• Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Abbylove
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Blurb: After Diane Harlow loses her step-sister, the supposed heir of Red moon pack to an accident in the fields, her stepfather and other sisters then decide to sell her out because they hold her responsible for the death of their sister, Becky.Diane, who is a human grown into a werewolf family at the time is seen as worthless and since her mother, who was the king’s wife was dead, they feel that she’s no longer of any importance to them.To further punish Diane, her step father and his children then decide to sell her off to the infamous dreadful Alpha, Alpha Michael Zale of Silver crest pack.When Diane learns of her father’s decision to sell her off to Michael, she tries running away only to fall right into the Devil’s clutches.Fate decides to punish her further by making the monster, Michael her Mate!!With hurt and betrayal in their hearts, they set off on a wild adventure of hate, secrets, wonder, and above all, love.

Chapter 1


**Diane’s POV**

“Fuck!” I groaned. My head, back and stomach throbbed painfully, even my ribs, they felt like they were on fire. Clutching my head with both of my hands as if to keep it steady against my neck, I sat up on my bed and winced as the pain struck me again with full force.

I closed my eyes briefly; and almost immediately I had flashes of a gory scene playing out before me. All I saw was blood, decapitated bodies and pain filled screams in the air. I opened my eyes immediately, afraid of the gory scene playing in my head.

“What the hell happened?” I mumbled to myself. I couldn’t remember what exactly had happened but I knew that a moment ago, I was at the fields with my mother and her maids, and the next minute, I was on my bed with my head so heavy it felt like it was about to fall off my neck.

I walked up to my vanity mirror, and gasped at my reflection. I know I usually looked bad, starved, but this time it was different. A distant kind of bad, I looked haggard, around my eyes were purplish looking bruises. Even my dark circles were so prominent, they looked like a make up.

Just as I was about to walk into my bathroom, my door flung open, revealing my stepfather who barged into the room with a stormy expression on his handsome face. I was used to it. He never smiled at me. Whenever he comes in here, the only thing he would do is hit me, sometimes he would hit me untilI passed out.

Fully expecting that that was what was about to happen, I stood patiently, waiting for the next hit but it never came.

“You bitch!” He growled, looking at me with hate filled eyes. “You’ve finally succeeded in killing my daughter!” He yelled in my face.

Wait, what the hell was he saying?

I looked up at him quizzically, thinking he was bluffing, probably high on something until I noticed my stepsister, his daughter, Rachael waltz into the room brandishing a large whip in her hands.

“What’s happ—” I started to ask but was cut off when the sharp edge of the whip struck my face with full force. I yelped in pain. Rachael had hit me.

Tears rolled down my cheek in fat droplets as my stepfather walked up to me and held me against my bedroom wall while Rachel continued hitting me with the whip. She didn’t care where it landed, on my face, chest, breasts, back, everywhere.

I had learned the hard way never to shout whenever I was hit, but this time; this time it was different, it was too much, they had this precision, this force that made every hit ooze of hatred; and I knew they were going to kill me if I did not try to stop them.

“Stop!” I groaned, my eyes were tearing up. My body was on fire. I couldn’t stand the pain they were inflicting on me, “stop,” I said again, “You’re hurting me!”

“You should’ve maybe thought about that before you killed your mother!” My step dad yelled, he struck my face so hard that it fell limply in the opposite direction. I tasted blood on my mouth and I knew that my lips had been busted.

“I did not kill anyone!” I cried out in frustration, “I would never kill anyone!” I cried again, thrashing wildly in his hold in order to get away from him; but his steely hands held me still. I couldn’t fight against them, they were stronger than I was, way stronger.

My step father is an Alpha, and my step sister is just as strong as he was; they were werewolves and I was a human. A human for fucks sake! They ought to go lighter on me!

A painful blow to my midriff had me sprawling to the floor. My eyes blurred as tiny black dots danced in my line of sight.

“You killed my daughter Becky and you will pay for it!” My step dad yelled, planting a heavy kick to my ribs. Kicking so hard, I knew that they would fracture.

I cried out, moving away from him. In all of my torture, Rachel did not say a word, she simply stood away from me, waiting until he gave her the cue to start hitting me again.

“I do not know what you’re talking about!” I cried softly, wrapping my arms around my body as if in a bid to stop the aching. “Becky isn’t dead, she was at the field with me moments ago.”

“Becky isn’t dead, she was at the field with me moments ago!” Rachel mimicked in a high pitched voice, coming over to land a heavy kick onto my exposed chest. “Liar! You fucking liar! You think we wouldn’t see through your pretentious facade?!”

I was confused, utterly confused. I didn’t understand what they were talking about. Didn’t understand why they would insist that a living person was dead.

For how long had I been out?

“If you are not responsible for Becky’s death, then explain why you were found in the fields straddling her dead corpse with a silver knife in your hands?!” Rachel yelled, coming to stand over me.

Wait what? When did that happen?

“You must be mistaken…” I cried, hugging myself. “I don’t remember doing that! I’ll never do that!”

I watched silently as Rachel squatted before me, holding my head in a very painful grip, and then she hit my head against the floor with so much force, I felt like my brain was about to crack open.

“If not for the fact that Dad has another kind of punishment in store for you, I would’ve killed you this minute and fed your irritating skin to the dogs!” She seethed, standing up.

“I didn’t kill her, I swear. I would never kill her!” I cried frantically, still confused about what was happening.

“Shut up!” My Step dad growled, throwing another kick to my midriff. “Get your stuff packed! You’ll be going off to silver crest pack tomorrow morning!” He snarled at me. My eyes widened in shock.

“W-why?” I stuttered fearfully. Blood crest was a total nightmare. The worst nightmare anyone would be forced to go through. It was filled with brutal people and an even worse Alpha.

“Didn’t you hear me earlier?” Rachel seethed venomously, “that’s your punishment! We’re selling you off to the Alpha of Silver crest pack as we no longer find you useful here anymore!”

No! no! No! Not the Alpha! Not that devil!

“Please, no…” I cried, “I swear I didn’t kill Becky, don’t send me off to that monster!”

“I’ll make sure to inform him that you just called him a monster.” Rachel replied with an evil glint in her eyes.


“Please don’t do this to me!” I cried, but my pleas fell on deaf ears as they both strutted out of my room, leaving the door ajar behind them.

I fell on my knees, sobbing. This couldn’t be happening to me. It shouldn’t. My body shook with fear at the thought of getting sold to Alpha Michael.

He was way worse than my father was; and my father was already an evil man as it is…

Chapter 2


**Diane’s POV**

I woke up with a start to discover that I had slept on the cold tiled floor over the night with my door still left ajar from when Step dad and Rachel had walked out of it the previous day.

Speaking of stepdad and Rachel, I remembered what they had said yesterday about selling me off to become a slave to Alpha Michael of Silver crest pack. The thought of it made my blood run cold. I couldn’t go there, I wouldn’t go there!

That blood sucker of an Alpha would have me killed even before stepdad would ever consider killing me! I wouldn’t allow this to happen to me.

My body ached tremendously as I slowly got up from the floor on wobbly legs and practically dragged my tired body into my bathroom. I didn’t try to look at my reflection today because I knew I would look way worse than I did yesterday.

Closing my eyes, I quickly got in the warm shower, stood still in it until all of the blood dried on my skin had been rinsed ou


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