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Claimed By The Devil Alpha

Claimed By The Devil Alpha

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“What ever I claim becomes mine, I chose to claim you as mine and nothing can change that”. ******* Miya a naive girl who got drugged by her fiancé’s business client but was luckily saved by an Angel except it wasn’t an Angel who saved her but the Devil himself. And with the Devil rendering a helping hand to you always comes a prize. When she refused to pay the price but instead humiliate him, the Devil had no choice but to Claim her. Miya found herself married and living with the Devil. Will Miya be able to win his heart or will she be crush apart? Find out as you read.

Chapter 1 Help me!

Miya’s POV

“Miya, what is taking you so long? We are going to be late!.” Luke, my fiancé , called out to me from downstairs.

“Just a sec. I will soon be ready.” I shouted back as I checked myself out in the mirror.

I am wearing a long strapless red bodycon dress which I specifically got for this occasion. I am accompanying my fiancé Luke to a meeting with one of his power allies. I initially wasn’t interested in attending the meeting but Luke insisted. Just like he always insisted that I go with him to every one of his meetings. Because according to him I am his good luck charm. He might be right though, because every meeting I had with him ended up successfully.

I put on a dark shade of red lipstick and then I picked up my black purse which matched my shoes and went downstairs.

“Sorry I took too long.” I apologized to Luke when I stood beside him.

“Whatever! Let’s get going.” Luke uttered and started walking out of the apartment.

I was disheartened as I followed him outside. I had expected Luke to compliment my outfits but just like usual, he didn’t. I don’t. Know what’s hard in giving me just a simple compliment. Although our three years together, he has never for once complimented me.

When I asked him about it, he explained to me that he doesn’t know how to express compliments and so I let it slide. Although it sometimes hurts. I mean imagine being with someone for three years and not once receiving a compliment from him. It hurts!

I followed Luke into his car that was parked in front of the apartment. Luke entered the car without opening the door for me. What a gentleman! I sighed and rolled my eyes as I opened the door for myself.

“Listen, this meeting is very important to me. So behave yourself and do whatever pleases the client. We can’t afford to have him get angry .” Luke warned me once I entered the car.

“Understood!.” I answered him and turned my head out of the window. Most of the time, I believe that Luke cares about his clients more than he cares about his so-called fiancée.

The rest of the ride was silent. We soon arrived in front of the elite club where the meeting was being held.

Luke parked the car in the parking lots and we held our hands as we both went into the club. We head for the VIP section upstairs. We entered one of the private booths.

Inside the booth, an aged man was making out with an almost completely naked girl who was seated on his lap. I immediately felt nauseous when I saw them. Surely we must be in the wrong booth.

I held onto Luke’s tighter hoping that he would understand that we should leave. But then Luke did the opposite of what I expected him to do. He entered deeper into the room pulling in along with him.

Luke cleared his throat; “Mr Agabus, sorry to interrupt you, we can reschedule if now is not a good time.” Luke uttered.

The old man Mr Agabus looked at us for the first time since he came into the room. He slowly pushed the lady off him.

The lady looks like she is about to protest. But then Mr Agabus whispered something into her ear before he pulled her in for a hard kiss and then let her go.

The lady walked out of the room with her head held high as if she had won a lottery. After she left, Mr Abagus gave us his full attention.

“Nonsense! Now is a perfect time. I just wanted to keep myself busy before you arrived. Please come and have a seat.” Mr Abagus said as he pointed at the seat opposite to him.

“And who might this be?.” Mr Abagus asked, looking at me in a creepy manner. He suddenly made me regret wearing a bodycon. But then I had to play cool since he is Luke’s special client.

“ I am Miya, Luke’s fiancée. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr Abagus.” I introduced and stretched out my hand for him to shake.

“O trust me, the pleasure is all mine.” Mr Agabus said as he held my hand. I had expected him to let it go after a minute but instead he kept holding my hand and ceasing it. I was already feeling very uncomfortable.

