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Captured by Alpha Daemon

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"Why did you wear that dress?” He asked, walking closer, his voice sounding hoarse. Jayda looked at her dress, it covered most of her body but it was a bodycon dress. It brought out her shape and made her look s*xy and hard to resist. “Why?” She asked. “You just..... look so good” Daemon sighed, taking in her body. He had been dying to say those words. Now he suddenly got the bravery to say it because of Asher. “Uhm, thank you" Jayda answered feeling tensed and nervous. “Is the room hot? I think the room is hot, we should open the curtains” She looked around, avoiding his gaze. “Goodness, you look too good, I can't resist you” He ran his hands in his hair again, unsure if he should be telling her these words. And Jayda just stared, staring into his eyes. She was contemplating whether to dismiss him or just fully admit it to herself. No, she didn't feel anything special toward Daemon, she told herself. He walked closer, covering up the space between them, and then without warning, he snaked his hand around her waist. ******* After centuries of a Western and Eastern rivalry, Jayda, the daughter of Alpha King Tristan from the west and Scarlett from the east hides her identity after their home was ravaged due to their forbidden union. Rising as Luna of the Bloodhound pack and the mate of Alpha Damien, she faces abduction by Alpha Daemon, son of Alpha Greyson who was also her father's former Beta, seeking her healing powers to save his plagued pack. As she discovers the truth behind her father, mother and brother's demise, Jayda stands at a crossroads. Will she embark on a vengeful quest, slaughtering those responsible for her family's tragedy and unleashing chaos on the west? Or will her undying love for Daemon, the Alpha King lead her to betray her cause?



In the eerie glow of the moonlight, a cold breeze swept across my skin in the room. My eyes were shut, but my ears were very much awake.

"Who sent you?" I heard a familiar voice a few meters away from me.

"No one," the voice of a scared, tortured man eroded the atmosphere.

"Do I look like a toddler to you? I will skin you alive and have my pack digging into your flesh like raw meat," the voice threatened, authority laced in his deep baritone voice.

"Where are you from?" a much calmer voice asked.

I fluttered my eyelids open and took a peek at the scene through the windows.

There he was, Alpha Damien, six foot four tall, raven-dark-haired, chiseled muscle with a perfect jawline, his sapphire-green eyes were both intense and mysterious.

Everyone in the Bloodhound Pack stuttered at the presence of their Alpha; he had a menacing aura, daunting enough to put anyone on jelly feet.

Right in front of him was a man, half beaten to death, blood gushing out of his mouth and his face swollen as a result of the several blows given by the Alpha. Beside Damien was his Beta, Jason.

"You were asked a question!" Beta Jason's voice echoed, demanding an answer.

In that moment, I felt a surge of empathy for the wounded man. I stepped outside, interceding on his behalf.

"Damien, is there not a different way to handle this? Killing him will not solve anything," I suggested, my voice steady despite the tension.

Damien turned to look at me, his expression unreadable. "Stay out of this, Jayda."

I took a deep breath, trying to convey reason. "He is from the rival pack. If you kill him, it will only escalate the animosity between us. Lock him up instead; it sends a message without unnecessary bloodshed."

But Damien's gaze remained cold, unmoved by my plea.

"They won't submit unless they understand the cost. The message must be clear."

His words hit me like a punch to the gut. I watched, helpless, as Damien carried out the execution, giving the invader merciless hits that had his life slowly slipping away, the life drained from the wolf's eyes and the camp was filled with an unsettling silence.

"Clean this up and send his head to the Shadowfang Pack; this way, they would respect boundaries," Alpha Damien said as he walked away, his unwavering gaze focused on me while walking away.

I walked behind him and proceeded to speak the minute we were behind closed doors.

"You cannot keep questioning my decisions in the presence of my beta and other wolves in the pack," he paused and turned to face me, his sapphire-green eyes ablaze with a mixture of authority and frustration.

"Jayda, I am the Alpha, and my decisions are not to be challenged, especially in front of the pack. It weakens our unity," Damien stated firmly.

"I understand, Damien, but there has to be a balance. Unnecessary bloodshed does not make us stronger; it makes us ruthless and vulnerable to more attacks," I countered, my gaze unwavering.

