to build a bond together. After centuries of feuding, werewolves and vampires eventually settled on peace by establishing their empires. Nevertheless, the monarchy system only served as a way of sustaining the caste system. Lilith is the only omega who belongs to the nobility. The count household thinks of her as a bad omen for the family for being an omega in a family of alphas. Ocecia, the imperial city of the Wolf kingdom, was the homeland of the alpha emperor. The six noble families from the most influential packs that protected the wolf kingdom also resided in the royal capital of Ocecia. The noble families maintained the purity of their royal bloodline by not crossing the social barrier and marrying outside their class. They often rejected their chosen mates if they were betas or omegas. The successors from the six noble families were in the line for the throne of the alpha emperor. Vivian Pendragon, the successor of the viscount household, captured the attention of all the noble families, including the emperor himself, only at the age of sixteen. Hence, he ventured away from his homeland to get training from renowned teachers from different species, including the witches and the elves. Though the wolves would discover their pairs after coming of age, Lilith remained mateless until Vivian returned when both turned twenty-four. However, Vivian rejected Lilith without even meeting her. Regardless of the barrier to marrying outside alphas, Vivian had set his eyes on Ileana, a human, blessed by divine spirits. Lilith was like a minor character in the background, bearing no significance to anyone. Yet, she was an ace up her sleeve that no one predicted. An enigmatic vampire rose as the emperor in the vampire realm after the startling death of their previous vampire lord. Ares Reuven was a mystery to the world as he never revealed himself after inheriting the throne. Uncanny tales about Ares being the weakest Vampire Lord in centuries spread like wildfire as the man restricted the vampires from consuming human blood. Nevertheless, the old dispute between vampires and wolves began as soon as the new vampire lord fixed his gaze on the Venus stone. However, instead of the stone, what is the obsession that Ares develops when he crosses paths with a rejected wolf, a species that they despise to their core? In a society where beauty and caste take precedence regardless of talent, life takes twists and turns when the noble lords discover the unseen sight of the lowly-omega girl and the web of possession encircles Lilith. Will she be able to get out of it or will the bud of independence fall to ruin making her the plaything?

Chapter 1

"Help!" Lilith shouted

There was no sign coming from the top of the trap. Lilith helplessly stared at the two omega maids stuck with her in the pitfall.

Dread crept into Lilith's stomach as the hours seemed to crawl by. Lilith observed the two unconscious women. She had tried to wake them up several times. But it went in vain as they were taking an unknown voyage to the realm of dream

Lilith crawled into the corner of the pitfall and cradled her head in her lap, sobbing. Lilith had requested Lady Ileana a few times to return before nightfall, as the chamomile mountain was past the wolf realm.

At the edge of the mountain was the forest of the vampire realm. When Lady Ileana decided to return, the tangerine tinge of twilight had flushed the sky. They fell into the pitfalls set by either the rogues or, to make things worse, the vampires.

The knights had come to rescue Lady Ileana. Vivian Pendragon, the fledgling alpha from the viscount household, who rose as a contender for the throne of the alpha emperor alongside Duke Edward Cyfrin, had led the knights to save the divine-human. Ileana was the most precious asset of the entire wolf realm at that moment.

However, as they rescued Lady Ileana and the beta maids, the knights didn't bother to look for the other pitfall where Lilith and the omega maids got captured. Lilith discerned that the lives of a few omega maids meant nothing to the wolves.

After Vivian got occupied with protecting Ileana, he asked the other knights to rescue the rest. But the knights left them as they thought it was a waste to save the omega maids.

Lilith recalled the rejection she had experienced earlier that day. Vivian Pendragon had rejected her in the homecoming ceremony of the emperor.

As if rejecting Lilith was not enough. They ordered Lilith and a few other maids to accompany Ileana to the chamomile mountain. Lilith couldn't comprehend how Vivian abandoned her in a blink, not bothering to see her face. Though he knew his mate was stuck inside the trap, Vivian ignored his wolf and left Lilith at the bottom of the pit, yearning to get rescued.

The cloak of darkness engulfed the entire pit as Lilith got up, attempting to escape the pitfall. If they remained in the trap till morning, who knew which species would have a feast with wolf meat? Lilith tried to measure if she could climb the muddy wall in wolf form. Once getting out of it, she could call for help to rescue the unconscious maids.

Suddenly, the dried leaves creaked on the ground over the trap. Lilith shrieked and stumbled backward, clinging to the damp wall. Dirt scattered as a creature crouched on four and peered over the wide opening of the pitfall. Bloodshot eyes peeked through filthy bangs as its finger grooved into the ground.


A misty, honeyed morning in the Autumn and the greens no longer dwelled in the trees. Everything was soaked in tangerines and reds as if the entire world was on fire. The bright yellow had mingled with the orange to create small flames flickering from the branches of trees.

Misty dew had covered the vast meadow before the palace. The dwells within the palace grounds had taken on the same beige hue as their surroundings. Lilith picked up the hand-woven wicker laundry basket, heading for the lake. A beige flush stained the sky as she walked through the palace square. It was not long since Lilith turned eighteen. Though every wolf would find their mates after coming of age, Lilith assumed her mate had perhaps died or got marked by some possessive alpha, leaving her mateless.

Wagons filled with the knights had packed in the square. The heads of the six noble households had returned from their respective missions. The pleased expressions of the royal guards and the maids suggested the immense success of the wolf kingdom.

Lilith felt an overwhelming urge to peek at the Baron's carriage. Damian Hazlewood, her brother who had taken charge of the Baron household, had also ventured on a mission. Lilith saw Dianne and her other step-siblings beaming and welcoming Damian.

A smile spread across Lilith's face as she noticed her brother had become even more handsome in the past few months. His sharp jawline and piercing arctic blue eyes could capture anyone from the very first glance. Though Lilith wanted to greet Damian just like her other siblings and ask tons of queries regarding the outside world, she knew it was hopeless, even in her wildest dreams. Lilith's mere existence was enough to annoy Damian.

As Damian glanced in Lilith's direction, she breezed inside the flower shop on her left. The other siblings also whirled, following their brother's gaze. Lilith's heart hammered inside her chest crazily as she gasped for air. It saved her for the day.

Chapter 2

Dianne couldn't even endure Lilith breathing anywhere near Damian. Among her step-siblings, Dianne had always been the harshest to Lilith. Her younger brothers and sisters also followed in Dianne's footsteps. Dianne was always possessive about Damian. Though Damian had never broken the ice between Lilith and him, Dianne always felt menaced.

Lilith clicked her tongue and shifted the basket to the crook of her elbow. She assumed the nobles had entered the palace as the mutters died outside. Finally, she felt safe to go out.

Lilith was startled as a clock chimed somewhere inside the flower shop. Lilith guessed it was already past ten. She had to run to the kitchen as well. She had the baking duty in the royal kitchen. If she arrived late again, Lady Caroline, the chief maid, would bake her instead of the loaves of bread. As Lilith was about to exit the flower shop, her eyes fell on the freshly bloomed tulips, swaying happily in the soft breeze.



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