I looked at Luke to rescue me but he acted as he is obvious to what is going on right now. And so I decided to help myself. I took a deep breath and forcefully pulled my hand out of Mr Abagus’ hand. I kept my hands to my side and started counting the minutes when the meeting was going to come to an end even before it started.

Mr Abagus and Luke started discussing business matters and I sat there looking bored without doing anything.

After about thirty minutes, Luke received a phone call and excused himself. He left me alone with the creepy man.

Mr Abagus stood up and went to the cellar rink. He mixed some cocktails and headed back to the table holding two glasses in his hand.

“Here, have a drink.” Mr Abagus said and passed me one of the glasses as he sat down.

As much as I wanted to refuse the drink, Luke’s words rang in my ear at that moment. And so with a distressed heart, I took the glass from him.

“Thank you!”. I said to him in a tight voice as I took a sip from the drink.

“No need to thank me. Anyway, nope that we are alone, why don’t we get to know each other? After all, we are about to become partners.” Mr Abagus suggested. I feel like there is an underlining to his suggestion but I couldn’t point it out. Nevertheless, I still cussed Luke in my mind for leaving me in such an uncomfortable position.

“There is not much to know about me.” I answered, trying to sound as polite as I could.

“O come on. A beautiful lady like you must have many wonderful things to share!.” Mr Abagus said, rolling his palm together as he licked his lips.

Okay so now I am getting freaked out. I took another sip from my drink before I got up. I decided to go and wait for Luke outside because I can’t stand this creepy anymore.

“Excuse me!”. I said to him, Immediately I tried to walk, I immediately felt dizzy. I placed my hands on my forehead and tried to stabilize myself.

“Do you need any help?”. Mr Abagus asked.

“No thanks, I can manage..” I answered. I try to force myself to walk. Just as I successfully managed to make it to the door, I felt a hand pull me back.

“Not so fast, why don’t you stay so that we can get to know each other better?.” Mr Abagus stated.

“Not interested.” I answered as I tried to pull myself away from him..

“O please, stop struggling. I promise you will enjoy it.” Mr Abagus declared and pulled me closer to him. It was at that moment that I realized that I have been drugged.

I need to get away from here fast before the drug fully kicks in. With the little strength I still have in me, I turned to face Mr Abagus and gave him a punch in the eye.

He screamed and let go of me. Without wasting anything, I flew from the booth. I started running but I couldn’t see where I'm going clearly because my eyes were sluttering and my legs were starting to give up.

I heard Mr Abagus' angry voice from behind and I decided to hide. I entered the booth in front of me and collided with a solid wall.

Before I could, two strong hands grabbed me and prevented me from falling. That’s strange. I am sure walls don’t have hands.

I looked up and behold I am in the arms of a man. Although I couldn’t see his features clearly, I am sure that it’s not Mr Abagus..

“Hey Miss, are you okay?.” I was concerned.

I struggled to form words in my mouth as I felt myself slipy out of consciousness.

“H-Help me!. I managed to utter before I went limp in his hands.

Chapter 2 Xenon

Xenon POV

Being an Alpha of a pack, a mafia Don and at the same time a CEO can be very hectic and stressful to a lot of people but not to me.

I love every bit of it. I am able to do all my duties smoothly. In the eyes of the humans, I am just a successful business man and also one of the kings of the underworld. while to the werewolves, a powerful Alpha. They refer to me as the ‘devil Alpha’ because I am ruthless in my dealings. The only people who see my soft side are my family and close friends.

A knock at the door brought me out of my thoughts.

“Come in!”. I responded to the knock. The door opened and in came Levi my beta and also my right hand man in my mafia dealings.

He looks weary. As if he has bad news to share with me.

“What is it Levi?”. I asked him.

“I was sent by some of the pack members.” Levi uttered.

“Concerning?” I asked. Although I might have an idea who sent him.

“Alpha, the p


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