He sighed, calming his racing pulse.

"Jayda, I am doing what I must to protect this pack. The Shadowfangs have been encroaching on our territory for weeks. We cannot show weakness."

"I get it, Damien, but there are other ways to show strength. We can negotiate, find a peaceful solution. Killing their messenger will not end the conflict; it will ignite it," I urged, placing a hand on his arm.

His eyes stationed on me for a moment, but the resolve returned.

"This is not up for debate. The decision is made," he said sternly.

Why is he so stubborn? Why does he not listen to me? This is the exact reason why we lost so many members of our pack. It will not be long until he loses his head because he is too cowardly to make peace with rivals.

I could not shake the feeling that our pack was teetering on the edge of something dangerous. I wondered how much blood would be spilled before we found peace.

He believed in dominance through fear, and that always led to bloodshed. I stormed out of the camp angrily as the thoughts of how my mother was murdered began crawling in. She died because of the animosity caused by rival packs and rival zones.


Fear etched on her face, mother urgently pulled me away from the room, her brows furrowed with worry.

She was bleeding profusely; her right leg was covered with blood, spilling down to her feet as she struggled to take me out of the room.

"Mum, you are injured. What happened? Where are we going?" I questioned, my heart pounding as we hastily exited the building.

I had no idea what was going on, but the gravity of the situation was evident in mother's trembling voice.

"You are injured; let me heal you," I begged as I watched more blood spill.

Her urgency spoke volumes, signaling that we were in serious danger.

We hurriedly shuffled through the door. I stole a glance back at our home, now empty. My only home was no longer a home.

"We do not have the time; let's go... Stay close and don't make a sound," she said, her words coming in the form of a whisper but pounding severely at my heart.

I was so worried and so afraid. If she does not heal from that wound, she'll lose a lot of blood and die.

As we navigated the dimly lit alleyways, mother's determination clashed with the fear in her eyes.

"What is going on, mum?" Oblivious to the situation, I asked one more time.

"Your father and brother are dead; they were burnt alive, and now our lives are at risk. We cannot stay here; if we do not leave, they will come for us too," she divulged, my heart breaking into a thousand pieces. I was left shattered and dumbfounded.

Father is dead? Who is after us? Who killed father? Who killed my brother?

"Come." We ran into the woods, seeking shade, seeking safety from our enemies. I still had no idea who they were, but at the moment, I was convinced that my life and that of my mother were in jeopardy.

Racing steps from behind echoed through the woods. Right there, it dawned on me that truly, we were being chased, chased by killers who murdered my father.

As we ran through the woods fearfully, mother fell to the floor. She could no longer run again because of the wound on her leg.

My once throbbing chest throbbed even harder; fear engulfed me completely, and my eyes became teary.

"Run, Aurora, run!" Mother said, her eyes full of tears.

"No, I am not leaving you here. I cannot leave you; let me heal you, please." I placed my hand on her wounded leg and tried to heal her as fast as I could, even though I knew that my ability to heal was not fast enough.

The running steps got louder, closing the gap between us.

"Take this; if you manage to escape, do not tell anyone you are half-Eastern, half-Western, especially if you find yourself in a Western pack. No one must know your father was Alpha Tristan. I love you and I always will; now go," she said, as she spoke, her eyes brimmed with tears.

She placed a silver pendant in my hand and urged me more to run as the footsteps grew even louder. Soon, I began seeing the shadows of a strange pack of wolves.

I had to do the one thing I never thought I would do: run from my home and leave my family behind.



The flashbacks were taunting, seeing my mother's face full of terror and anguish. She knew that she was going to die, but she did not want to give me up anyway.

I looked at the silver pendant again. This is the only thing I have left of her. As for my father and brother, I have nothing left of them.

Twelve years ago, my father was the Alpha of the most superior pack in the west. He was loved by many and also hated by many.

He was hated for his love for my mother, a wolf from an eastern pack. For centuries, the easterners and westerners were rivals; they hated each other so much and waged several wars against each other.

Wars that ended the bloodline of families, wars that overthrew alphas, and wars that caused even greater enmities between packs.

My family was not exempted. My father, my mother, and brother, all dead because of the ancient rivalries against the eastern and western packs.

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