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Bloody Comeback Of My Alpha Mate

Bloody Comeback Of My Alpha Mate

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"An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth." The voice speaks behind me yet I can't see anyone. "He's coming to this world again." It speaks once again as I tilt my head and see an object waning in thin air spookily. Whoosh. My body muscles contract as it waves and smiles at me before it completely moves out of sight. "Clarissa." A hand touches my right shoulder from behind. I look back and as I see Alpha Thompson, my lips shiver and my body shudders. "You don't have to worry about him." Alpha Thompson says and smirks. "He's gone and gone forever. All he has left are empty threats." Wondering how he knows about this seems needless, and instinctively, I know the ghost that does appear to me had been killed by Alpha Thompson who appears to be my own father. "You killed...him?" I stutter, and he replies with smirks seeming cunning across his lips. "I'll kill you too if you dare tell anyone your stupid assumption." He says, and points to his sword lying flatly on the ground. "I'm sure you won't want to live anymore...when." I tell him, closing my eyelids but in a way I can inspect him. "...when he's back. To torture you."

Chapter 1 - A Must To Avenge My Ghost Friend's Death

"Daddy, tomorrow is your burial." The leaves rustle as an object is seen moving around the bush just in front of us. Dad is sitting right beside me while I cup his jaw and smirk at him.

"You meant to say...?" Dad asks, jerking my hand off of his jaw. He adjusts his sitting position and glares at me once he notices I don't correct my statement.

"I mean it. Tomorrow is your burial. We are killing you today." I tell him. "Dad, I will miss you."

"Smith!" He suddenly yells, calling the number one Beta in his pack, Moon Star Pack Team.

"No. Don't call him." I tell him and move close to touch his chin but he jerks up immediately and takes steps forward to avoid me. A painful passage of blood strikes my throat as I almost slump but someone holds me back. I look back but can't see any one. My instinct tells me it's my usual visitor, the ghost that claims to be falling in love with me.

"He's surely dying today." I hear the voice but can't see any figure. "But make sure no one else knows that aside him. If anyone else does, then it simply can't work. Unless such is a victim as well."

My heart gasps as I approach Dad to apologize so he won't announce this.

"Dad, I was just kidding." I pout my lips. "Please forgive me."

"You weren't kidding. I'll make sure Smith hears this and checks up on you. Are you deranged mentally?"

"I'm 17 and I'm an underage werewolf, Dad." I tell him. "Not deranged. Underage."

"Of what relevance is that?" He fumes as he slides backwards when I subtly dart towards him.

"Such a good keeper, Dad." I softly chuckle and the door creaks open. It is Smith, a Beta and the one the ghost really doesn't want to let in on the present plan and secret except he'll pass his boundary and become a victim too.

I rattle the doorknob and suddenly shriek on top of my voice, making the firm hand on the door go loose. That's to say, Smith's escaped. Even Dad was scared, he's on the bare floor, crawling with caution.

"You know I can kill you right here?" I tell Dad and blood starts to ooze out of my eyes. One can frame it up for Dad and call it bleeding or wolf malfunctioning but no, the blood is green in colour.

"The Green Witch family." Dad says, reminding me of Linda who introduced me to join a witch's meeting and learn how to be one for protection.

"No, not a witch." I tell him. "I'm damn surprised to see a whole Alpha on the ground because of his daughter's mandatory statements."

"That's not the issue, girl." He replies, and rubs his eyes. "I detected that you're not from this pack neither are you in this pack."

"I'm not in this pack, then who is this talking?" I bark at him though I know he's right.

"You're two. You're a werepire. Your vampire spirit is in the ghost world and here are you in your wolf form in the human world." Smith suddenly approaches as he peers at a sheet of paper and reads out loud. "Knowing this, it'll be hard for you to get a mate from this world. Die."

"No." Dad says. "That can't happen. We will sort that out. Her late mother was a vampire and a witch but see me, I'm only a werewolf so in a way, I believe what you said, Smith."

I sigh.

"Where did you get the information from, though?" Alpha Thompson, which is Dad, asks his Beta.

"Of course, from the moon goddess." He replies. "You can only contact the moon goddess if you have never killed a Blue Wolf."

"Who are blue wolves?" I coldly ask.

"Alphas of packs are blue wolves if they have up to one hundred warriors in their pack house. Those that have less are called Green Wolves."

"Or Green Witches?" My brain suddenly clicks. "Did you mean to say 'Green Witches?' Huh?"

"No. Do you know anything about Witches?" Smith asks, questioningly.

"No." I retort. "Can you leave, please? I have something to tell my Dad."

"No, don't leave, Smith. She wants to..." Dad demonstrates the rest by drawing his hand towards his neck and then sidewards. Smith gasps as he gets the tip but it later results to smirking.

"That can't be possible." He smiles.

"Since you don't understand how it goes." Dad replies. "Pass her by and help me up. I need to get into the pack house now."

"Then, why are you an Alpha?" Smith asks. "When you get scared on little stuff like this?"

"Why are you a great Beta when you can't help an Alpha when he needs it the most?" Dad retorts in a harsh tone.

