Bound by the moon goddess

Bound by the moon goddess

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Beautiful writer
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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After being demoted to an omega by her father,Priscilla had no choice but to work as a slave to please him . Her father hated her with everything he had in him and he made her go through hell . Priscilla thought that her life would change when she meets her mate ,but all of that was a lie when she meets her mate and his the Alpha of the north . Alpha neil is the strongest and the most ruthless alpha that had ever lived . His words alone made people trembled. His presence got everybody on their feet and everyone feared And respected him as god but that didn’t also kill the fact that he lost his 8 wife’s mysteriously . Priscilla could see her world ending but she didn’t know that it was going to change her life forever.

Chapter 1 bound by the moon goddess

chapter 1

I walked down the hallway with the tea in my hands.

I knew that I couldn't delay anymore or that would mark the end of my stay in this pack.

Being the daughter of the alpha of the sliver moon pack didn't change the fact that I had to work so hard like a slave each fucking day just to make sure that I don't get on my father's nerves.

My father is the Alpha of this pack and I am his daughter but I wouldn't call myself his child because my father hates me with everything that he has, growing up I never felt the love that other kids felt with their parents, well I wouldn't Blame him, my mom died giving birth to me and that was the reason he hated me so much, he claims that I killed his wife and he had told me several times that he wished I had died I instead of my mom.

I had tried my possible best to make sure that I don't think about it, but the more I tried the more I just can't help it, I had three elder siblings ,one boy and two girls,my siblings never liked me either dad had made them hate me so much, even the pack members never regarded me as an alpha daughter, a slave is even treated better than me.

I know my mom doesn't hate me and that’s the reason why am still alive, the fact that she died giving birth to me meant that she sacrificed her life for me and that’s why I can never kill myself even though I had thought of ending it a long time ago .

On my 18th birthday, Dad invited all the other pack's members to this pack, and that day dad told me to dress specially , I was excited because it was the first time he had ever addressed me as his child and had ever spoken nicely to me, I couldn't wait for that night to the come , my dad made everyone In the pack respect me and for the first time, I felt like a human,even my brother and sister treated me so nice, at first I thought that the world was coming to an end but I just decided not to think about, I decided to leave all the negative behavior and just give in my best and enjoy that day but little did I know that the worst was waiting for me.

I could still remember myself that night, I had walked in wearing a white gown, it looked so perfect, I could see the way the rest of Alpha looked at me, it was the first time that I was getting the respect as the daughter of the alpha of the sliver moon pack.

I held my gown with all dignity and knelt in front of my dad hoping that he wanted to raise all the curses that he had had on me but the reserve was the case when I heard the words that came out of his mouth.

I could hear the Alphas gasp but I didn't want to believe that my dad had done something that bad to me, I knew he hated me so much but never had I thought that he hated me to the point of demoting me to an Omega on my birthday.

I was demoted to an Omega by my father the alpha of my pack, I could see that look of discomfort on my brother's face but he was just as helpless as I was.

I couldn't forget that day in a hurry, I would never forget it, it was the worst day of my life and never in my life will I forget it but what could I do, I was just a weak timid and young girl who didn't know what life had in store for her.

After my dad demoted me to an Omega, I was moved to the maid's Chambers and made to work as a slave just to live, I had received different lash of Cain's by my father's men for disobeying their words but that wasn't it , the part that hurt me the most, was when I disobey my father words that every maid should go to the creep.

I dreaded that place so much because of the evil things that happened there but it wasn't in my command not to go there, my period had arrived that morning and because of the pains I couldn't go with the rest of the maids but when my father learned about it he didn't take it funny, he ordered that I was dragged out.

I remembered facing him in the chamber that day, he was burning with rage like he was Going to die the next moment and that was when he ordered the most horrible thing that I could ever think of.

my dad ordered that I be raped in front of him.

I couldn't believe my ears that day, I tried not to think of what I had heard, I was on my period and bleeding but my dad made two men have the way with me.

I tried to struggle with them, I guess my brother heard my screams and he rushed in and when he saw the scene in front of him he couldn't take it, but my dad had two guards hold him down.

my two sisters rushed in but there was nothing they could do, they watched my father's men defile me taking their turns on me till he was satisfied with it.

I passed out after that experience and I woke up two weeks later but no one came to me, I was still hurting from that experience but yet I had to work as a slave to avoid being killed.

I knew there was nothing I could do about it so I took my fate but after a month I found out that I was pregnant.

I knew that this could be a death sentence but I didn't know how my father learned about it but he made me abort the child.

I cried like never before, it was more painful than the rape itself but there was nothing that I could do I had to move on with life and do what I had to do to should be killed.

Now I was 20 and strong I would do whatever it was to take me out of this pack.

"priscal " madam Peni yelled bringing me out of my world of Oblivion.

I turned and I saw the hard glare she gave me indicating that she was angry,madam peni is the head of the cook and she had instructed to go give the tea to my father.

"You better get that food to the alpha in the next one Minute or risk sleeping in the dungeon for a week, " she told me and without warning, I rushed towards the dining.

Chapter 2 Get in that ritual

chapter 2

I climbed the stairs hurriedly to the alpha Chambers and when I got there I rushed to the alpha dining room.

I knew that I would be scolded and I had already gotten myself prepared for it.

The moment I stepped into the room the first person my eyes ran into was my father and he had that strong glare on his face.

I could feel my legs go weak immediately but I quickly kept my head down.

my two sisters sat on his left side each of them with their mate while my brother also sat by his right with his mate, he met her a year ago, she's the daughter of the alpha of the Creston moon pack one of the coolest packs, my two older sisters sat with their mate, dad didn't let any of them go with their mate and because of how influential he was able to make the boys come to stay with us here.

I knew that I wasn't needed here and the fact that these people were my family scared me to death, and thinking about it alone gave me a chills t


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