"Clarissa, please don't hurt him. Can he come towards me?" Beta Thompson silently asks, his eyes scrutinizing my lips. My lips start to go sour, coupled with the sudden change in the modes my eyes work with. Suddenly, a creepy gasp erupt from my inside making Thompson jump up and flee towards the pack house. But with a sudden crack caused by tilting my head, I drag him back to my front.

"Where are you going to?" I chuckle as I stare at two of them sobbing on the ground. "It has been verified that not only Alpha Thompson killed a Blue Wolf but you, Smith, also did and this has made your pack come to an end."

Thompson rolls on the ground suddenly and to a far direction as he stands up with force and gazes fiercely at me.

"What did you say?" He asks with anger burning within him.

"This pack has come to an end." I repeat, now returning gradually into my human form.

"A pack of more than two hundred warriors?" Dad asks as he struggles to stand up. "What have we done?"

"Guilty folks." My mouth twists as I cuss at them from my inside to my outside.

With a loud shriek, Thompson darts towards me in the most annoying way. As I hit the ground without being able to shift immediately, a hand drags me out under Thompson and I slide out. As he intends to catch up with me again by stretching his hand, instead, his hand breaks inside and he drops to the ground, rises by himself again and drops again.

My Ghostly Friend is at action.

"I regret having you as a daughter." Dad says, blowing hot infuriated air outta his mouth. "Look at how a Beta is bleeding. See, look at your nose. You've wasted your damn energy."

I'm expecting my ghost friend to hug me as he has always been doing but I haven't gotten that.

I drop myself to the ground and bow my head. Sniffling, I hear a voice.

"Stand up. And let us go."

Immediately, I stand up but only to discover it's Dad beckoning to me. It's becoming late in the night, all nearby stalls have been closed already. Dad is carrying a weak wolf in his hand.

"Any of your omegas died?" I ask him, still midway standing up.

"No. Smith. Didn't you hurt Smith with your damn power?" He asks. "Come up, you idiot! He must not die or else, you'll die."

"I don't care whether he dies." I shrug my shoulders. "After all, I, myself, am killing you tonight."

"Follow me right behind, bastard." He cusses and drops Thompson to the ground. "Wanna fight with me, right?"

"And whoever wins will rule the pack. Deal?" I chuckle inwardly as I tuck out fists, straightening up my polo.

"I know you think you can win me but I know more than you do." He smirks, and with his hands raised up, a large sword comes into them. He grabs it and points it at me almost immediately.

"Can you overcome this sword?" He says as I tilt my head backwards a bit to avoid the sword from entering my eyes or slicing my throat. My eyes glisten as I see a name plastered on the sword.

"Alexander." I read inside of me and gulp down saliva.

"And who do you think Alex is?" Dad chuckles. I won't get scared, maybe he has some sort of paranormal power to hear my mind. He's kind of stupid, I'll get to know his secrets soon.

"I didn't think of that." I say and as I silently peer back at the darkness of the night much in the forest behind and in front of us, a figure approaches and I know that must be my Ghost Friend. My energy won't be enough to fight Dad as my vampire being is telling me to withdraw once I reach 70%.

If that's my ghost friend, then I'm good to attack. With hair filming over my body coupled with arising hotness streaming across my heart, my wolf instead, takes control over my body as I snap Dad's neck and we both zoom to the nearest tree beside us. I grab his chin as though it's my food as I knock my head on his. His wolf starts to take control, bit by bit, as he stares wickedly at me as though he wants to eat me. I withdraw and drop to the ground, as he changes into his wolf, his cloth splitting up and waning in thin air. He takes the sword alongside with him and attempts to hit me with it but I cunningly slide out of his hit as the sword hits the ground unevenly and becomes blunt. He sighs even in his wolf form but he throws the sword at me and claps his claws together with his back bending and large jaw dropping and rising. That's to show his preparation to fight.

Even if my ghost friend doesn't kill Dad for murdering him, I will, myself. Since Dad has never denied the fact that he murdered an innocent Blue Wolf.

I take the tip of the sword into my mouth and it starts to choke me. Little do I know that Dad sent that to me, to render me powerless so he'll kill me and no one will know he's been murdering anyone all this while.

Chapter 2 - Can You Escape From A Monster?

The name of his pack is Moon Star Pack but now, I'm changing it with the fearless aura from my Ghost Friend. I'm changing the name to Captured And Caged.

"Hey Thompson!" Someone suddenly stops him from howling. His wolf turns back at once and veins threaten to pop out of his skin. He growls and makes wet squelching movements as he looks at me and then at the one beckoning to me. And as he does that three times, he keeps quiet and drops to the ground, silently and slowly turning back into his human form.

"Hello Clarissa." The guy waves at me as he approaches with his feet moving in air.

"Hello." I whisper as I see him moving as though he's a spirit while Dad becomes the normal Alpha Thompson being again but he remains on the cold ground.

"It's Alex." He pouts his lips as he smiles and beckons with his palms to me to come over to him. Not hesitating, I move near him and as I do, I remember that the na


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